New Atkins Diet Review
Debunking Pervasive Myths

The New Atkins diet was the only weight loss program that worked for me and my family.  The concepts that Dr. Atkins teaches will never become obsolete because the human system is identical to what it was 40,000 years ago.  When the participants in our weight loss program used Atkins diet principles, they lost weight and never regained it.  This page was written with the purpose of opening a powerful lens to look at what we're missing.

This New Atkins Diet review is going to go on a serious fact-finding mission to get to the truth.  This page was written to clear up some of the misinformation running rampant in the mainstream media and literature.

Brief History of a Pioneer

Robert C. Atkins, M.D., born October 17, 1930, now deceased, was without exception, one of the most brilliant and influential physicians in recent medical history. Atkins new diet program, which increases fat and reduces starches and sugars, received ridicule and opposition from the mainstream diet and medical community. I am stumped when I witness the medical establishment criticizing this intelligent, clear-sighted physician.

Dr. Robert Atkins was a brilliant pioneer who had the gumption and the courage to shake up the weight loss industry by introducing his scientifically based New Atkins diet.

Dr. Atkins knows just how to prick underneath the skin to get the average consumer to change. Although his methods were introduced in the 1970s, his diet principles didn't actually take off until the late 1990s. In this regard, Dr. Atkins was way ahead of his time.

Fat is Not Fattening

The most pervasive myth in America is that fat is fattening.  Fat is a nutrient that your body must have. Even saturated fat is a nutrient which is absolutely essential for bone formation, brain function and nerve function. 

The mainstream diet community insisted that fat is fattening. But when we followed the advice to avoid fat, everyone became much fatter. So what's going on here? 

At first observation, it doesn't make sense to eat fat to lose weight. Fat makes you fat, right? Not so fast. Dr. Atkins teaches us that high glycemic carbs, starches, corn, potatoes and flour in processed foods are the real culprits.

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Robert Atkins was the first teacher to instill into the American public that fat is not fattening.   Fat does not cause weight gain.  I know this is contradictory to everything you've learned, but this concept will drop your weight very quickly.

Metabolic Resistance?

Dr. Atkins recommends that people who have metabolic resistance go on a very high fat diet for a short time to release fat stores. It's been proven that a fat fast enhances lipolysis, which is the biochemical process of fat breakdown. 

A fat fast can trigger weight loss in the 1% of individuals who do not respond to the standard low-carb Atkins Diet Program.  
Dr. Atkins only recommends a fat fast under strict doctor's supervision if individuals do not respond to the traditional New Atkins diet.

Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution advocates the use of protein, lots of vegetables and cheeses, only in the first phase, also called the induction phase. That's just the first two weeks.

After the induction phase, fruits, whole grains and other foods are re-introduced. Although there are a lot of foods that are off limits, you are allowed liberal amounts of vegetables, cheese, and protein. Carbs are cut to 20 grams per day.

Experts Have Not Caught up to New Atkins Diet Theories

In many published articles, experts still to this day do not understand that Dr. Atkins updated his diet regimen. He no longer advocates heavy, saturated fats in his diet. Atkins New Diet recommends a heavy emphasis on vegetables, protein sources and whole grains.

Most diet ratings ignore the science that Dr. Atkins tried to instill into the public.  Dr. Atkins gives scientific detail to back up his claims.

Medical researchers and doctors alike took a quick glance, and then dismissed the results. But the evidence is clear.  When you apply Atkins diet methods, they work.  Even today, Atkins' theories are relevant.  They will never go out of style.   

Atkins' New Diet Revolution has sold more than 15 million copies, and spent five years as a number one best seller.  The New Atkins Diet is authoritative, skillfully explained, and well documented. Dr. Atkins had the fortitude to stand up for what he knew was right, even in the face of opposition.  Atkins' method has worked for millions, even when everything else has failed.

