Hair Loss Struggles: The Old And The Scary New

by Missy

I will try to make this short. Recently. Over the last 2 months, all I have had on my mind has been my hair and the thinning of it and being online reading and researching anything under the sun, and finding only solace in others with the same problem.

First, a little history. Yes, hair loss is on my mother's side in my uncles and brother. And the women have fine hair and even thinning after the age of 40. I am 33 now and i think it is too early for this to be happening to me (in my own mind, that is) Also, i was bulimic for about 7 years. I know this is the first thing people will say caused my hair loss but I am not sure. I know it did not help, though. In all my years of being bulimic, I only noticed drastic changes in August of this year (2012)

I also did something stupid and tried Rogaine. I used it for 3 days and saw a noticeable increase in shedding and saw my scalp visibly. I am convinced it put my hair in a resting state and my hair has been awful since then. So I had to discontinue use for total fear of losing any more and be worse off than I was before starting it.

I am proud to say, at least that the shock and trauma of the hair loss made me quit bulimia cold turkey. Although with that practice, I got to my ideal weight and felt better than I have in my entire life. I was always chunky, had beautiful, long but fine hair. And now I had such great self-esteem until the hair loss and the fact that I am now reduced to brushing on hair color powders to blend my scalp to my hair. This is totally traumatic for me.

I am not even comfortable wearing my hair down anymore and i would never wear it up this much in the past. I do not even feel like myself.

So I went from hating my chunky body, fixing it, and now absolutely hating my hair. I feel I have been eating better than I ever have in my life now. It is not as strict as your diet plan, but close. And coming from bulimia, that is a huge success.

Also, I take about 20 supplements a day. Some might call it an excessive amount but from the research I did, they are all things good for the hair and body, especially mine which was probably nutrient starved. Also, I exercise ever yday.

But my struggles are double. Not only is there the hair issue, there is the struggle to keep my weight down in a healthy manner. Quitting a 7 year habit of bulimia was easy only because of the shock of hair loss. But to keep the weight off, I am having to exercise every day without fail.

This also leads to the struggle that I have to wash my hair every day. It is my most dreaded time of the day, showering and fixing my hair. I treat it so gently. I even stopped combing after a shower because I couldn't handle seeing what came out when I combed it. I bought all natural shampoos of many kinds. Anything to make the shedding less.

I refuse to dye my hair because the shed from that is awful. I intend to get a blood test, but I do not have insurance right now and cannot afford that lab bill right now. I will go as soon as I can.

I just do not enjoy life at all right now. I try to keep a positive attitude but notice nothing but my scalp in mirrors. I do not want to go out, make plans or anything like that.

In July, I was so happy...happier than I have been with myself in years...come August, it all changed. That Rogaine ruined me...I know I was not doing good to myself with the bulimia, but I am convinced Rogaine started the ball rolling. In a way, it might be good because I do all the healthy things for myself now.

But I have never been more depressed. I try not to be...but it is so hard and no one really understands my side of this intense struggle emotionally and physically. They all say, "It will be ok...or it doesn't look that bad and not to let it get me down...that I cannot stop living life and being happy over this. And that all couldn't be further from the truth.

I am breaking over this, and feel like I don't want to live if I am a balding woman in my 30s.

I am writing this to vent and tell my story, I guess, to others who might actually understand me. I am keeping hope and I have good days and very bad days. But I am forced to keep my tears to myself.

Struggling with the mindset of someone who needs to keep their body at this weight now without doing unhealthy and losing my hair is a lot for me.

Thank you for listening and giving any support. I am excellent with supporting others too, so feel free to respond with your own struggles that can help us all relate and not feel so desperate and alone.

Thanks, guys. <3

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Oct 12, 2012
Bulimia/Purging is The Cause For Hair Loss
by: Sheree

Missy, I can relate to you on so many levels. You've probably read most of the hair loss diet information, so I won't go into that right now.

If you've had bulimia, this is a trigger point for hair loss. Bulimia is a compulsive disorder. I won't dare try to go into the psychological aspects of how serious this is.

When I was doing research on bulimia, hair loss was one of the heart breaking consequences for this disorder. Sometimes hair does not react immediately to diet. This delayed response is true for when it's falling out and for when it's growing back.

I look at bulimia this way. You have a forbidden food. A bulimic will eat that forbidden food in large amounts, get the high, and then purge. In my humble opinion, it's the nature of these foods that are causing the problem.

I mention on the website that you will never see a food addict overeat fish and vegetables. I have yet to see a bulimic purge healthy, natural foods. The addictive binge/purge cycle begins with off-limits foods. If this does not apply to you, please correct me.

As soon as you take an incredibly addictive substance like donuts, the pattern changes. The guilt sets in and the vicious cycle continues.

Eating disorders cannot co-exist when you are eating a natural diet. Your hormones will reset, and bulimia will recede into the background and never return. Your weight is automatically controlled, because natural foods reset hormone balance. The hormone leptin suppresses hunger.

Bulimia is very serious. Even if you think you've licked this problem, you need to take extra measures to make sure it does not return.

I am a huge fan of hypnosis. They have hypnosis sessions you can download on your computer specifically for bulimia. Within a few sessions, the urge to purge will disappear.

