Antonio's Hair Loss Pictures and Story

by Antonio
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

My left temple

My left temple

Hello again Sheree and everyone! Here are my pictures. I already posted an introduction a few weeks ago but didn't manage to take the pictures until today, so here they are.

I started losing my hair when I was about 20, I am 23 now. It seems to be progressing somewhat slowly. The first time I dealt with hair loss when I was 20, I lost a somewhat big glob of hair after shampooing in the shower, and it left a small but super annoying spot near my left temple. And as you can see it progressed from there.

I used to eat an entire half baguette
(multi-grain, but after reading this and other sites, I'm sure that it's almost as bad as any other bread) with dinner, but after reading this site and other articles linking Male Pattern Baldness with diet, I completely eliminated bread. I ate lots of bread with lunch as well as dinner. I've probably been on this diet for a good week, after about a week or two of transitioning to not shock myself.

Now, I feel that my diet is more or less acceptable for reversing my hair loss.

In case anyone was wondering, or wants ideas, here it is:

For breakfast, it's basically a whole egg, maybe a few egg whites depending on my hunger, a handful of spinach (with every meal I grab a big handful of pre-washed and cut spinach and eat it separately), maybe 1/4 of a bell pepper

Later I usually have green tea, sweetened with star thistle honey (I'm thinking of removing the honey too though, I think that's my only source of sugar)

For lunch it's one of a few things:

Some days it's escarole with Great Northern Beans (I think they are called white beans? I boil the escarole first then mix in the beans with Extra Virgin Olive Oil), or:

-Pinto beans mixed with red onions, cooked in a frying pan with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or:

-I simply make a salad, take a handful of spinach, maybe half an avocado, then some pinto beans or black beans, maybe some albacore tuna in oil if I'm hungry, and mix it all together.

Dinner is almost always the Escarole with Great Northern Beans or the Pinto Beans with red onions. Some days it is Rapini (Broccoli Rabe) with Great Northern Beans, pretty much the same thing as the first one but with Rapini instead of escarole. Some days, I have Salmon grilled on a hot plate (not very often though).

Anyway, in addition to following this diet I decided to remove all grains, or as much as possible (besides Quinoa, I still want to try that but keep forgetting), I also removed all breads, and very rarely eat red meat anymore. My diet really revolves around beans, which is lucky because I love beans so much. Black Beans, Pinto Beans and Great Northern Beans. I also love albacore tuna, I use canned tuna in oil.

I also do a few unorthodox things for my hair. I perform at least an hour of Balayam yoga every day, which is rubbing the surface of your fingernails together to stimulate hair growth, prevent graying, etc. It sounds crazy, but it's free and has no side effects, and my nails are very shiny because of it! Supposedly it works by stimulating nerve endings underneath the fingernails.

The other thing I do is a scalp exercise, basically you fully contract the muscles in your forehead, then relax them as you contract the occipital muscles in the back of your head, which moves your entire scalp a good inch or so. My scalp seems very flexible, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's because of this. It supposedly increases blood flow to the galea. It's not a massage though, it's an actual exercise where you use your muscles in your head instead of your hands.

I think my biggest problem is portion control, I have no weight problem at all, but I still kind of think that I eat a bit too much, mainly at dinner. I also do intense exercise about five days a week.

Anyway, thanks again Sheree for providing this great website free of charge. I'll be religiously sticking to my diet to regrow my hair!

I retyped my old message to avoid confusion. Also, my hair in the back looks fine, so I didn't include that picture and used a more useful one).

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Jan 25, 2015
by: Antonio

Well, it's probably been about a month since I started this hair loss diet, so I thought I should give an update!

I's actually quite easy for me to follow, I really enjoy all the foods (especially beans, I love beans so much).

