How My Diet Naturally Reversed My Hair Loss
 After Eight Years

DeeDee's Hair Regrowth Picture

DeeDee experienced hair loss for eight years.  She was my coaching client for six months.  We e-mailed back and forth, and for the first five months of the hair loss diet, her hair did not respond.  In the fifth month, she responded to the diet.  Now her hair is growing back after eight years of sustained hair loss.  Read her gripping final letter to me after her successful hair recovery.

Good Morning Sheree,

I know that I told you in a previous email that I had a letter in my head that I had planned to send you once I felt  that I have reversed my hair loss and was well on my way to recovery. It is really hard sometimes to let yourself fully believe it. It scares me. I am almost afraid to say it out loud just in case I suffer another setback.

I took these pictures just after my shower so my hair is still pretty wet. My hair is naturally curly and dry so I use a lot of conditioner.

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It has been 6.5 months since I started the hair loss diet and now I don't even consider it a diet at all. It is the way I eat. My family can't believe I just don't ever eat a piece of cake. I eat lots of delicious food every day. Like you said in one of your videos, you eat like a king. That's how I feel, even though I have a shellfish allergy, and don't tolerate dairy, and I rarely eat any grains at all.

DeeDee's hair regrowth picture top view

My Hair Loss Diet

I have just been eating lots of quinoa, brown rice only on occasion and steel cut oats on occasion. I love the buckwheat pancakes and eat a lot of eggs. And I swear I just might turn into a chicken I eat so much of it, skin and all.

I never gain a pound. I am at a very healthy weight. I am 46 years old and am at the weight I was in my 20s.
I have extra challenges, having had a full hysterectomy eight years ago. That is when my hair loss nightmare began.  I still struggle with a sensitive, itchy scalp.  It has improved, but not completely.  I am not able to tolerate any supplements so I never take any and often worry that the food will not be enough.

I have been to several dermatologists, endocrinologists and a hair loss specialist in New York, a complete waste of time and money. I have put so many different products on my scalp, oils, sprays, lotions and prescription medications.

No More Wigs

This time last year I bought an expensive wig because I was convinced I was going to be bald in the near future. I did wear it out to a family function and it made me feel so sad and depressed.

That is when I knew I was never going to stop until I found a way to change what was happening to me. I had many low moments and I always prayed to God and promised that if there was anything that I could do to change this, I would without blinking an eye.

I told myself that if it was my weight that was causing me so much pain and suffering, I would go on a diet. I did not know that all along it was the way I was eating.  I was never really overweight and worked out regularly, but loved my morning boxed cereal.
I could go on and on about how I feel about you, Sheree.  You have helped me so much, really. Now here it comes. I am filled with tears because I just can't put into words how much I appreciate what you do for me and for hundreds of other people out there suffering. Hair loss is in a category all by itself.

DeeDee's hair regrowth picture side view

People who are lucky enough to never suffer with it just don't know the pain. I can't stop crying, but finally they are different tears. I just want to come to your house so I can give you the biggest hug.

You should be compensated for all that you do. And please tell your readers that giving up is not an option. Never ever give up.

I see the time you take in sending your responses to me. You put so much into this. You are just a wonderful, beautiful person and I thank you.
Just a note about the pictures, The left side is taking longer to come in.  And also, that is the side that I got a brush stuck in, and I lost a lot of perfectly good hair.  

I get confused sometimes when seeing new hair. I think it is new hair, but I'm not sure if it's broken hair. It is tricky, sometimes I see the baby hairs and other times I don't see them as easily.

I really do regret not taking pictures until now. I will take more pictures around the 10-month mark, around March and we can compare.  

I filled up with tears when you said that I should have thick regrowth around June of next year. I started this diet just before Memorial day, so that would be just after a year. You are right, time goes by so fast. 

I am still listening to the hypnosis tape several times a week and I love it.
Hugs candy cartoon

I am making your adobo chicken for the first time today, and the onion and leek soup is delicious!  I don't know what I would do without your recipes. My mother always used real mayo on her turkey and roasted chicken and I do too, so we have that in common. It's so good.

I will be in touch.  And thank you again.
Big Hugs

Love DeeDee

Never Give Up:  A Lesson in Tenacity

The best thing about your struggle for the last eight years is not giving up. I mean, what a lesson in tenacity and courage.   I prayed for you many nights. During coaching, I pounded the pavement speculating on what the issue could be.  Somewhere deep inside, I knew you would get there. 

This diet is like billions of tiny little soldiers that fix anything that's wrong. There's an innate intelligence in the food we're eating that understands us in a way that we will never fully comprehend. When you eat these foods, you are eating this intelligence.

Your story is so beautiful and compelling that I'm going to give you your own page. I am grateful beyond belief for your story and your willingness to share it. And your gorgeous hair regrowth pictures will inspire women all across the world. Your story will show them how easy it is to reverse hair loss naturally.

The feedback I'm getting from you gives us compelling new data for our research.  So this feedback is extremely important to me. I will use your case study to help many others.  I feel very, very lucky to have you here.  You are an incredibly powerful testament to this way of life.

I am so happy for you, DeeDee.  You deserve this more than anything.   So congratulations to you.



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