7 Proven Benefits of Eating Healthy: Lose the Trash to Regain Your Health

Powerful Benefits of Eating Healthy

The long-term benefits of eating healthy are staggering.  You can ignore the scary headlines depicting the skyrocketing statistics for heart disease, brain disease, diabetes and vision loss.  Never mind the cosmetic issues of hair loss, rapid aging and obesity.

Below is a list of seven very powerful benefits of eating healthy.  Sure, this lifestyle is hard and a lot of work, but look at what you're getting.

1: Maintain Stable Weight

We're very aware that highly processed, high glycemic foods raise your blood sugar.  As a result, weight loss is impossible because insulin is a fat storage hormone.  When you eat foods in its 100% natural, whole state, your body easily finds its own natural stable weight, and does not increase.  

2: Aging Drastically Slows Down

Not only does eating natural foods stop the progression of disease, it stops the horrendous effects of rapid aging.  Rapid degradation of tissue is not natural.  Nature never intended for us to age this way.

No physician's formula can do what natural foods can do.  The preservation of skin is done on a cellular level.  Anti aging creams cannot compete with mother nature.

Natural foods do not cause glycation, which is incredibly damaging to your skin, your vision, and your organs.  With the right choices, your brain remains sharp and intact.

One of the most stunning benefits of eating healthy is your memory improves with age. Our memories do not degrade, our brains do not degrade.  You will easily remember facts, stories, timelines and history.  It is not normal to lose your memory.   Memory loss is closely associated with a poor diet.

Your hair is designed by nature to grow thick for life.  When you eat a 100% natural diet, the overwhelming majority of people will never lose their hair.

Natural, thick hair growth is yours for life.


3: Assimilation & Elimination

Experts agree that health begins in the bowel.  A sluggish bowel may harbor dangerous toxins that can seep into the bloodstream.  A fiber-rich diet pushes toxins out through the bowels, rendering them harmless.

Many people have problems with elimination.  This is due to a high wheat, high sugar, and highly processed food diet.  When you eat fiber-rich foods, elimination is effortless, odorless, clean and quick.

The standard American diet has very little fiber.  Natural food has a ton of it. You don't have to take fiber supplements.  To us, fiber supplements are silly because we're getting around 300 grams of fiber per day.

Human elimination has little to no odor when you're eating a healthy diet.  So you don't have to worry about peeling the paint off the walls in your parents' or in-laws' bathroom.  You can go anywhere at any time, and no one will ever be the wiser.

4: Boundless Energy

If you listen to the experts, they'll tell you that there's a decrease in energy as you get older.  This assumption is false.  One of the most powerful benefits of eating healthy foods is unrestrained, unceasing energy.  Your body is designed by nature to last a lifetime.  You can easily chase your kids around into old age if you wish.  

5:  Deep, Restorative Sleep

Sleep is a big deal when you're not getting enough of it.  One of the most powerful benefits of eating healthy is deep, restful sleep.  You don't need melatonin, and you certainly don't need drugs like Ambien.  

A high glycemic diet interferes with the hormones that put you to sleep.  High blood sugar causes your sleep hormones to go out of whack.  By simply eating a whole foods diet, you can regulate your system the way nature intended.

With a healthy diet, sleep is effortless and natural.  You'll wake up when it's time, and you'll fall asleep when it's time.  No more nocturnal waking up and not being able to go back to sleep.

6: Disease Prevention

High blood sugar is a precursor for many diseases across the board.  A low glycemic, natural food diet prevents brain disease, heart disease, infertility, erectile dysfunction, bowel cancer, vision loss, bone loss, hair loss and the degradation associated with aging.

98 percent of natural foods are low glycemic and do not raise your blood sugar.  You don't ever have to worry about processed food and its effects, because you're eating the way nature intended.

7: Higher Quality Longer Life

I think a longer life is a pretty good trade-off for eating healthy.  Since you're not losing bone mass, your heart is in great shape, and your organs are functioning at high capacity, you can be certain that you will add more high quality years to your life.  

Remember to laugh a lot in life.  I know things can get stressful, but the best way to fight back is to eat a powerful natural diet, and to laugh a lot.  That will take you farther than any medication under the sun.