I sometimes switch to have a salad with a handful of spinach, about 1.5-2 cups of Black Beans or Pinto Beans (I use GOYA brand from the can, I empty them into a strainer and rinse them, then usually eat them in my salad raw, but sometimes I cook them). The ingredients at least for the black beans seem perfectly fine, which is water, salt, and black beans. The Pinto Beans I think have something else but I remember it's more or less the same. I eat Bell Peppers almost every day too, they're so easy to clean and eat, it's almost like a snack. I try to have fish once a day (sardines in olive oil, or albacore tuna in olive oil). I just hope I'm not getting too much healthy fats, I'm sure there is such a thing!

Now for the hair part, it seems as if it has gotten slightly worse overall in the three main problem areas, but I don't think I've been on this diet for near long enough to see any results at all, so that's not important really. I stopped using Minoxidil (I really don't think it was doing anything for me), and right away I stopped getting white scaly/flaky skin on my scalp, and it looks much healthier. Also, in my temple areas, I can definitely see a lot of new, barely visible hairs. I can see them while looking closely in the mirror. They are more or less colorless, but I'm very encouraged by this, perhaps my hair is going through some sort of repair cycle. My hair is really all still there, it's just taunting me!

Since stopping Minoxidil, I decided to greatly increase the amount of time I spend doing my scalp exercises (alternating contractions of forehead and occipital muscles). I think that my scalp and forehead is oily/greasy because of this, but that's no problem. A shower solves that.

I'm really hoping to post another positive update very soon, but it's only been about a month, so it definitely needs more time!

Best wishes all!

Jan 25, 2015
Hi Antonio
by: Sheree

Hi Antonio,

For some people, Minoxidil can cause shedding. I'm unsure if this is the case for you, however.

When your hair sheds out, it can look like you've lost hair. This is temporary. The small, translucent hair that you've described is new hair cycling back in. This will thicken over the next several months.

It's extremely important to stick this out for the long haul. There's no going off of this diet. Not only will you get new hair, but you'll notice other startling changes.

I just had a client report back to me that not only is his hair completely growing back, but his height significantly increased over the span of 16 months. And he's in his mid 20s!

One month is very soon, so you need to give this a lot more time. I have clients that have been on the diet for nearly two years, and their hair is still growing back. Hang in there, because it can take a while.

It can take months to start seeing significant changes. The changes can include the hair loss stopping, all the way to very fast new growth. We're still learning about the time estimates for new growth, because it varies widely with each person.

It sounds to me like you're not eating enough. Let me know if you need coaching, and I can look at your menu. Or you can look at some of the sample menus on the website see how your diet compares.

In the meantime, thank you for your wonderful information and pictures. They are extremely important to us, because it's giving us a time frame to work on.

Just judging from what you've said about the small fine new growth, I know it's already working. That's the beginning of new hair. Hair follicles will keep "birthing" over and over again until you have a full head of hair.

Good luck Antonio!



Jan 26, 2015
Thank you!
by: Antonio

Thanks for the encouragement! And you're right, there are other health benefits that are already showing up in so little time since starting this diet, for example, I've been down more than usual about my hair loss lately so I haven't been exercising as much as I used to, but my body shape/tone is already improving!

As for not eating enough, I really just eat when I'm hungry, I try to never skip a meal (even if I'm not hungry, I'll have some pecans or almonds or something easy/light like that). Almost every meal consists of beans and spinach, and from there I try to add fish protein such as sardines/tuna, or just the beans themselves. I really don't eat much, if any, red meat anymore and I don't miss it! It's been pretty much replaced by fish. I used to worry about mercury levels, but my cardiologist said that it's not high enough to really matter, and there's so much other minerals/nutrients in fish that I think it's well worth eating, so I don't even consider it anymore.

Thanks again, looking forward to posting my next update!!

Feb 01, 2015
by: Antonio

You know, I was thinking...I didn't mention that I drink a lot of coffee (black coffee, no wierd creme/sweeteners or anything, just sweetened with a little but of wildflower honey). I know that some shampoos actually contain caffeine specifically to help fight hair loss, but...I can't help but think that it's completely different applied topically, like in a shampoo, rather than ingested.