You say you don't want to live anymore because of your hair loss. Well, I'll tell you what? Hang in there. You are going to be just fine.

I want you to try this exercise. Look in the mirror, cross your arms across your chest and say "Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful me." Say this five times a day, and smile and laugh when you're saying it. It will have an immediate impact on your mental state, raising endorphin levels in your brain.

Chin up! You are a beautiful human being who is going to help thousands just by writing your courageous letter.

You are only 33 years old. You can fix this. If you use the correct dietary strategy, not only will you permanently combat any weight issues, but you will immediately begin to regain your hair.

If you ever feel depressed or down, or feel like taking your own life, please write me here. It would break my heart if something happened to you over this.

Look up now! There is a little sliver of sun peeking over the valley. You can solve your problem.

Love Always,


Oct 12, 2012
Thanks, Sheree
by: Anonymous

Sheree, you are a beautiful person and I highly respect you for taking time to read and respond to each letter. There are not many people willing to do that.

I kept my bulimia to myself all that time. I have just started to come out with this story since I have stopped. I do not think I will tell everyone, as it is extremely embarrassing, but sharing it at all, is a start. I am willing to give all this a huge try. I am committed to stick with it.

For me, in my past and while bulimic, I had huge problems with portion control. Even turning generally healthy food into 3 or 4 portions worth, making it a caloric nightmare. I just enjoy food...even healthy food. I wouldn't know when to stop eating. I would eat to uncomfortably full. It started with me just being overweight.

Yes, the guilt of forbidden foods add more of a feeling of disgust but after a while, even when I would eat something healthy, I feel I would need to "get rid of it". My goal at the time was to pretty much have nothing in my stomach or very little. The results I saw in weight loss were so motivating.

I realize now, the weight maintaining is easy now that I have the ideal weight (125)Well, not easy but I know that good foods and exercising can keep me at a nice balanced weight. I know for sure that this hair loss is going to KEEP me from becoming bulimic again. I have felt way more upset over my hair than I have with my weight. Mostly because I know I am in control of my weight and hard work can keep it off and I do not need to purge.

Losing hair seems way more traumatic than being overweight. (though both are awful). I once tried to make the comparison about how losing hair (if permanent issue) is almost as de-womanizing and sad as losing a breast to cancer. (I know it may seem like a far stretch and certainly not making light of a mastectomy. That was my point that both breasts and hair usually define a woman, making them feel like a woman)

I realize the total importance of eating and the way it keeps the body going. I guess I didn't care so much about the damage I was doing until I saw a negative physical effect. I just was blinded by the fact my body was looking fantastic and my self-esteem was up and I was getting compliments and wearing smaller clothes and I never felt weak actually, I felt good.

Oct 12, 2012
Thanks, Sheree (cont.)
by: Missy (NY)

I am really trying to keep my head up, not be depressed. I am going to not give up as I know it will take about a year. Bulimia is my past. I am too concerned about keeping my whole body healthy now. I am glad I kicked the habit.

I know I still have the psychological struggle of weight. I feel the need to exercise every day to compensate for the calories I am taking in. I am not obsessive with exercise. I do about 1-2 hours of cardio and light weights. My problem is..I want to exercise everyday, but then I think about how that means I have to wash my hair everyday. I would like to give my hair a break here and there, but I get worried to have sweat dry and buildup on my scalp, so I wind up washing it.

Then I feel I am losing more hair to that shower and styling. (cold shot blow drying, root booster and pinning it up) I do have coconut oil that I did a couple of times. I am cautious about massaging anything on my scalp. I would like to do a nice serum or oil treatment to my scalp but I don't know if that will just make things worse. I worry all day long about every little thing I am doing or not doing with my hair and scalp. I am pretty sure I would make a deal with the devil at this point, heh.

I will be a happy girl if I am in a reversible position here with my hair. I am just scared that this is my fate...that my genetics suck and I am doomed. Time will tell. I don't want this to be permanent. So far, I still have hope. In a year, I want to be writing a very happy letter. It's my dream right now.

With love and hope,
(wow, sorry this was so long.)

Oct 12, 2012 bad (double post)
by: Missy (NY)

Sorry, this posted twice when i tried to catch my post before it sent and erase the "anonymous" and replace it with "Missy"

Oct 13, 2012
Control Bulemia to Control Hair Loss
by: Sheree

Hi, Missy!

You are so very welcome. It is truly a pleasure for me to talk with you.

I'm glad you've gained control over the bulimia.
And you're saying that even with natural foods, you would sometimes feel the urge to empty your stomach. Many women have overcome this problem. With the proper mental structure, I believe purging will become a thing of the past.

I hear what you're saying about hair loss being way worse than weight gain. There's something inside of you that becomes very vulnerable with hair loss. Personally, I would take a weight issue any day over hair loss. Most people can figure out a way to lose weight. But hair loss is another animal altogether. Even doctors are stumped as to what to do.

I'm going to have to look up the hair loss issue you had with Rogaine. The reason I don't like Rogaine is the results are not permanent, and it gives a type of phantom relief. It's critical to get to the underlying reasons for hair loss in order to permanently reverse it.

With a little time and patience, you will succeed in reversing your hair loss. The proper frame of mind is a must. No more bulimia! We'll stay with you until you heal not only your hair loss, but the emotional trauma that led to the bulimia, which in turn led to the hair loss.

