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You can achieve stunningly quick South Beach Diet results.  For those of you who are serious about quick weight loss, we believe you will be very pleased with the information listed below.  We're not saying this diet is easy at all, but for those of you who've tried everything and failed, we believe this is the diet for you

The very name South Beach Diet conjures up images of well-to-do rich people on a yacht, sipping Martinis with their pinkie fingers extended.  The truth is, the South Beach Diet is down to earth and extremely user friendly. 

The South Beach Diet is simply named after the region it was created in, South Florida.  Anyone can follow this diet, no matter where you are in the world.  You just have to follow a few very basic guidelines.  

The South Beach Diet is a carefully outlined, very simple diet.  The South Beach Diet started when Dr. Agatston, M.D., was trying to help his patients achieve better heart health.  In the aftermath, we've stumbled upon a media sensation.

Instead of using statins for heart disease, Dr. Agatston developed a diet that dramatically lowers the risk for cardiovascular disease, and as a bonus promotes natural, safe weight loss.  

Who is Dr. Arthur Agatston?

Dr. Agatston is a mild mannered, compassionate cardiac specialist.  He outlined his own personal diet plan for his heart patients, and it turned into a very successful weight loss program.  This South Beach Diet Review is going to list point by point how and why this is one of the best diet plans on the market today.  

How The South Beach Diet Compares to Atkins

The South Beach Diet is similar to Atkins, but South Beach is much easier.  However, they have many similarities.  Since the South Beach Diet is a bit easier to follow than Atkins, you're more likely to stay on it because you won't feel deprived.

In This 15-Minute Video Below, I Explain The Concepts of
South Beach Diet in Detail

If you watched my weight loss video above, I explained how the fat in foods shut down hunger signals.  The South Beach Diet explains why.  Through the use of liberal healthy fats and whole foods, your brain gets signals of satisfaction, not hunger.   Your South Beach Diet results come with the steady application of these easy-to-follow, straightforward principles.

Achieving the Best South Beach Diet Results

Let's go a little further and explain why this diet is so incredibly fast, easy, and permanent.

When you're eliminating insulin producing foods like flour products, sugar, and other items, the body attacks its own fat stores for energy.  This is a perfectly natural state.  During this intensive phase, the diet works by lowering the hormone insulin.  Insulin is a fat storage hormone.

If you're on a juice diet, you raise insulin and gain weight.  The fructose in juice strongly encourages fat storage. It's not possible to lose weight in this fashion. So if you see diet aids that have fructose on the label, they actually encourage weight gain.

The South Beach Diet works first by lowering blood glucose, and thereby lowering insulin.  Once insulin is permanently reduced, weight loss is effortless and can be permanently sustained. In the first two weeks alone, you can lose anywhere from 8-13 pounds.  You know what I love about following The South Beach Diet?  You don't go hungry, ever.

The South Beach Diet is a scientifically based diet, but there's not a whole lot of written science in Dr. Agatston's book. However, the book is based on scientific studies that they've published, and the book is written in an easy-to-read format. 

The basic South Beach Diet guidelines are grounded in scientifically sound principles.   Dr. Agatston's book is based on clinical South Beach Diet results and observations of actual patients.  

Let's explore some of the various stages of The South Beach Diet.  These stages are called phases, and they describe each segment of the diet.

South Beach Diet Phase One

The South Beach Diet Phase one is similar to Dr. Atkins' Induction phase.  You won't be consuming pasta, bread, potatoes, sugar, juice, and many other foods.  This is the strictest phase of the diet.  The most awesome part of this phase of the diet is that any cravings or truly detrimental eating habits you may have acquired will disappear.  

The first few days is the hardest, and it does take a while to get used to the beginning phase of The South Beach Diet.  But in order to achieve the best  results, these strict guidelines have to be followed.

When we put friends and family members on South Beach Diet Phase one, their waistlines shrank very fast.  They were easily losing one to two pounds per day. 

View Teri's South Beach Diet Before & After Photos!  

Teri's After Picture After A 50-Pound Drop in Weight

South Beach Diet Phase Two

After two weeks, you can begin adding very specific foods back into your diet.  But be careful with this phase.  It's a shock when you first go back to fruit.  This is when it clicks in your mind how much sugar is in fruits, and their effect on your metabolism. 

When you don't get these foods for two weeks, it will shock you how fast the weight rolls off of your midsection.  You are going to lose one to three pounds per week on Phase two.  So basically, phase one is a shock phase, and in phase two, the weight loss slows down a bit.

Click here for more information on the science of the South Beach diet.

South Beach Diet Phase Three

Phase 3 of the South Beach Diet is the lifelong maintenance phase.  It's similar to Dr. Atkins' maintenance phase.  You may discover that you've gained a few inches and your South Beach Diet results are reversing.  It's very simple to return to phase one for a week or so, and the weight drops right back down. You have to be careful with this phase of the diet, because you can actually become too thin. 

Once you get the hang of this diet, you're going to be in awe of the diet industry and their con games.  Since you will understand the principles of this diet, you will have lifelong, permanent control over your weight, and you'll chuckle at all of the weight loss commercials.

How The HCG Diet Compares to South Beach Diet Results

This is how some diet companies trick you.  Diet companies, like The HCG Diet, put you on a low glycemic starvation diet, and then give you hormones.  Then they inform their participants that it's the hormone that's doing the work. 

It's not the HCG hormone that's causing the weight loss, it's the nature of the diet itself. You would still lose a ton of weight on the HCG diet, even without the hormone.  You cannot sustain weight loss over time with the HCG diet.

The South Beach Diet lays everything out in very simple terms.  It works and it's safe. And there are no dangerous side effects that some people have experienced on the HCG diet, like hair loss and fainting spells.

Remember This:  Your body's wisdom will find its own weight.  Your weight corrects itself.  You need no outside hormonal intervention.  Your body makes everything it needs. 

Click here to learn more about the South Beach Diet.  WebMD discusses how important it is to choose the right carbs for this diet.

We have recipes to help you sustain weight loss.  
Just think, you can have a smorgasbord of truly delicious foods and keep your weight down for life.  To back up your new regimen, all of the recipes on The Healthy Diet Paradise are within the Phase one, two and three guidelines of the South Beach Diet.  You do have to check the ingredients within the recipes for whichever phase you're on.

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