Throughout high school when I had no hair loss problems whatsoever, I really did not drink much coffee. I actually used to put coffee in my cereal in place of milk (I don't eat cereal due to this diet anymore though), but it wasn't a huge bowl, and probably about half of the coffee ended up getting dumped in the sink after I finished the cereal.

After high school, I ended up eating much more cereal (and hence much more coffee), and also started drinking coffee in the mornings/at night (strangely I don't think caffeine affects my sleep much). The cereal wasn't really terrible, but it wasn't that healthy either. Honey Bunches of Oats. I probably had, on average, maybe two bowls a day. Now I'm sure the cereal itself certainly could have contributed, it's definitely not the healthiest cereal by any means. Even when I was eating "healthy" before this diet (what I thought was acceptably healthy anyway), I'd have a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats BEFORE exercising, and then ANOTHER one AFTER exercising, that was an awful idea. The caffeine consumption just keeps adding up like that, bowls of cereal throughout the day pre and post exercise, then drinking coffee by itself.

I think that I will try to remove caffeine and see if it lowers my anxiety levels (and helps move my hair recovery along). I know that in the 7 day planner you suggest a cup of coffee at one point with a meal, but I'm going way, way overboard with it. Also, I didn't even think about it, but the sugar in the little bit of honey I use in the coffee adds up when you consider how many times I drink it!

So that's just a thought I had, maybe my over the top caffeine consumption contributed to my hair loss. I'm going to try and completely remove caffeine from my diet (save for unsweetened iced teas at restaurants, and the occasional green tea). I mean, I think you can get all the antioxidants from vegetables anyway.

Other than the coffee fiasco, I'm still loving this diet! I examine my hair every day and see it change, and I know it will work!

Feb 02, 2015
Coffee & Hair Loss
by: Sheree

Hi Antonio,

We know that coffee does increase cortisol levels. Cortisol is associated with hair loss. I've never seen evidence that coffee in and of itself causes hair loss, but I do know for certain that cortisol does. So in theory, extreme excessive amounts of coffee could possibly cause hair loss.

I think it's wise to do what you're doing, and remove it for now. For a lot of people, coffee is a compulsion.

Please keep us updated.



Feb 17, 2015
Excellent side effect, and question
by: Antonio

Hello Sheree and all!

I noticed a really cool thing happening since starting this diet.

I used to get dizzy spells (never fainted though) sometimes, I went to see my doctor, I even had an MRI done (stomach/torso area, so I'm not sure what the point was, but better to be safe than sorry!), and after ruling out a few things we decided it was anxiety, so he prescribed me Lexapro and it seemed to work (it might have been the placebo effect, though). Then I finished it and thought I didn't have to take it anymore, and the dizzy spells came back, although not as severe as before.

The interesting part is that after starting this diet, it hasn't happened once. I suppose it WAS some sort of blood sugar issue!

This is really encouraging!

Also, sorry to have to ask this since it's completely unrelated to the diet, but I was just wondering about the scalp exercises I do. Is there any way that I might actually be doing more harm than good to my hair? I usually do it for at least two hours a day, not continuous though, sometimes in 30 minute segments, sometimes an hour, sometimes for over two hours if I feel like it. The basic technique is to first raise your eyebrows as far as you can, contracting the frontalis muscles in the forehead (to make like a surprised expression), then to relax them, then to fully contract the occipital muscles at the back of the head. I can see my whole scalp move forwards and back quite significantly when I do the exercise. My scalp seems pretty flexible, but I'm not sure if it was always like that or if it was the exercise, I'm sure the exercise helped though. If you do it properly it's supposed to even help with wrinkles in the forehead.

I think that basically the point is to promote angiogenesis, creating capillaries in the scalp to improve blood flow, and to increase scalp laxity. I can really feel the occipital muscles burning when I do this exercise at maximum effort, so there has to be some sort of increase in blood flow due to the muscle contraction.