Love Sheree

Oct 13, 2012
by: Missy (NY)

Someone mentioned Rogaine to me as a possible solution to keep the hair I have since I noticed it was thin and worried it might get thinner over the years. But at that time, my hair was much better than it was now. So I did some research and found that more percentage of people, men and women liked it vs. not liking it.

I did read negative stuff, mostly saying, it did not work for them. I figured, ok if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. It does say in the directions that shedding may increase at the start of treatment. That it changes the cycle of the hair, putting some in the resting phase and then with continued use, new hair will come out and then you just use it forever and keep it.

Seemed ok for the first couple of days, but by the 4th day, while out, I stopped in a place that had a mirror and my scalp was like " I am" I panicked and my hands were shaking as I sifted through my part. And I stopped the treatment.

I did more reading and saw that some people for the same reason could not bear to go on for the first 2 weeks seeing this result. Mostly the fear of already thin hair getting worse. The getting worse before it gets better was just too hard to deal. I felt I couldn't afford to lose more hair.

I am not saying the treatment is a failure. I am just recommending it should be a last resort maybe. I would recommend your site a million times over Minoxidil. And at least they will give themselves a healthy body. =)
You're a gem, Sheree.

Oct 13, 2012
Rogaine Has Major Side Effects
by: Sheree

I used Rogaine, and I had no idea it had this possible side effect. I am so happy you pointed this out. This will persuade a lot of people to stay away from it.

When I started using it, I did not know about this. This shedding side effect would have stopped me dead in my tracks as far as using it.

The Healthy Diet Paradise's hair loss diet is extremely effective, and works much faster than Rogaine. The best part is there are 100 percent no side effects. Only a very healthy, trim body, and thick, dense hair growth. And it's 100 percent free.

When your hair grows back, please post your results to give hope to others. We need to work together to combat this problem!

Good luck to you Missy.



Oct 13, 2012
On The Right Path Now
by: Missy (NY)

You're awesome Sheree! I like that, "when your hair grows back..." not, "if" That made me smile. I love your confidence in all of us and it is infectious.

I would always advise people now to just take care of their bodies first. I have always been into the idea of a more natural way to cure and fix body issues. I just was not good at practicing what I preached. I just figured I was young and wanted to look good and I'd worry about it all later on.

I wouldn't discredit Rogaine totally. It could be something that changed the life of people for the better out there..they might swear by it, but I just wish that the alternative of eating healthy and some supplementation was the go-to advice first.

It seems that doctors and the majority of people are looking at the medical remedies rather the natural. I do like supplements though.

Anyway, I will keep you posted on my progress and maybe rant here and there when I have a bad day as we might not be around people who directly understand. I will also let you know when I am able to afford my blood test what the results are.

I might make a post also of all the supplements I take. Some people might not want to take all the ones I do(there are a lot) But they can pick and choose from them, as all of them I have read might aid in hair help.

Thank you, Sheree for all you do and your commitment still even though you, yourself are recovered. You are sharing the wealth and that is great. I hope to do the same and encourage any other people who may read this who have/had eating disorders or any body issues to write.

All good things to you, Sheree and friends.

Oct 14, 2012
I'll Wait to Hear From You!
by: Anonymous

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for your beautiful message. I will be waiting to hear from you. Also, you may want to take some before and after pictures to show us how your progress is going. In three months, you will be shocked at how fast your hair will come in.

I can't wait to hear about your positive results!



Oct 14, 2012
For Melissa
by: NAT (australia)

Hi Melissa
You can follow my story early on in the forum, but I have had hair loss for approx 13 years - I am now 35. I have been following Sheree's low GI plan for 6 months now, and my hair is definately improving. I have lots of fine hairs growing, the top of my hair feels "Spongier" when I pat it, hair is shinier and my hairline has lots of small vellus hairs growing, even in the shape of a peak where I once had thick hair. These are still very fair hairs and visible close up.

It is very easy to keep with the diet. I have cut out all dairy, gluten, wheat, sugar in favor of low GI and all natural foods. I don't eat any processed foods anymore.

My digestive system works a treat whereby I had constipation for years until I adapted a new way of eating. My journey is slow but a positive one. I think my hair will recover but 6 months is still not enough time. The body needs to repair itself first before new hair growth can start.

Good luck and I will keep posting my progress. My before photos are on the forum. You should post yours so we can follow your progress too, but only if you are comfortable to do this
Stay strong...


Oct 14, 2012
for melissa
by: Anonymous

i am female too!

