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On this page, we will discuss thyroid hair loss, its environmental causes, and I will link you to how I cured my own thyroid-related hair loss.  We will not hide the symptoms with medication, we will not dodge the issue because we're afraid, we're going to face this problem head-on.

The Gift of Hair Loss is a Level II hair growth teaching outline.  You must build on the concepts from our hair loss diet training program before you start here.  The majority of our visitors are successful just with our hair loss diet program.  For those who are not, The Gift of Hair Loss eBook will give you a ton of insights as to why.

Thyroid hair loss is like a canary in the coalmine.  It's a warning sign which allows us to ward off impending disaster.

Even if you are successful with the standard hair loss diet program, the information listed in this eBook will help to thwart any progression into secondary hair loss from seemingly unknown causes.  Even on the strict hair loss diet, it you're unaware of the pitfalls, it could cause a delay or prevent it from working.

When we lose our hair, we're stunned and shocked.  We're going to turn this reaction completely around so that you can open your eyes to the truth.   Hair loss is a gift.  If you have any health issues along with your hair loss, they will completely clear up.  Not only will your hair grow back, your vision will sharpen, your hearing will dramatically improve, and many other issues that you're having will be solved with these hair growth concepts.  

Our infinitely intelligent bodies are always working on our behalf, even if we can't see it or understand it.  So when you see hair loss, it's a gift of insight.

Oh No, Not Again!

The picture on the right is my hair thriving on the hair loss diet.  The picture on the left shows the lack of growth and ongoing illness.  

Solve the Problem

When my hair loss started up again the second time, at first I wanted to run away.  How in the world can I run a website about hair loss when I have hair loss myself.  How can I teach you and I can’t solve the problem on my own.  I briefly thought about shutting down the website, but a gentle voice inside my head said, Solve the problem.”

Anyone with advanced hair loss, or have unknown causes for hair loss, this protocol may very well solve the problem.  Many times, doctors fail to correctly diagnose thyroid hair loss problems because their patients’ thyroid hormones are within a normal diagnostic range.  Oftentimes doctors declare their patient's thyroids as normal when in fact they're failing miserably.

Doctors are not taught complex medical nutritional science.  Everything doctors do is drug or surgically related, and we are going to arc away from these methods to solve this issue.

Eight Years is a Long Time

Below is a picture of Sheree at 54 years old.
This picture was taken eight months after our new hair regrowth protocol.   Hair regrowth is not completed yet.   

Eight months on the new protocol, one year to go.

Update on 5/7/2022.  The below picture is the after picture after using this thyroid hair recovery protocol for over four years.  I really fooled myself into believing that it would only take a year and a half.  Recovery was a slow, emotional, painful process.  I will post more pictures a little bit later.

I realize that I've been very slow releasing this information, but I must first experience, screen, test and then present this information in an understandable format.

Age-Related Hair Loss is a Myth

Many men and women in their 40s, 50s, and 60's have patchy hair loss along the crown, temples and nape of the neck.  I believe that this is due to a damaged thyroid.   

This type of hair loss is seen as a normal part of aging by medical authorities.  They don't have an answer for it, so they just chalk it up to age.  I do not believe that this is a normal part of aging, and The Gift of Hair Loss eBook delves into why.  

And although my hair loss did not progress to an advanced stage, if left untreated, it most assuredly would have.

Backing Into the Answers
by Accident

If you read the main page here, I explain how I lost my hair the first time.  It was a typical case of hair loss.  The hair thinned, and then it receded.  

15 years later, it happened again while I was on the hair loss diet.  This time, my hair simply stopped growing.  My toenails, fingernails and body hair stopped growing, too.  These are classic signs of suppressed and/or malfunctioning thyroid.

What's odd is that this time, the hairline didn't recede.  The hair simply stopped growing and got much shorter.  And then suddenly it began to appear much thinner all over.

When I finally admitted something was terribly wrong, I made a list of the symptoms and it matched identically with low or suppressed thyroid function.  I took the symptoms and looked for natural solutions. 

Day and night, I read books and watched seminars from top nutritional scientists in the U.S and began to implement their recommendations.  This process took many months.  I literally got headaches from the amount of studying that was required.

