Harness The Powers of an Antiaging Diet

The antiaging diet information on this page is for the open-minded only. To start off, I would like for you to throw away everything you've learned about aging.

The fear of aging can begin very young, as young as 20.  Any fears or dread you may have about aging will melt once you see aging for what it actually is. 

The diet techniques provided in this section are not new. They are created by nature, and are as old as time.  When you are done with The Healthy Diet Paradise's antiaging section, you will learn why you no longer need to fear aging.

Let's face this dragon head on and reverse the symptoms of aging one by one using an antiaging diet. 

Getting Older is Inevitable
Aging is Optional

Dr. Christiane Northrup

An antiaging diet is something that we can do every time we choose a meal or a snack. Even a person who is in the advanced stages of aging can reverse many symptoms of aging. Your body will immediately begin to regenerate. 

Free Radicals Are the Real Enemy

Free radicals are atoms that have lost an electron.  Destructive free radicals steal electrons from other cells and in the process damage their structural DNA. 

Free radicals damage our genetic blueprint and greatly influence our appearance.  This is where cancer development and aging come into play.

This aging process can show up in various ways. This damage can show up by collapsing the structure of the skin. It also causes age spots in the skin.  Age spots are actually an accumulation of oxidative "sludge" that collects in the skin.

Free radical damage shows up in our brains in the form of Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease and in many other ways. An antiaging diet can reverse and prevent many diseases. Most of these diseases are a byproduct of our modern way of life.

Eat The Rainbow

Anti aging foods come with the colors of the rainbow. Deep red strawberries, oranges ripened by the sun, eggs straight from the chicken coop, and rich green leaves of every kind. 

Broccoli, kale, lemons, arugula, leeks, and bok choy are nutrition powerhouses. They contain thousands of beneficial phytochemical (plant) compounds. But because they don't excite our taste buds, we avoid them.

There are consequences to this behavior.

With these insights, we make better dietary choices. We can tell ourselves, "I'm eating this because it makes me young."

You will learn that when you see people who completely defy their age, there's a reason behind it. It seems unfair, but it isn't. It's actually a trade-off.

When you choose high glycemic foods that raise your blood sugar,  such as products containing flour and sugar, you are creating systemic inflammation in your body.  Inflammation  leads to many diseases, especially cancer and aging.

Eating flour coats the intestines and prevents the absorption of nutrients. Flour is every bit as dangerous as sugar.  More about the dangers of wheat here.

What is Glycation?

Eating a diet high in sugar and sugar-related products creates a process called sugar glycation.  Advanced sugar glycation warps the appearance of the skin. Glycation causes the skin to harden, wrinkle, and look like leather.

People who avoid sugar and processed foods in their diets avoid the process of glycation. Glycation is the single biggest reason for the appearance of aging, wrinkled skin.

Anti aging foods are foods that come from the earth without man-made processing. Natural foods work as an antiaging diet by restructuring DNA sequence. 

It would seem that the idea of eating whole natural foods is so unexciting, just boring. But once you learn what it's made of, it will fill you with wonder and titillate your imagination.

Processed foods cannot compare in any form. Processed foods are devoid of the magnificent protection provided by natural foods.

The foods that come from the earth are a miracle. Your body is a miracle. Think for a moment how complex your body is. Think of the complex compounds found in natural foods. This food was put here for you. When you eat natural foods, this miracle shows up in your life.

Rebuild, Repair, Renew

Age reversal is a time-consuming process. There are trillions of cells in the process of regeneration. If you started your antiaging diet tomorrow, you would feel the difference immediately. But it takes between three to six months before you actually can see the difference.

Patience is critical. Other people will notice. Pretty soon, much younger people will assume you are their age. It's terribly exciting to see this process occur. You absolutely will never revert back to eating nutrient-poor foods again when you see this process unfold.

By following an antiaging diet, your eyes will glow. Your hair will grow back thick. You will have a spring in your step. You see the ads about how if you're over 40, the skin cell turnover rate is slow. This is only true if you're eating the Standard American Diet (SAD).

The Real AntiAging Diet Secret

The deepest, richest secret to an antiaging diet is in the very foods you eat every day. Week by week, month by month, year by year, all of the accumulated damage will be reversed.  This is very exciting news.

We have to redefine what aging actually is. If you think of aging as a natural occurrence that happens over time, this would not hold water. Age can be molded, changed and modified.

It's my firm belief that the aging we see today is a byproduct of our diets. If we ate correctly, you would not see the dreaded ravages that advanced aging can produce. Just because everybody is doing it doesn't make it normal.

Eating an antiaging diet is like learning a different language. If you truly want to defy your age, you have to learn the language of nutrition.

What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is the science of cell/food language. Food talks to your cells at a core DNA level.  Nutrigenomics is the study of how gene expression is affected by diet. 

Nutrigenomics proves that not only are your genetics not fixed, but you have control over their genetic expression. The right foods act as sort of a genetic switch, turning on powerful anti-aging genes, and switching off disease-activating genes.

Click here
to learn how DNA is affected by nutrition.

You May Feel Like an Outsider

If you encompass everything in these anti aging diet pages, at times you will feel like an outsider. The vast majority of people do not make the connection between disease, aging and dietary choices. Once you learn to do this, you will become one of the few. 

When your friends and family see you change, they will not be left behind. Slowly you will win them over. Just keep going with your new regimen. They'll catch up.

Aging Can Be Modified

Learning these dietary concepts confuses the mind a bit because one thinks of aging as a linear act that goes in one direction, forward. This is incorrect. You can trip up the aging process by using a diet that combats oxidation at its core level, which is at the cellular level.

Nothing can do this the way diet and nutrition can. Creams and potions cannot penetrate into the nucleus of the cell and affect DNA the way correct nutrition does. 

I've seen people on their death beds dying of cancer who will not eat a vegetable. They defiantly proclaim, "I don't eat vegetables!" You will gain some insight as to what happens when you avoid naturally-grown foods, especially vegetables.

There are many consequences to our diets in developed countries. Aging is only one. Disease, hair loss, skeletal weakness, unexplained pains and many more ailments are related to dietary choices. 

One brief moment of pleasure on the tongue, and you set off a chain of reactions in your system that cause the breakdown of even the most basic functions. The health of your brain, your bones, your heart, your organs, even your hair growth are directly related to the food choices you make today.

Antiaging Diet for Lower Income

Even lower income families can choose to eat an antiaging diet. We always hear how low income people can't make good choices. In our lower-middle class neighborhood, there's the Farmer's market, the dollar store, and many other places where they sell healthy foods really cheap.

The Farmers' Market sells organic produce for next to nothing. The dollar store sells imperfect fruits and vegetables at a fraction of regular store prices. You have to find a way, even if it means growing the vegetables yourselves. 

Click here to learn how to lower the cost of healthy food.

Making these changes for an antiaging diet can be very difficult if you are used to eating processed boxed foods. If in fact you've eaten a diet high in processed foods, a lot of changes have to occur.

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