Oct 14, 2012
Thanks, Nat
by: Missy (NY)

Hello, Nat. Thank you so much for commenting. It is very encouraging to read your story and hear that you are having improvement. It gives me more hope to hear things like that and this place gives me an outlet to vent my feelings about something that generally makes us feel more secluded.
I have been sticking to healthy foods for about a month and a half. I slipped to bulimia a couple of days about a month ago but that was my last time for sure. I am committed now and am actually finding the healthy lifestyle pretty easy. Well, the food part. Because I love cooking and experimenting with tastes so I can be imaginative and pretty much take what people consider bland to be very tasty. It just takes a lot of hard work to be dedicated to exercising everyday for about 1-2 hours and portion control. But I know I can do it. I have never stuck with a healthy regimine this long. My will is so strong this time because not only is it weight loss but I need hair growth and that is huge insensitive.
You are an inspiration Nat and I am so happy that you are having success. I know that must be an amazing feeling to see progress =)
Today I got the courage to cut my own hair following guides on youtube. I didnt want to go to a hairdresser because they tug and comb too much. It came out great and I wanted to lessen the load on my scalp a bit and make it look healthier. Glad I tried it =)
I will keep following your progress, Nat.
I hope to have some good news for you too.
Sincerely, Melissa

Oct 22, 2012
by: Missy (NY)

Just need to vent to get this off my chest. Never been much of one to share openly but eh, whatever, I have had a bad day. A bit of excessive shedding yesterday but it could have been since I skipped a day of washing hair. Maybe it was 2 days worth of loss. I tend to do about 40-80 hairs a day (estimate)

Really, really trying to stay upbeat and positive, but some days, I just cannot bear my reflection in the mirror. I think, "what has happened to you"? And then I just can't believe it and want to sink into a hole. I was always one to like my face and hair reflection...even if at that time I didn't like my body, I was always picked up by my face and hair.

I was known for my hair and always got compliments on it. And in my eyes I see the disappointment and hurt all the time when I look at myself and it is days like this when I find it hard to imagine going on feeling like this. The roller coaster seems to never end and i am doing all I can. The only thing that keeps me strong is the hope that my dedication will lead to positive results. But if not, I just don't like thinking I will feel like this my whole life.

My dad said.."they make gorgeous wigs now" The fact that that was even a mention just made me want to disappear. I've dealt with many other painful hardships and I know there others out there with terminal issues and defects that trump my hair issue by 1000 and I am not feeling sorry for myself. It's just a real feeling that often comes up. I'm a strong person for the most part and I have dealt with physical issues of my weight. But my hair was something I thought I would always have forever and it was always my safety net and attribute to lean on. Now it's become one of the worst and so I have difficulty finding the outer beauty at all some day. Or I see it in my face and think..what a shame.

Anyway, sorry this really had nothing to do with anything informational or beneficial to the site, but I guess I just needed to write it or express it somehow. It doesn't even need a response. I write, so I suppose it is where more of my comfort lies. I'll try to make my next post more upbeat and informative.

Oct 22, 2012
Hair Loss & Emotions
by: Sheree


The way you write paints a vivid picture in my mind. I can see the hurt, I can see the pain. I can see you.

Remember this: The reality that you are experiencing right now is temporary. There are already things in motion that are going to make you feel whole again. Then this experience will feel like another lifetime, or a bad dream.

Melissa, I wore a wig for a few years. In my mind, whatever it takes to feel better, do it. If you do consider a wig or some type of cover-up, in your mind, know that your hair is going to grow back and you won't need it for very long. I believe you should do whatever it takes to feel better.

Melissa, I understand the sickening feeling when you look in the mirror. It's like a sickening thud that sits in your stomach. Hair loss erodes your self-esteem like battery acid.

When you look in the mirror next time, look for your inner beauty. Because it's there. I don't know what you look like, but I see your beauty in your letters.

We are not our hair. We are not even our bodies. We are here to learn. Ask yourself, "What am I to learn from this?"

Melissa, imagine the joy you are going to feel when you see those first beautiful new hairs sprouting from your scalp. Your hair is just like grass. It wants to grow everywhere, wild and free. Our hair is meant to grow, and with everything you are now doing, you are going to get your hair back.

There are women who came before you who were so hurt by their hair loss. They were in shock and awe when their hair came back. You will be too.

Imagine me standing in front of you saying, "Chin up. You will get through this."

If you ever need an emotional boost, I'm here. Don't give up. This is so easy when you get the hang of it.



Oct 22, 2012
Emotion and Spirit
by: Missy (NY)

Sheree, thank you. Writing this morning was a way for me to release stuff inside that I just cannot say to those around me. As a writer, I am able to voice much more through words and to those who I feel get me. Even if they never met me, I usually form bonds this way with those who might be strangers who I get to feel like I have known much longer.

I have a strong grip on spirit and souls and the fact that I believe that humans are capable of some remarkable things that have just been stunted by the modern times and the limits we put on ourselves because of society or constraints from all sources.

It was good hearing back from you as someone who has been there before. I love the idea of things getting better with time. It is my highest hope. I just fear it getting worse and it being something out of my control. But I have not given up yet. Just want to feel good about myself again.

I know my soul is old and this body is just a capsule for it for now and it is what is inside that counts. I guess just coming out of the darkness of body issues straight into the hair one was a blow. It's like I only got to live in the sunshine of that happiness for such a short time and didn't get to fully enjoy it.

Plus this week my exercise bike broke and it was not a financial thing I needed right now, and also, coming out of bulimia, I didn't like losing my source of best calorie burning since I am committed to daily exercise. But instead of doing nothing I did a px90 cardio workout this way I wouldn't fear putting the essential calories into my body.

I will be patient and keep going. From time to time you might get those emotional rants from me. But maybe if someone comes here and reads this, they can just identify with my pain and not feel so alone in theirs. I also encourage anyone else to reach out with their own struggle with it.