What I was worried about, though, is that perhaps I'm doing it too much? Maybe it's harming my hair follicles in some unforeseen way?

I read a little article about mechanotherapy and its benefits for hair loss, so I'm not that worried about it being bad, at least not enough to stop.

Anyway, sorry to have to ask a question totally unrelated to the diet, but I do the scalp exercise so much I just wanted to make sure.

Also, after giving up coffee, I am definitely sleeping better. I thought it had no effect on my sleep, but apparently it did!

I'm still super encouraged and enthusiastic about this diet. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say it's just the way I eat now. It's really no work at all to stick to it, you just have to get over the initial transition phase! Still too early to see any significant results though, but no problem, it's easy now!

Thanks for reading

Feb 18, 2015
Scalp Massage
by: Sheree

Hi Antonio,

I'm stunned by some of the positive side effects of the diet. This is the first time I've heard about balance problems being corrected. This is one more thing that we can add to our database of benefits to the hair loss diet.

With the scalp massage, I don't think you're doing damage. I would tend to think that if your scalp hurts or you feel uncomfortable afterwards, that may be a sign to slow it down. There are lots of men that manipulate their scalps to break up scar tissue and promote hair growth, and they don't have any side effects.

If you're worried about the side effects of the massage, you could try lowering the time you spend on it. You could try it for 15 minutes twice per day, for a total of 30 minutes, and see how that goes.

Please keep us posted on your progress. You're absolutely headed in the right direction. I'm looking forward to your successful completion of the hair loss diet program.



Feb 19, 2015
Thank you
by: Antonio

Thanks again Sheree!

Yes it's truly amazing what the right diet can do!

Feb 24, 2015
by: Antonio

Hello all!

I woke up this morning and had a horrible shock when I looked in the mirror, I had shed a bit, in the left temple area mostly it seems. It was kind of all of a sudden though, from last night to this morning, so maybe it's not normal MPB progression, so that's good.

Those mostly colorless, villus hairs in my temple areas are hard to see, but if you look closely in the mirror they are still visible, so that's giving me hope. Hopefully they are still cycling in and maybe will fall out and be replaced by intermediate or terminal hairs soon.

I was also thinking that I might actually be eating too much beans, I know that it says they are amazing for your hair and everything, which is great because I love them, but I can outright eat an entire can of black beans, mixed with a can of tuna and an avocado, and the carb count reaches around 45-50. They are definitely healthy carbs, but still. I actually usually consume the most beans at dinner, before I go to sleep (although I eat about 4-5 hours before I go to sleep, so I'm not really worried about that whole don't have a big meal right before bed thing).

Maybe I'm eating too much at dinner, I don't really think so but I'll experiment with a bit smaller portions. I'm still sticking to the diet 100% though, it's my way of eating now, so if I eat too much, it's too much of a good thing, heh! Only thing is I go out to restaurants on the weekends, but I always order either grilled chicken, or a salad, always gluten/grain free stuff like that, and as healthy as possible.

Oh, one question; Sheree, would you like me to document my progress at any specific intervals, like at the 4 month mark, or 6 month, or something like that? So when I finish (WHEN, because failure is not an option), it will be well documented!

Thanks again, this diet is really keeping my spirits way up, without it I would be super depressed about my hair loss (not that I'm happy about my hair loss now, lol)

Feb 24, 2015
Pace Yourself
by: Sheree

Hi Antonio,

Yes, I would love to hear from you at regular intervals. How about once a month. Because that will give you time to experience changes, and then report them back to us.

Please remember that when your hair is shedding, it's making way for new hair. This has happened to many of our other visitors, and their hair always grows back much thicker.

Avocados are incredibly nutritious. You should be eating them as often as possible. But you have to eat the entire gamut of vegetables to reverse hair loss at a fast clip. Please refer to the 7-day planner to get some ideas.

