Our Hair Loss Diet Completely Reverses Hair Thinning & Balding

Our hair loss diet academy teaches you the full science of how to regrow your hair.  Make sure you click on each link to learn the complete science supporting the diet.

If you've clicked on our page, you've probably been through numerous web pages, books and treatments to stop hair loss. If this has been the case, you can sleep soundly tonight knowing that you can and will resolve your hair loss problems with a specifically tailored hair loss nutrition guide.

The information on this page is from first-hand experience. I will guide you step by step with in-depth nutritional information, a seven-day menu, a hair loss guide, and simple, natural herbal remedies.


Hair Loss is Devastating

The first time I realized I was losing my hair, I was in a dark parking garage driving into the sunlight. I looked up and I happened to take a peek in the rear-view mirror. I was shocked. My forehead had expanded somehow. It was the strangest thing.

I remember thinking to myself, "Who is that old woman staring at me in the mirror with that shocked expression?" It was me. I was getting older and it showed. It was like an out-of-body experience.

Not only was my hair line receding, it had thinned

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Hair Loss is Very Stressful

When you have hair loss, the stress follows you everywhere, even when you sleep. You imagine everyone looking at your hair loss problem in judgement.

From then on, I had a knot in my stomach. I looked at everyone's hairline to see how mine compared. I looked at the thickness of their hair to see how mine measured up. All my comparisons made it worse. I had a little hand-held mirror, and I would go into the bathroom five or ten times a day to see how much my hair line had receded.

I didn't have any money to spend on hair treatments, so I wore a weave. And I didn't dare take it off.

I looked through the internet for compounds to make my hair grow back. None of them worked. I even tried Ayurvedic oils that claimed to regrow hair, and applied them diligently for six months.

Of course they didn't work. I had marginal improvement with Minoxidil, but I was always afraid that if I stopped using it, the problem would come back. Of course the problem came back. And Minoxidil is expensive.

It was very frustrating. Ninety-nine percent of the information on hair loss is way off base. Many doctors don't consider it a medical problem, and they don't prioritize it or even know how to treat it. Most doctors are not trained in hormones at all, which is one of the primary causes for hair loss.

Even after all of this, losing my hair was the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of solving your hair loss problem. They have a malady called DPS, "Deep Pocket Syndrome."

Are you having emotional problems because of your hair loss? Click here for our hair loss forum and get the support you need.

Hair Loss Affects Both Men and Women

Female hair loss accounts for 40 percent of hair loss sufferers. Women suffer in silence. Since I've been very vocal about my hair loss in public, women have quietly called me over to the side to confide in me. Hair loss is emotionally excruciating for women.

On the flip side, women need to be very sensitive to men's hair loss. It is very painful for them. Many men have a hard time vocalizing their hair loss embarrassment and stress.

Hair loss is not only a cosmetic issue, it is a health issue. Hair loss can lead to depression, anxiety, sleep loss, and compromise immune response. So in that regard, hair loss affects your health.

Hair Loss is the Mother of all Wake-up Calls

I'd had weight problems for years, and I knew about the correct diet to stop weight gain. But the only thing that got me to stop my dangerous eating habits was losing my hair. Until I fully embraced a hair loss diet, the problem returned again and again.

Although I tried many methods to re-grow my hair, the only one that worked was completely free. A powerful, universal diet for hair loss.

This Hair Loss Diet and Nutrition Guide is Intended for Both Men and Women

Androgenetic alopocia
is caused by the same mechanism in both men and women. Women just have a lot less testosterone that can convert to DHT, causing hair loss.  So when we're referring to androgenetic alopecia, although the source may or may not be related to male or female, it applies to both sexes.

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The Dietary Role of Hair Loss

Let's Begin: Most Americans are losing their hair because of poor dietary habits. By incorporating our expert recommended hair loss diet regimen, you will see results that will blow you away.

This is the kind of information dishonest hair replacement charlatans don't want getting out. The reason is that it would immediately put them out of their lucrative businesses.

If you have just a little bit of resolve, a little bit of determination, you can halt, stall, and/or completely reverse your hair loss naturally using a hair loss diet regimen.

I scoured libraries all over the city. Many of the books I read on hair loss do not contain hair loss diet information. Hair loss diet and nutrition is the most overlooked hair loss remedy. It's also the only remedy that actually works and is permanent.

The nutritional information given here is from my own personal knowledge base and experience. If you want your hair back permanently, carefully follow these hair loss diet guidelines, and you will achieve your dream for a full, luxurious, thick, abundant head of hair. It need not be a dream. It's every human being's birthright.

Americans Have the Highest Rate of Balding in the World

The Western diet is the number one contributor to hair loss. Men in countries who adopt an American diet begin to lose their hair at the same rate as Americans do.

