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My name is Sheree.  I am a self-taught nutritionist studying food science for the last 15 years.  I have always been fascinated with nutritional science.  I simply never get tired of reading about human biology and its reaction to food.  It's completely fascinating to me. 

And after having read literally hundreds of books on the subject, I began to connect the dots regarding hair loss, weight loss, and disease.  My goal is to create an environment conducive to healing through diet as a holistic approach.

Doctors do not study nutrition, they are trained in pharmaceuticals.  American doctors are only given 23 hours of nutritional training in medical school. However, much of the information on this website is from the few doctors who've taken their education to a much higher level.

The Healthy Diet Paradise is Constantly Evolving

I have 13 years of experience with nutrition.  This has been done through actual application.  You have to live this lifestyle to teach it.   All of my experience comes through dietary application in the real world.  So what we're doing is using advanced nutritional concepts and applying them to our everyday lives.

I state on my hair loss diet page that losing my hair was the best thing that's ever happened to me.  Hair loss was the catalyst that taught me how to eat correctly. Without this knowledge, I'm almost certain that I would have been hospitalized by now. I was on a very fast track to aging, bone loss, obesity and diabetes.

Natural Food is a Vast Complicated Science.

Natural food is a vast, complicated science that cannot be fully interpreted in human terms.  There is a mysterious component to it.  But we watch this mysterious intelligence unfold in absolute awe.

I have witnessed advanced hair loss cases completely reverse where doctors have completely given up.  

The medical establishment has zero interest in food.   Our doctors skim over the dietary causes of hair loss on a routine basis.  

We've done our research.  The health and dietary information here is from the latest scientific observations. These observations have been checked and re-checked.

Nature Strikes Back

Most of our modern diseases are the result of our industrialized diets. Our bodies simply do not understand how to process high glycemic, heavily processed carbohydrates.  

The Standard American Diet is turning on disease-prone genes that would otherwise remain dormant.  Our bodies cannot adapt. Our bodies simply cannot read the food we are putting into them. The result is the massive proliferation of Westernized diseases that are linked back to our dietary habits. 

Doctors are trained in pharmaceuticals. Most doctors have outdated information related to diet. There is a huge gap in understanding the connection between diet and illness, and that gap desperately needs to be filled.  

Some doctors are very advanced and understand the diet connection to major catastrophic illnesses, such as osteoporosis, Alzheimers Disease and cancer. Other doctors are completely oblivious, and completely deny that diet has anything to do with disease. 

Our mission here is to prove the opposite. A proper diet can cure and prevent most illnesses. There is no real profit in promoting a healthy diet, yet billions of dollars are exchanging hands while keeping us sick.  Our goal here is to lift the concept of a healthy diet out of the dumpster, dust it off, and put it on a pedestal where it belongs.

About Us

As you can see from our videos, we are an average American family. There is nothing special about us whatsoever. We lived in a very culturally mixed neighborhood. We have always lived this way.  I have been exposed to countless cultures and have seen countless varieties of food.  And this exposure has shaped the way I cook and prepare food.  

In our culturally diverse neighborhood, we had Mexican on one side, Caucasian on the other, Asians, Cubans, Samoans, African-Americans and some of everything in between.  As a result of this cultural mix, we routinely select from an expansive menu from around the world.   The food selections and recipes you will see here encompass all of this cultural variety. 

When you are watching the videos, there is another lady present in some of them. Her name is Teri.   Teri has been my best friend for 40 years. Teri lost 50 pounds by not eating sugar, which is why we promote a sugar-free diet.

So I hope you enjoy your stay. Hang around a while. Enjoy the videos. Say hello. Leave me a message. But most of all, get healthy!

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