Avoid Rapid Hair Loss Caused by Fasting

Rapid Hair Loss Caused by Fasting

Rapid hair loss caused by fasting can come as a shock.  There's a new trend for weight loss, and it's called fasting or intermittent fasting.  It's closely associated with the concept of caloric restriction which has been scientifically validated for over 70 years. 

Fasting for weight loss is getting tremendous accolades for weight loss, age reversal, and the improvement of many biological mechanisms; however, if it's done incorrectly, it can induce very rapid hair loss.  This page is designed to help you prevent the disastrous side effect of hair loss due to fasting.

I've done heavy research on calorie restriction, and I truly believe there are tremendous health benefits to restricting either the amount of food we eat, or stretching the amount of time between meals.

While fasting for an extended period of time can cause weight loss, at the same time you're losing weight, you may be losing your hair.  Fasting for more than three to five days can cause very rapid hair loss.

Calorie restriction and/or fasting needs to be done in a very careful medically supervised manner in order to ensure continuous thick, healthy hair growth.

Extended Fasting & Hair Loss

I recently watched a YouTube video of a gentleman who safely lost 50 pounds by not eating food for a month.  If you're just starting our hair loss diet program, this is not recommended.  If your hair is falling out, your nutritional reserves are already too low, and this type of fasting will induce very fast hair loss.

Read this reddit story about a young lady who lost 4/5ths of her hair while fasting.

Safely Stretching Time Between Meals

Stretching time between meals is relatively safe.  Stretching time between meals means going anywhere from six to 24 hours between meals.  You must make absolutely certain that you're eating nutrient-dense foods, like eggs, avocados, nuts, seeds and legumes to offset any nutritional deficiencies.  Processed foods are very dangerous and will accelerate hair loss due to nutritional deficits.

You must ingest all of the nutrients your body needs to create hair.  If not, all of your nutritional reserves will go to the most important organs, and your hair will suffer.

Listen to the YouTube story below.  This young lady is combing out fistfuls of hair every day because of an extended water fast.

There's a Hair Regrowth Delay

From the information I've gathered, just because you go off of the fast doesn't mean your hair stops falling out.  The aftereffect of hair loss can last for months after you've completed your fast.

This is why we teach our visitors that it can take months for hair loss to reverse and hair growth to begin after beginning the hair loss diet.  There's a time lapse.  

Protein is Essential to Hair Growth

One of the main reasons for hair loss during fasting is lack of protein.  The Healthy Diet Paradise recommends lots of salmon, poultry, eggs, and other natural sources of protein.  

I Tried Intermittent Fasting and Failed!

I tried intermittent fasting where you go a prolonged time between meals, and I got so hungry, I would overeat at the next meal.  I only lost three pounds, so it was a complete and utter flop!

Months later, I realized my weight gain was a side effect of soy.  Click here to learn more!

Rules for Intermittent Fasting

  • Make every meal count by eating nutrient-dense foods.
  • See your naturopath to ensure your safety during your fast.
  • There's no safe period for hair loss beyond three to five days.
  • Ask your naturopath about supplementation.

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