Thank you again, Sheree. Your care means the world to me. =)

Oct 22, 2012
Sisters in Hair Loss
by: Sheree


You are my sister in hair loss. I think about you and I worry about you every day. Hang in there. Everything's going to be okay. You are surrounded by hundreds of people every day who are reading your story. They are going through the same thing. In reading your posts, they are pulling strength and courage from you. Your life has meaning and purpose. Your writing is a gift.

Any time you fell like ranting, go right ahead. I'll be your sounding board. You are among friends here. We understand.

Love Sheree

Nov 15, 2012
Hi Melissa
by: Anonymous

Hi Melissa....I read your post and was literally brought to tears....I was bulimic too for a very long time..and decided to quit...When I was bulimic it was in my teens and now I have kissed the habit goodbye because I do realize the value of good nutrition...Sheree does a very good in explaining this...I do believe that we have polluted our body so much with fast foods and processed foods that we are seeing the results through our's really sad...but to be honest if I did not come across Sheree's video on YouTube and I would have truly given up...

I am 31 and my hair loss journey has continued for a year now...and like you my hair was everything and many people loved the thickness and fullness of my hair…even I was in awe of my hair….. But now I do not even leave it open because I hate seeing the strands on the back of my shirt and car seat... and it really makes me want to cry....I have lost half of its thickness…..But I am not losing faith and because Sheree gives us the hope to believe that this is curable.....And I plan on following this diet….About you exercising and washing your hair everyday after u work out.

Have you ever thought of just washing the sweat out with just water? This is what I do because I would just hate to wash it with shampoo everyday....and also I do not know where you live but I changed the shower filter and bought a shower filter from Lowe's which takes the chlorine out of the water...I do now know if this is working but read somewhere it would help in preventing to clog pores if the chlorine was eliminated…..So I am using that….Also I would suggest massaging your scalp everyday for 10 mins….Just do this religiously!…It can not hurt and if you want to know the techniques on how to do it…I would just YouTube them…many people show you how to do this step by step...because truly we need to increase the blood flow to our scalp to increase the growth for new hairs…..Sorry for ranting but just had to help you out…because its very tough especially for us!!I hope this helps…and if there is anything else…please do reach out…Together we can end this….Keep your chin up!

Nov 15, 2012
Thank you for the comment
by: Missy (NY)

I really appreciate you writing to me and sharing your story. I did not know when I joined here that I would be telling my own tale.

I am glad it touched you. I know reading about someone with a similar problem can strike a chord and knowing I did something like that to make someone speak out too, really is special.
I have not written in a while but it is a good time to update.

I have kept up with the routine of my supplements (I take a lot) And my eating has been great. I have not slipped off the path and still am bulimia free. I make good decisions when i am out and at home with food.

Some days I take breaks from washing my hair and even exercising if I feel my weight is stable enough. I never like seeing the pounds go up but I learn not to stress when they go up a few pounds and know that my diet is healthy and I will just work out hard the next day. My apartment does have hard water and a filter is a good idea. I am gentle with the shampoo and condition only the ends. I also always wash my hair upside down and never let the water beat at the top of my head, or I wash it gently under a faucet and under cold water.

I do not massage my head because I worry about making more hair fall, but I am a believer in scalp stimulation so sometimes I put a back massager on low setting and it vibrates my scalp. Or I hang over the side of my bed and let the blood flow to my scalp.
( be continued because I always go over letter limit =p )

Nov 15, 2012
Thank you for the comment(cont.)
by: Anonymous

But now on some progress reporting. I wrote that I was resorting to brushing on hair color powder to hide and give an illusion to more hair where my scalp was showing through. I hated that I had to this. It felt like a lie and it made me realize that I was really hitting the bottom by having to resort to tricks. But for about 3 weeks now or maybe a month, I have stopped using the powder. It's still am thinner than I would like to be all over but I don't feel I have the shininess of my scalp as obvious. I see small hairs too. I have no idea if this is as good as it is going to get or that I will gain even more hair in some more months if I stick to healthy eating. This is a lifestyle now..not a diet and I am ok with that.

I have less trouble saying no to bad foods and it feels good to hold food down and not feel guilty for it. I am the healthiest eater I know now, actually. I still shed about 50-100 hairs on hair wash days.(give or take) I never like seeing that, and yes I count...but they say that is about average.

My ponytail circumference, I wish was's just over 2 inches... My hair is thin, it still sheds but my scalp is not as obvious and I see small growth. I have not been using the coloring on my scalp and I consider this a huge improvement. I still have days where I feel crappy about it all and I look at other heads of hair with jealousy but I keep my hope for even more progress in the months to come. I still need a blood test to rule out other things, but that's a bit out of my budget right now. I have also started Biosil drops to my supplement routine. I read some good reviews so decided to try it. And you are never ranting..feel free to write anything on your mind about this.

I so want to have more progress and report that I am so happy again while looking at my hair. I still have not regained my confidence to wear it down. Maybe with some dry shampoo to fluff it a bit but even still, I am not as confident as I used to be in wearing it down. And this from a girl who NEVER wore it up, except in heat or to bed.