You definitely have the right attitude and the right mindset. Think like a long distance runner. Pace yourself, and keep your eye on the goal.



Feb 28, 2015
Thank you
by: Antonio

Thanks again Sheree, all this information is so helpful and encouraging. Sometimes it's downright scary how medical professionals handle it though. When I first noticed my hair was falling out, I went to a dermatologist, and the visit was basically "Oh yeah genetics, Minoxidil is the best we have right now, have a nice day." I mean, at the very least he could have asked me if I had any allergies to things like gluten or something like that.

And what you said about avocados is very interesting, I knew they were good but I was always wary of eating them too much, I'll have to stock up now!

Thanks again, really appreciate all this! You are keeping my spirits way up, and I'll be sure to document my progress monthly as good as I can!

Mar 15, 2015
ANOTHER great side effect
by: Antonio

Hey Sheree and all!

I just wanted to mention very briefly another great side effect of this diet. I used to think that it was a placebo effect, but it doesn't seem at all like the kind of thing that would be caused by a placebo.

That benefit is that my libido has been seriously increased. I never had problems with it before, but now it really seems like it's..."Supercharged", if you will.

There's just another benefit of this diet, will post my 1 month update soon!


Mar 16, 2015
Forgot to add this:
by: Antonio

Hello, sorry, I forgot to add this yesterday, it's another very impressive side effect;

I used to have a kind of red rash, or spots, or whatever, I'm not even sure how to describe it...Anyway, it was around my back, and my shoulders area, it's probably from taking showers that were way too hot, facing away from the water, the pattern of damaged skin seems to follow the way the water travels in that position.

Anyway, I just noticed that it's almost gone! There are still some small leftover marks or whatever you want to call them, but the redness is pretty much gone, and it's almost the same color as the rest of my skin! I was actually prescribed a cream for it by a dermatologist awhile ago but I never used it, so my skin must be getting much healthier!

I'm certain that it's because of this diet, because I've had it for a long time, and it never got any better until now!

Mar 19, 2015
Congrats Antonio!
by: Brian

Thats amazing Antonio that you're getting so much positive benefits from doing the diet. Eating well and healthy makes other aspects of your life so much better.

I also wanted to suggest that i've been getting positive benefits from using castor oil + emu oil on my hair. I usually mix these together and give myself a nice massage with them and leave it on over night. I really recommend giving this a shot to see if it works for you since you've already been doing the scalp massages.

Mar 19, 2015
Thank you!
by: Antonio

Hi Brian

Yes, it's very exciting to see so many positive benefits! I recently saw Dr. Perlmutter give a speech about brain health and eating grains, and he said that it's amazing how after we give up grains/gluten, things that we previously thought were mysterious quirks of life seem to just fix themselves, that's so true! I can't even touch diet Coke anymore, which used to be my usual go-to drink at restaurants, it tastes like drinking pure sugar now. It's amazing how your tastes adapt.

Also, thanks for the tip about the oil, I'll definitely try that, since I'm not using Minoxidil anymore (thank God, it made my scalp so unhealthy and scaly). Although I might apply it in the early morning rather than before bed, it would fit my schedule better that way

Thanks for the support!

Mar 19, 2015
Sex Machine
by: Sheree

Hi Antonio,

You've had some really great side effects of the diet. The one that stands out for me is about your increased libido. A poor diet affects sexual function in men. One-half of men over the age of 40 have erectile dysfunction. That will not happen to you. You will become, and forever remain, a sex machine.



Mar 23, 2015
Quick Question
by: Antonio

I forgot to ask, Brian, how often do you have to shower while applying oil to your scalp? I am pretty sold on the idea that it's beneficial for your hair/scalp without any side effects, but I keep reading that if you don't wash regularly, it will clog the pores?

I forgot to buy the specific oils you mentioned so I just started yesterday using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we have so much of it since we use it constantly in foods, so it's always on hand!

Also, I love the smell it gives my hair, it's like a Mediterranean salad!