The great thing about Dr. Atkins is his books explain everything in an easy-to-read format. He explains his original, brilliant concepts in a way that everyone can understand. And you know what? He's funny! His books are for everybody.   Atkins's books will never go out of style, because human biology is not going to change.

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The Induction Phase

The induction phase of the Atkins Diet emphasizes absolutely no fruit.  The best part is you get to eat good fats, cream, cheese and butter.  This induction phase is what allows your body to begin to burn fat stores.  The induction phase is designed to last only two weeks.

Average weight loss in the first two weeks is between eight and 15 pounds.  You will experience very fast, scientifically induced weight loss.  Are you getting excited?

This phase of the Atkins Diet is the most strict. In the first two weeks, you will not be allowed to eat sugar, not even in the form of barbeque sauce or ketchup.  You can eat bacon and eggs and other types of protein, but not to excess.

No bread, fruit juice, pasta or nuts. The reason for this is that you can only store about two days' worth of carbohydrates in your liver. After that, the body begins to tap the reserves on our bodies.
Your body has two sources of fuel, carbohydrates that you eat, and stored fat on your body.

The trick is to get the body to tap into its back-up fuel system by depriving the body of carbohydrates. This mechanism trips off your body's fuel-burning mechanism. It's called ketosis/lipolysis. Lipolysis is the biochemical process of fat breakdown.

Once this fat burning begins, it melts fat very quickly. Ketosis occurs when the level of carbohydrates in your diet is very low. As a result of ketosis, your body releases ketones that can be monitored using a urine strip.  Are you now beginning to see the genius of Dr. Atkins' methods?

Dr. Atkins states that lipolysis cannot occur when there is glucose present.  Glucose is manufactured from carbohydrates that come from starches, nuts, legumes and pasta.

For individuals who are metabolically resistant, Dr. Atkins has something called a Fat Fast. During a fat fast, an individual eats approximately 80 percent fat and lowers their caloric intake to under 1,000 in order to burn fat.

This diet is derived from the Kekwick and Pawans' method. It seems odd to eat fat to lose weight. Dr. Atkins new diet has proven over and over that fat burns fat.

The fat fast is not advised for anyone who is not metabolically resistant.

Guidelines for The New Atkins Diet

What is Ketosis?

In the induction phase of the New Atkins Diet, you will enter into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is defined as the human body living off of its own fat stores. Ketosis also stops hunger and lowers your appetite.

What is Ketoacidosis?

Dr. Atkins explains that ketosis is not to be confused with ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis occurs when Type 1 Diabetics have blood sugar that is out of control, and their systems cannot make insulin.

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Will I Have Bad Breath on Atkins?

Many people have wondered about bad breath because of ketosis. Dr. Atkins says this is untrue. He does, however, explain that ketosis causes a type of distinctive sweet breath odor. Bad breath from ketosis has been reported by some individuals. Most people, however, do not have symptoms of bad breath. 

Here's a weird and Wonderful side effect of the New Atkins Diet.  By the second or third day of the phase one Atkins diet plan, your body makes the switch from carb burning to fat burning. You can feel this switch when it happens.

Potential Risks

There are very few potential Atkins diet side effects.  Dr. Atkins states that some physicians believe erroneously that ketosis is dangerous. He writes that physicians often confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis. Ketosis is a natural, healthy state for your body.

Some people report dizziness or a light-headed feeling for the first few days of the diet.You may experience loose stools or constipation Some people report irritability when embarking on the Atkins' Diet program. Fortunately, these problems are temporary.

More Benefits of Atkins Diet

Following Atkins' Diet Program controls diabetes. Diabetes is caused from consuming high amounts of processed, high glycemic starches. Dr. Atkins emphasizes lowering carb intake. By lowering carb intake, blood sugars are reduced, dramatically lessening the possibility of developing diabetes.

Individuals on the New Atkins diet program have reversed heart disease 

You will save loads of money. Once you learn these new Atkins diet techniques, you will never be taken advantage of by the mainstream diet community again. This diet is for people who are serious about permanent weight loss.

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