But let's keep some hope right now and keep on track and maybe we'll have some positive results still. Thank you again so much for writing to me. It means so much. =)
Sincerely, Melissa

Nov 15, 2012
There is Hope!
by: Anonymous

Hi Melissa....I read your post and was literally brought to tears....I was bulimic too for a very long time..and decided to quit...When I was bulimic it was in my teens and now I have kissed the habit goodbye because I do realize the value of good nutrition...Sheree does a very good in explaining this...I do believe that we have polluted our body so much with fast foods and processed foods that we are seeing the results through our's really sad...but to be honest if I did not come across Sheree's video on Utube and I would have truly given up...I am 31 and my hair loss journey has continued for a year now...and like you my hair was everything and many people loved the thickness and fullness of my hair…even I was in awe of my hair….. But now I do not even leave it open because I hate seeing the strands on the back of my shirt and car seat... and it really makes me want to cry....I have lost half of its thickness…..But I am not losing faith and because Sheree gives us the hope to believe that this is curable.....And I plan on following this diet….About you exercising and washing your hair everyday after u work out...have you ever thought of just washing the sweat out with just water.....this is what I do because I would just hate to wash it with shampoo everyday....and also I do not know where you live but I changed the shower filter and bought a shower filter from Lowes which takes the chlorine out of the water...I do now know if this is working but read somewhere it would help in preventing to clog pores if the chlorine was eliminated…..So I am using that….Also I would suggest massaging your scalp every day for 10 mins….Just do this religiously!…It can not hurt and if you want to know the techniques on how to do it…I would just Utube them…many people show you how to do this step by step...because truly we need to increase the blood flow to our scalp to increase the growth for new hairs…..Sorry for ranting but just had to help you out…because its very tough especially for us!!I hope this helps…and if there is anything else…please do reach out…Together we can end this….Keep your chin up!

Nov 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hiya. Thank you for responding. Sorry to post the post twice. I didn’t think the first one went through, so I did it again.

Also, what you can do is when you work out and your heart is pumping, spread you legs shoulder length apart and tilt your head towards the ground while holding onto your ankles. This would be the best way to get the blood flow to your head, and it will be faster since you are already sweating.

I do this all the time after I work up a sweat and then shower. And always reassure myself this has to be the best nourishment for my hair, oxygenated blood to the follicles.

I know what you mean by you never put your hair up. I too was one of those girls who always left it open and just loved the way it looked. But nowadays it's always tied back loosely in a ponytail so I don’t see my hair on the floor when I get up from my seat.

It's constantly on my mind and haunts me all the time. But seriously I think we need to think positive thoughts and truly once we are synchronized with our mind, body and soul, there could be nothing stopping us from getting our hair back.

Also, drink fresh carrot juice with a little ginger and kale….I do it and do like the glow I get on my face….and hopefully and pray all that goodness goes straight to my roots.

Drink green tea, and lots of it. It helps in controlling DHT production on our scalp which increase as we lose control of some of our hormones due to aging.

Also, if you have hard water I would really think about getting the water filter asap its really easy to install and all you need are pliers which will help block the chlorine deposits from depositing on your scalp and will let the pores breathe.

Keep me posted on your progress and I will too and look forward to hearing from you once again. You will be fine. The body is just getting its balance (rhythm) back and you will see results soon!

Stay positive inside and out because you are really worth it and never give up! :)

Take care

Mar 08, 2016
hello missy
by: vikki

Hello missy how is your hair doing now?

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I'm Ashamed of My Hair Loss....

by Roxanna
(San Bernardino Ca ,)

My four-year-old daughter has more hair on her little head than I do. I'm so embarrassed to let my husband see me this way!!! I've noticed my hair loss a year ago! I'm just frustrated and don't know what to do anymore!!

Six years ago I colored my hair for the first time ever! I didn't like the color so I dyed it again & again & yes again four times in ONE day!

Three months after the coloring of my hair, it had gotten so short, to my ears! My hair had always been to my butt! It was not bald just really short & thinned out hair!

Within four years, my hair was BACK & thicker than ever. So thick, I couldn't even straighten it out!

Now six years later, my hair is so thin I can see my shinny scalp.

I went to the doctor and my labs came back that I'm a diabetic. I'm taking pills. No thyroid problem. She said it's just stress! I told her I've had an active yeast infection for two years, so I'm trying to self-diagnosis myself.

Can this yeast infection and diabetes be the reason of my extreme hair loss?

Please any information will be so greatly appreciated thank you so much !!! Roxanna

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Mar 28, 2012
I Know How You Feel. It Gets Better With Time
by: Sheree


I read your letter. I completely understand how you feel. I believe there is hope for each and every situation. Yours has a slightly different spin.

You say you are diabetic. If you are diabetic, then your blood sugar has been out of control for a long time. Since you are a diabetic, I would have to defer to your doctor. If I tell you to eat a low glycemic diet to control your blood sugar, and then you take your medication, you could go into diabetic shock from low insulin.

A low glycemic index diet prevents diabetes. The glycemic index was actually invented for diabetics.

The most common reason for hair loss is sustained, chronic high blood sugar. You said you are taking pills. Many diabetics use their medication alone to control their blood sugar. You have to control your diet as well.

Many diabetics are able to control their diabetes with diet alone. You have to be very careful, though. High blood sugar is like a tsunami through the human body. Hair is only one casualty.

If you go to our antiaging diet page, go towards the bottom and click on glycation. It explains more about how high blood sugar ages us. Controling glycation is even more important for diabetics.