It's a very interesting treatment, with anti-fungal properties, conditioning, vitamin E, all that good stuff, and totally 100% natural. I was just wondering how often you had to wash it off to prevent clogged pores, it says to use a mild shampoo so I assume simply rinsing with water won't do it? I was actually just applying it to the areas affected by thinning at the moment.

Thanks again

Mar 23, 2015
Response to Antonio
by: Brian

Hey Antonio, I usually apply it over night and wash it off in the morning. I've been just using plain warm water to mildly hot because hot water naturally gets rid of grease or oil. (I'm not sure if this is a good idea long term yet but my hair seems to be nice and silky because of the oils and I don't lose hairs in the shower anymore from the shampoo)

I'm trying out this new method where i don't use shampoo at all for a month or so and I will check to see how this goes because a lot of people i've heard suggest the quality of the hair improves when not shampooing since shampoo tends to strip away all the natural oils on the hair. My theory is that the less shampoo also has an effect on the quantity of hair grown as well.

Your hair needs Sebum (natural hair oil) to help grow it and if you wash your hair too much with shampoo I think it has a negative effect on how much it grows.

I'm going to post my results in a couple months when I do my 2 year update and let everyone know if my theory is right, as well as the other methods that I've been using to help grow my hair faster.

Best of luck,

Mar 24, 2015
Monthly Update!
by: Antonio

Hey all!

It's been a month since my last major update, so here we go!

But first:

@Brian: Ok, thanks for the advice! Also, yes I've heard of people not wanting to use shampoo, I think it's popularly called "No poo" style or something, I'm sure a lot depends on the type of shampoo that's used though, I need to change my Head and Shoulders to one without sulfates

@Sheree: Thanks for the encouragement! It's interesting you mention that because I have been reading a few places lately that MPB could infact accompany LOW testosterone (ironic isn't it?) and erectile dysfunction.

Now for the update:

I had to kind of re-evaluate my start date for this diet, I was constantly making improvements/changes so I think a good starting time might be as late as the beginning of this month, I was eating a TON of beans up until then, and while I know they are good for your hair, I was really overdoing it, not to mention the accompanying carbs (even though they are good carbs, I was getting way too much).

That said, this diet gets super easy and natural after the initial teething phase, which for me was even less than a month, so there's no problem sticking to it at all! It's just my way of eating now, and I know I've said that like 10 times already, but it's true, your tastes and even cravings adapt. I honestly crave foods like bread and pasta LESS now than I did BEFORE starting this diet! That really shows you that if you don't do something about carb addiction it just becomes a vicious cycle!

On the hair front, well, it's gotten slightly worse, it's hard to explain exactly where, but not horribly worse. I might be seeing some very fine vellus hairs where there weren't as many before, but I'm not even 100% sure, maybe they were always there, ha. Of course it's way too early to see any results at all though.

My menu is still pretty much the same, besides a bit less beans, and with the exception that I now eat TWO bell peppers at breakfast instead of one (one red and one orange, or one red and one green, just for fun). I love them, they are full of crunchy goodness, and very juicy.

My breakfast every morning is basically two whole eggs, half an avocado, two bell peppers, a handful of sunflower seeds (I am absolutely hopelessly addicted to sunflower seeds now, I really try hard to keep it under 200 calories worth of them a day so it doesn't encroach into my other food with different nutrients), a bunch of spinach, and a heavy dusting of turmeric on the scrambled eggs along with mustard.

Lunch is basically either sardines slathered in mustard (regular mustard, not the special ones with any sugar or flavoring or anything), I have come to absolutely love mustard, along with a bunch of spinach (it's so simple, I literally grab a few handfuls of bagged spinach and munch on it), or I might add some sauteed onions in olive oil to the mix, maybe a cup or two of black/pinto beans, or replace the sardines with Yellowfin tuna, canned in olive oil (Yellowfin and Albacore tuna are my all time favorite fish), and maybe chop up a few cloves of garlic and throw it in with the sauteed onions, just for good measure!