Multiple Diseases and Hair Loss Are Inter-Related

This is a statistical fact. The majority of hair loss is reversible through diet. Health problems like weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and acne are all tied into hair loss.

Many chronic health issues are inter-related. The systems in our physical organism are inter-dependent. When the whole physical organism is healthy, you can't help but have very healthy hair.

The human body is a very complex machine. Your body has very specific nutritional requirements. You can solve your hair loss problems with our hair loss diet program and specifically recommended vitamins for thick hair growth.

When you look at our environment, it's no mystery that all of these nutrients are in abundance in the natural world. Our world is a biosphere capable of supporting human life and providing robust health, including thick, abundant hair.

Hair is a Luxury

Hair loss is a coping or adaptive mechanism your body uses to protect itself. Your body always operates as a whole organism for the greatest good. Everything that happens within your system is for your benefit. When there are severe nutritional deficits, your body will send its nutritional reserves where it's needed most. From a scientific standpoint, hair loss is a survival strategy.

Autoimmune Diseases and Hair Loss

Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis & Celiac Disease

As referenced by the Celiac Disease Foundation, some individuals have a gluten sensitivity which can lead to alopecia areata and/or alopecia totalis. This gluten sensitivity occurs from an acute reaction to gluten found in grains, including whole grains.

If you have been diagnosed with alopecia areata or alopecia totalis, removing all gluten-containing grains from your diet could very well be the hair loss diet solution for you.  

After removing wheat gluten, we've witnessed hair loss reversals, even in severe cases that went on for decades.  Click here to learn how wheat gluten is related to hair loss.

How Does Blood Sugar Relate to Hair Loss?

It seems that every malady under the sun in our modern times is caused by high blood sugar. I will explain in detail how this relates to your hair growth and how to stop hair loss now.

When you are eating high glycemic carbohydrates, it shoots your blood sugar very high. High blood sugar is extremely common and most people don't even know they have it. There are no symptoms to high blood sugar. When your blood sugar is very high, your pancreas frantically excretes insulin to bring those sugar levels back to normal.

High blood sugar is very dangerous and stressful for your body. Sugar is very disruptive to our hormones, and we will discuss in detail how this relates to hair loss.

When you master the glycemic index, you master the hair loss diet.  Click here to learn about the glycemic index.

Women:  The Hormonal Connection

From Dr. Northrup
:  When you are consuming high glycemic carbs like cake, doughnuts, breads, lemonade and sweets, your pancreas creates way too much insulin.

When you experience stress in your daily life, you make cortisol. These two master hormones converge to make a new chemical, especially in women, that act like androgens, which are male hormones.

As a result, these androgens turn on receptor sites in your hair follicle susceptible to DHT, causing the hair to thin and fall out.

This phenomenon does not occur in all women. It is more common in middle age, late 30s and up.


Normalize Blood Sugar and Insulin

In a discussion on thinning hair, in Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D. advises us to pursue a diet that controls blood sugar and insulin and also decreases inflammation.  She states that stress hormones and high insulin combined tip hormone production toward excess androgens.

Androgens are male hormones.

Dr. Northrup states that excess body fat caused by a sedentary lifestyle and a heavily processed food diet is the number one issue in combating androgenic hair loss.   She advises us to remove heavily processed carbohydrates.   Whole, natural foods are digested slowly and keep blood glucose levels even.

They need to highlight the high blood sugar/hair loss connection in bold letters and put huge signs on billboards.


High Blood Sugar Strikes Again

High blood sugar equals hair loss. You can circumvent this occurrence by eating a low glycemic diet that promptly and permanently reduces blood sugar.  A low glycemic diet lowers blood sugar and provides an optimal environment for dense hair growth.

A no sugar diet is the best hair treatment for diet-related hair loss.

Click here for our free seven-day hair loss meal planner.  This guide has more hair loss prevention information with an attached seven-day menu.

Hair is Part of Your DNA

This diet is designed to repair DNA.  Your hair is part of your DNA structure.  Click here to learn more about how to repair your genes.

An antiaging diet will encourage thick hair re-growth.

causes extremely rapid aging.  Learn how to avoid glycation, which is also tied into hair loss.

When You're Controlling Your Blood Sugar,

You're Controlling Your Testosterone

In The Truth About Women's hair Loss, Spencer David Kobren states that by controlling your sugar, you are controlling your testosterone levels.  Testosterone is present in both sexes. This information goes for both men and women.

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WARNING: Your Hair Grows Back in Very Slowly But Can Fall Out Very Quickly

This androgenetic switch can happen very fast. If you notice your hair growing back after you start your hair loss diet routine, and you decide to abandon the program, I can tell you from personal experience that your hair will promptly fall out again. Diet can very rapidly affect hormonal levels in your body.