You can ask your doctor about some type of eating plan that compliments your medication. You can ask your doctor if it's safe to go on a low carb diet to control your blood sugar while taking the medication.

As far as yeast, I don't currently know of any connection to hair loss.

I believe you will see results, but it will take patience, committment and time. Good luck. We're all in this with you. Chin up!

Let me know how it goes.

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Still hair loss after near 6 weeks of diet and supplemts, HEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!

Dear Cadaro, Sheree, Nat, Joni, Glenda and all.....

really need support. 6 weeks on diet plus no diary, no gluten, lots of green leafy salad, bell peppers etc...sardines, salmon, bio chicken, bio eggs or other fish. juice from carrot, parsley, ice salad, cucumber. Morning avocado or blueberries...

Sup. Kelp , MSM, Biotin, Foti, Chlorophyll, Borage oil, zinc, B complex, and Candida clear herbs to kill candida - if I have Probiotics.

Drink lemon with water and peppermint (spearmint tea) - this tea with peppermint or spearmint looks lower my oily skin very much. But acne little still and huge hair loss still:-((((

Thyroid test - it is ok. The DHT test and cortisol they did again. These will be not good.

I am so unhappy. I waiting at the least, that it has to stop. I know from my 17 years experience and all test, that behind is only DHT, sometimes together with cortisol, androgenic alopecia. No other condition.

Today I wash my hair, lots of hair loss still, itching scalp and dandruff - like oily dandruff. I use tea tree oil, special organic shampoos, dandruff shampoos, ACV......

I working on my stress, hypnosis, affirmation, visualization, but I am down. I have really only 20 % of hairs on my head. I am so scared.

I believe that the diet has to work to put down DHT and hair loss, but still nothing. 2 weeks and will be two months and I have still hair loss, dandruff...

For liver I eat everyday 1 tbls of milk thistle.

I am getting downer and downer. I fight, I do really strict diet, I visit naturopath with EFT method for stress, and still nothing....I don't want to be bald....please help me.


PS. You take antiandrogen - Saw Palmetto and lots of others. Me not, don't know if spearmint tea or Borage oil is antiandrogen. I know from the oily dandruff and oily hair loss that behind is DHT, probably together with cortisol.

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Mar 03, 2013
For Yaelle
by: Nat

Hi Yaelle,
Your diet sounds amazing. It has only been 6 weeks. I didn't see change until 6-8 months. Please remember it takes a long time. That's the only advice I can give. But I'm thinking of you. Please don't give up. Love Nat

Mar 04, 2013
by: yaelle

Thank you Nat so much.

I know it takes 6-8 months for regrowth, but I am looking for stopping of this huge hair loss. When the hair loss will stop , I will be more relax and can focus on regrowth. But I still have hair loss and dandruff.

I would like to stop hair loss soon...I am going crazy to have like 25-30% of hairs and still loose.

This is really hell. I continue strict with diet and supplements. The hypnosis I do every night and every night and morning do visualizations.

Hope for miracle.



Mar 04, 2013
hey yaelle
by: Cardaro

One thing to remember sweet lady. Healing doesn't come from a bottle. The things that we take are tools and assist in healing. In my opinion, there's no such thing as a cure. The true healing starts in your mind which is the most powerful thing a human can control. If you feel negative then you're delaying your healing process. The loss you may have had could be a test from the universe to see if you truly believe in YOURSELF to HEAL. You control your actions. Positive mind state will increase the process. It's easier said than done but this isn't an easy process. On a bright note, YOU made the choice to HEAL. Very respectable because some people hide from their reality and do nothing. YOU didn't so accept who you are NOW and SEE yourself healing and the person you want to be. The universe is your ally as well as your subconscious mind. The gold is between your eyes. I believe you will do this as well as the others who BELIEVE they will overcome this. So Scooby doo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Have a great day!

Mar 04, 2013
by: Yaelle

I know you are right. But when you have this nightmare on and off already 17 years and on the head only 25-30% hairs, all they is itching, and painful skin on head and so oily, it is so difficult.

But I believe in Law Attraction. I won car with it. I park with it. First 5 years I was able to stop hair loss only with mind.

I know that mind is so powerful. My naturopath said, that I have so strong mind, from experience, that I can control my hormones with it.

I am happy that you give me hope and that you are in contact here. It gives me so much.


Mar 07, 2013
Typical diets from those who have seen regrowth?
by: Anonymous

Hey sheree, nat, cedaro and anyone else who has had hair growth success!

I hope you are well and congratulations on your progress, you give me hope!

I have been on the path to changing my diet for about 6 months now in the hopes that it would help in regrowing my hair. I do not have excessive hairloss anymore BUT I have no regrowth either. I haven't added lentils or beans to my diet. And I think I may have a low calorie intake although I am trying to increase how much I eat. Sometimes I don't eat enough because I am at a loss on what to eat! I am underweight and eat about 1500 - 1800 calories everyday. I wanted to know if you would be so kind to share what a typical day of yours is with regard to your diet.

Has anyone had success using supplements? I take iron, zinc and magnesium tablets and I want to start taking fish oil every alternate day. I agree with cedaro when he says that cures don't come from a bottle. However, until I am able to increase my food intake, I think I need them.