Dinner still consists of boiled broccoli rabe or escarole along with kidney (white?) beans, in olive oil, or pinto beans with about a cup of brown rice and sauteed onions, or I might just make a salad with black/pinto beans, spinach and tuna, or something along those lines.

I'm still RELIGIOUSLY doing my scalp exercises and Balayam.

I'm also applying Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the thinning areas on my scalp like Brian suggested, there's actually plenty of information on this treatment that I never even saw, very interesting. I just started but I'm aiming to do it in the morning, then exercise and shower to wash off the oil/sweat, then later in the evening apply a tiny bit locally.

I exercise vigorously almost every day and walk about four hours a day, so sometimes I wonder why I'm not hungrier, but I suppose it doesn't matter, when I'm hungry, I eat!

I already mentioned some other amazing health benefits previously, very encouraging!

I have come to love sunflower seeds, but they are dangerous, you can very easily eat too many and ruin your appetite! They are packed with vitamin E though.

Also, I'm thinking of buying some Palm Kernal oil and taking a little bit of that by spoon every day. This is because I recently saw some information naming tocotrienols (some sort of vitamin-e I think) as a potentially very powerful weapon against MPB, and that oil has the highest concentration of tocotrienols it seems.

Looking forward to my next update, this is all very fun!

Thanks for reading!

Mar 26, 2015
Forgot to add:
by: Antonio

Also, I forgot to add, I was nosing around on (I think it's mentioned on this site), and came across some very interesting studies performed at Harvard (albeit on mice, but still) about black tea, it was discovered that apparently a combination of black tea extract and something else I think (or maybe it was just the tea alone), lowers DHT even more than Propecia, but here's the best part; it RAISES TESTOSTERONE at the same time, so if this is true theoretically it's a more powerful Propecia but completely natural and with no side effects, and other benefits too. I think they mention cardiovascular benefits or something.

Anything that RAISES testosterone in my opinion is a big step in the right direction for fighting MPB, and since this does that AND lowers DHT, well that's quite interesting. I think I'll give that a try.

The unfortunate thing is that I'll need to take an actual supplement instead of simply drinking the tea since that wouldn't give you a large enough dose of theaflavins, I think. I think I'll also go ahead and try Saw Palmetto as well, at least it's very cheap!

Best regards!

Apr 01, 2015
Exfoliating scalp with glycolic acid
by: Antonio

Hey Sheree and all!

I have read a few things about using Glycolic acid to exfoliate the scalp, I read people's accounts of it producing a lot of shedding of dead skin and probably other unwanted substances from the scalp, and it got me wondering if it would be a good idea to try it.

Then today I saw it mentioned on Doctor Oz, but it was used in a lower concentration (I think 2% or 5%?), and it wasn't used on the scalp, but on the forehead and nearby areas to help with wrinkles, so I wanted to get a few opinions before I used it on my scalp in higher concentrations (I heard 10% is the totally safe number). He did talk about the effect it has on making dead skin peel off.

I think I'll also make an appointment with my doctor to see what he thinks, just to be totally safe.

My main worry is that this might cause hair to shed? Or cause some sort of damage to the hair follicle? I kind of don't think so though, because when I was on minoxidil and it made my scalp flaky and caused it to peel off, the surrounding hair seemed to be fine.

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this?

Thanks again, regards!

Apr 24, 2015
2 Month Mini-Update
by: Antonio

Hey all!

I don't have a whole lot to report, I've seen some more loss, still sticking with the diet, but with some slight changes:

After reading almost all the articles on, I decided to switch my Silk almond milk for Silk Soy milk, and I drink a lot of it (because I like it). I'm going to combine this with seaweed for iodine in an attempt to facilitate the production of "Equol". I'm basically doing this because it really couldn't be easier, the amount of seaweed you'd need to eat is almost negligible.