The foods you eat act as a pharmaceutical or a drug. Food needs to be treated with great respect. You must be diligent and very cautious about the food choices you make each and every day, especially after age 35.

Natural food contains an unbelievably vast and complex array of nutrients that literally blast hair loss into oblivion. 

Follow These Hair Loss Diet Guidelines Very Carefully

Follow these hair loss diet guidelines, and within a few months, you will notice your hair gradually growing back in. It took a year and a half for my hair to grow back very thick.

The wheels of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceedingly

Not only did my hair grow back, but the very small hairs in the front that make up my complete hairline grew back. My hair is as thick as it was in my teens.  By the time you get done with this hair loss diet, you'll be demanding a pair of thinning shears to manage your thick mane.

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Hair Loss Study Conducted by Dr. Gary Null

Gary Null conducted a hair study of 707 people over a nine-month period.  In Ultimate Anti-Aging Program, he states that for those who finished his program, 90 percent reversed graying and balding.  Some of his participants had a thick, shiny new head of hair after 30 years of balding.

The Bald Truth

In The Bald Truth, which was written for men, Spencer David Kobren  advises that not eating the standard American diet is one of the best ways to avoid hair loss.  Spencer David Kobren was advised by Dr. Barry Sears to eat in the "Zone" to control hair loss, that this would provide a more hospitable environment for dense hair growth. 

DNA Methylation for Hair Loss in Men

World Hair Research conducted an exciting study related to DNA methylation from folate/folic acid for hair loss.  Methylation is the process of blocking the DNA from being read.  Since the gene cannot be read, it becomes mute or silent, unable to express itself.  This science proves that a hair loss diet protocol is the best weapon against hair loss.  

In World Hair Research's study, although methylation was successful for occipital balding in men (back of the head), for male patterned baldness, methylation did not occur.  The really good news is that the males who have participated in our hair loss diet program reversed both occipital balding and male-patterned balding.

World Hair Research did not state how long the study lasted. If the study was six to eight weeks, I do not believe this is enough time. For specific hair loss diet purposes, we recommend a year to 18 months to see results. For the best results, stay focused on eating correctly for the long haul.

We use the methylation of DNA concept as the baseline for the hair loss diet.  To methylate hair loss genes, our bodies need the natural form of folate. Folate is found in dense, green leafy vegetables. A diet lacking in folate can lead to hair loss. That's why we emphasize over and over to eat a ton of vegetables.

A poor diet can cause methylated genes to become expressed, or seen. In other words, when you're eating an improper diet, your illness genes are turned on and brought into the forefront.

Just because you have the gene does not mean that gene is expressed. Try to think of genes as genetic suggestions.  It's mostly what we eat and do that decides our fate.

My Personal Recommendation

No matter what your stage or type of hair loss, eat foods containing lots of B Vitamins to methylate hair loss genes. B vitamins are found in rich, dark, green leafy vegetables. World Hair Research's study also used Choline. Choline is found in abundance in eggs, nuts, beef liver, seeds, beans and legumes.

The Role of Red Meat:

We control the excessive consumption of non organic industrially raised beef.  Grass fed organic beef that is raised under humane conditions is much safer for your hair.

There are fantastic health benefits of fat that are essential to your hair.  More on the benefits of fat here.

For Your Hair Loss Diet Program to Work Lose Belly Fat

Excessive abdominal fat
acts as an androgen factory, which can greatly increase hair loss. Remember, central obesity, which is abdominal fat, is metabolically active. Abdominal fat acts as its own endocrine system, sending your hormones completely off kilter.

Order the Hair Loss Diet Quick-List Guide

The hair loss diet can seem complex in the beginning.  The Hair Loss Diet Quick-List is a 30-page guide that will help you navigate the hair loss diet.  At the low price of $9.99, it fits perfectly within your budget.
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Download this PDF file to your Android, iphone or smart device and take it shopping with you.  This food list is a handy guide so there's no more guesswork about how to eat.  100% money back guarantee within 30 days if you're not fully satisfied.

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For Hair Loss Stress:

Our hair loss stress and hypnosis page teaches you from the ground up how to combat this very serious problem.  Since severe stress can trigger hair loss, a hypnosis specifically designed for hair loss stress goes a long way to foster hair growth.   Click here to learn more about how to control stress caused by hair loss. 

I Wish You Success!

I wish you every success with your new hair loss diet regimen. This way of eating is very strict but it's necessary. Not only will you get a very thick head of hair, but you will achieve overall dramatically improved health as a result. Hair loss is the most visible sign of an internal imbalance. A nutrient rich diet will overflow to your hair. The best of luck to you.

With Love From

The Healthy Diet Paradise


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