In the beginning, some of the information I found did not relate to hair loss, like toxicity.  As it turns out, toxicity has a lot to do with hair loss.  Slowly but surely I began to connect the dots.  It’s almost like I backed into the answers by accident.  

Natural Thyroid Hair Loss Cure

I consider this holistic path to be a thyroid hair loss related cure.  The road is steep and difficult.  It's like putting yourself into intensive care, and you are nursing yourself back to health.  There are many unusually complex changes that have to take place.  This system works and it's solid.

Hair loss is always the ending sign of ongoing illness.  It's an outward sign that something has malfunctioned, and in that sense, hair loss is a doorway to discovery.  
We don’t have instruments to measure thyroid hormones, or scopes to look inside, but we’re going to use our own visual and physical cues to test how it’s working

The human body is unbelievably intricate.  No scientist or doctor will ever fully understand its complexities.  One day a doctor or scientist believes they have a concept mastered, and two years later, they find out they were wrong.

As common people, we don't have tools or measurements to look inside, but there are a lot of sign posts that allow us to make critical assessments about our health.

Check With Your Physician and/or Naturopath for Thyroid Hair Loss

If you are under the care of a physician for your thyroid, these methods can reduce your need for medication.  Please consult your doctor or natropath before beginning this or any other nutritional program.  We want to make sure you’re doing everything safely.

The information contained in The Gift of Hair Loss is not meant to replace your physician’s advice.  These concepts are designed to enhance your understanding of extremely potent natural remedies. 

There are very powerful natural nutritional therapies that will stop and reverse thyroid hair loss in both men and women.

Formidable Sleeper Hair Growth Nutrients:

The nutrients listed in The Gift of Hair Loss are not well known and are very powerful sleeper supplements.  What I've discovered is that your standard hair regrowth supplements don't work that well.  It's the supplements that nobody suspects or have never heard about that actually work!

Just a Little Background

My name is Sheree Gilkey, and I run The Healthy Diet website.  I have many years of experience with natural hair loss reversal.  15 years ago I lost my hair and learned how to reverse it through a strict, natural, low glycemic diet.   

My hair continued to grow throughout the course of this time.  Over the years I’ve coached countless visitors through their hair regrowth which reinforced the concept of The Hair Loss Diet.

To my horror, many years later, I lost my hair again while on our hair loss diet program.  This was the most shocking and perplexing thing I’ve ever gone through.  I’ve always believed that as long as I was on our program, this would never happen again. 

I’m deeply grateful for this thyroid hair loss experience.  Although it was deeply distressing at the time, I’m so excited for what I’ve learned.  If I didn’t have this experience, I wouldn’t have been able to take The Hair Loss Diet to Level II.  So I look at my initial and secondary hair loss as a wondrous gift.

If my hair hadn’t stopped growing, I never would have learned how thyroid hair loss happens.  I never would have learned about toxins and their relationship to the thyroid.  I never would have regained my energy by leaps and bounds.

There’s nothing more effective than teaching this method through the lens of experience, because I fully understand everything 
you’re going through.  Learning from my errors, you won’t have to ride the struggle bus through the mass of confusion.

Natural Therapies Take Time

Adopting this way of life is like putting yourself into natural intensive care.  It’s time consuming and very comprehensive.  This process is majestic and intense.  We are harnessing the powers of mother nature to permanently reverse thyroid hair loss naturally.

Aging is not Supposed to Hurt

The human body is an incredibly complex machine that works synergystically on multiple levels.  When one area breaks down, many areas are affected.  You will immediately notice improvements in many other areas when you begin this regimen.

The Gift of Hair Loss Contains:

  • The role of water in relationship to thyroid hair loss.
  • Potent unknown nutrients to quickly reverse hair loss.
  • The role of microwave ovens.
  • The role of nutrient density in soil.
  • To eat organic or not.
  • How to prevent stress-related hair loss.
  • The most potent foods for hair regrowth.
  • How to clean out your system to trigger hair regrowth.
  • How toxicity affects your hair growth

    And much more!

Are you experiencing symptoms like the symptoms I mentioned above?  Download and read The Gift of Hair Loss to learn how to reverse it.

The Gift of Hair Loss is a 43-page eBook download. 
This eBook is not a hard copy!

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