I've also begun eating at least 2-3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil every day.

Now, for non-diet related changes:

-Detumescence therapy added to my regimen. Basically, it's a really hard massage where you rub, knead, scrunch, and pinch your scalp with serious force, more than could be hoped for from brushing or anything like that. The idea here is that you can break up the fibrous scar tissue creating the "MPB dome shape" on your head. I read a study/experiment about this which claimed almost 100% regrowth I think. Now the important thing to realize is that my fingers really push down on the scalp so they don't drag, because otherwise I hear this is bad for hair and can break the roots. I move the scalp, not the hair.

-Started rubbing coconut oil into my scalp, mostly temples and top area.

-Alternating nostril breathing exercises, very simple and I think pretty effective, at least for stress.

-I'm trying to find a place that sells Taurine supplements. It's dirt cheap, and the idea is that it counters fibrosis throughout the body, and even fibrosis in the hair follicles, so it really has far-reaching benefits past hair.

-I also intend to take Green Tea extract, which combined with my pretty good dietary intake of soy should be very beneficial to reducing DHT levels.

-I also intend to buy a boar bristle brush to lightly exfoliate my scalp with brushing and get rid of excess dead skin cells/sebum buildup/nuclear waste/whatever, ha

-Probably the most bizarre, I've added hair tugging "massage" to my regimen as well. Basically, I grab a handful (or less, I don't know how to describe it) of hair close to the scalp, and gently but firmly pull, being careful to not pull so much that it hurts, but only that it feels "sore". If you do it right, there is a really good "soreness" feeling, or a feeling of a release of tension, that's how I know I'm doing it properly. It definitely feels good when it's done properly.

So there you go, looking forward to some results soon!

Good luck everyone going through this with me!

May 07, 2015
by: Antonio

Hi all!

I recently read about using salt scrubs to cleanse your scalp (pretty sure it was intended for women but the mechanism is exactly the same for men so I don't see why more men don't do it).

I tried it yesterday, and I'm still trying to get the ratio right (1 part shampoo to 1 part coarse sea salt), and getting it out of the container you mixed it in and into your hands isn't fun, but it does feel quite good. It says to do it once a month but I'm going to try again, I noticed my scalp itching when I exercise.

Also, I bought a ton of dried rosemary leaves, and I make tea from it every day. Also, I boiled the leaves in water and let it sit for a few hours, then strained the leaves out and poured the tea into a spray bottle, and spray my hair with it throughout the day. I'm going to do this with green tea as well.

Looking forward to my next update!

May 14, 2015
Bodily Feedback, Great Sign
by: Antonio

Hi again everyone, I have some good news

I've been performing Detumescence massages on my scalp lately (but I only really have been doing it correctly for the past day), and I must say I'm getting some really good feedback from my body. I am feeling some pain when I tilt my head over in one of the thinning areas, I think it may actually be working to clear the nasty materials out of my scalp, I've never felt that from anything, even the scalp exercises!

So hopefully I'm on to something with this, will keep you all updated,


Jul 11, 2015
To Antonio
by: Abdi

Hey nice man did the diet work for u antonio.Im still doing it and i think you dont get enough iron for your hair.that might be the problem if you dont eat meat. I wish u luck.

Jan 23, 2016
Diet modification
by: Flaxis

Hey pal, you should stop eating animal products. It has been associated in almost every medical studies with chronic disease (aka inflammation aka hairloss), look up the China study and cowspiracy.

I've been experiencing severe regrowth with eating a lot of green vegetables (celery, spinach[juiced with apples], broccoli) and fruits (pear, a lot of ripe banana with salad, apples).
Also try stopping salt (which is a poison) and replace it with Quinton serum.

Also try to sleep a ton and reduce stress to his minimum by avoiding stressful situation and taking time to literally do nothing but resting and chillin (no movies, facebook, phone etc...)

And for the minerals and vitamin you should look up to cronometer !!
Good luck pal !

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