Mar 07, 2013
Hang in There
by: Joni

Hi Yaelle,

I couldn't agree with Cardaro more. Yes this process takes a while for you to see results, in the form of your hair growing back but so much of this process is mental too. You have to incorporate some positive thoughts about yourself to guide you through this.

I’m still battling this process too but this diet has taught me how strong I truly am and whether I grow a full head of thick hair next month, or next year, I’m very thankful for what I do have today.

I’m sure there are many wonderful things about you and in your life, right now. Try to be happy with who you are and what you have today and trust that more wonderful things are on the way to you. And don’t ever get discouraged about what you see in the mirror because you have the power to change that.

Hang in there Yaelle. You can do this!!

Mar 10, 2013
Hey there
by: Cardaro

Thank you Joni for support and telling us how you are making gains in hair follicles :) Hopefully, I spelt that right lol. Yaelle, law of attraction is one of the universe tools that work in our favor. You will do this so let time do its thing. We are living in a dream world where we create our reality. That's how I know you'll overcome and look back on this post to laugh and say "Wow, I can't believe I was like this early 2013." Anonymous, I have a menu of what I eat and herbal supplements I consume in the forum. Don't recall the title so you have to do a little research to find it. Let us know when you make some gains!

Mar 12, 2013
Cadaro and all
by: Yaelle

Thank you Cadaro.

I know law attraction, I wrote somewhere I did win car with it. I am still loosing hairs and have super oily head and skin. Now 7 weeks in diet.

How do you use law attraction for hair loss and then grow.

Also you Cadaro use lots of natural antiandrogen - Saw Pallmeto , Nettle etc. Me not, only borage oil and Foti and MSM and biotin and vitamines B, Kelp in thyroid support etc.

Also I have one question, I lost kg also now....I have only 49 kg. I have to gain it is about potatoes - the sweet version Glycemic index is 50 - they call bataty here. How about rise, which brown? Is brown rice natural rice? And can I take it 3 times a week and 3 times a 2 times potatoes?

What is oat meal - i did think , has glutten?

Thank you to all.


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38 Year Old Black Female Going Bald

by Caussaundra
(Pine Bluff)

I am Caussaundra and have been losing my hair for the past twelve years. It hurts to even look in the mirror. I began the diet on October 7,2013. I am praying for results. My hair used to be very thick and long, but now I can literally see my scalp. It is so depressing. I will post pics later when I am more comfortable. Please pray for my strength.

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Oct 15, 2013
We will pray for you
by: Karen

We are praying for you. Keep the faith and don't give up.


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Does This Really Work?

by Masite Mulele

I am a nurse in zambia. Near the end of my training, i noticed i was losing my hair. My hairline has been receding since then. I need the list of the diet before all my hair falls off.

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Oct 24, 2013
Watch and See
by: Sheree

A year and a half ago when I started this program, I had men who were vehemently opposed to it. They swore up and down that I was wrong, and they wouldn't even give me a chance to speak.

Now we've proven that it does work. If these men had started the diet when I introduced it to them 18 months ago, they would have had their results by now!

When you know something in your heart, you pursue it with your inner guidance. This diet needs to be pursued from a psychological perspective, a spiritual perspective and a diet perspective. Without these three triggers, it will not work.

So just hang around a while and watch. Read the posts and let your inner guide, your intuition, give you the truth.



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My Hair Dilemma is Getting Me Down

by Love From The Heart
(united kingdom)

Hi Sheree, I've been reading all these success stories and although they sound promising and hopeful, I'm hoping the same can be felt by myself. I'm not sure if there is hope for me, but I want to remain optimistic.

Hair loss does not run in my family, and out of four siblings, I am the only one suffering with it. I'm an extremely stressful person, borderline bipolar, or so I'm lead to believe. And for the past 50 years, my stress level has been very high, trauma after trauma, bad diet.

I don't eat when stressed. And when I do eat, not the right foods. I suffer with digestive problems, and my body wants to shut down. However last year I changed my diet slowly introducing and learning about the right foods, but not quite there yet.

My hair has fallen out significantly at the front of my head, and now this is a new stress I carry with me 24/7, 365 days. I am at a loss and I don't know where to begin.

I need a starting point, some encouragement and support as I carry this secret. And it's getting me down. I will appreciate any words of encouragement.

I'm in a new relationship, and he doesn't even know as I keep my head covered all the time. But I'm afraid if the truth gets out, it's all over for me.

This is the first time I have found love in 50 whole years, and after waiting so long, now I'm losing my hair. Life sucks.

I'm too embarrassed at this point to post any pictures, but with a bit of encouragement I just might.


A very depressed woman.

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Feb 07, 2014
Chin Up
by: Sheree

Dear Love From the Heart,

I would like to say congratulations on finding true love. I would think that your mate will see through any problem with your hair, and into your beautiful heart.

This diet is not an easy solution to hair loss. I think of it as kind of an unexpected back door to hair regrowth.

If you're truly ready, this is going to work for you. You have to get past any food addictions and bad eating habits. You have to eat food that you may not like. Steel yourself, and get ready, because in six months, you will see a dramatic difference in your hair.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you're doing.



Feb 16, 2014
to Sharee
by: love from the heart

Dear Sharee,

From Love from the Heart.

Thank you for even taking the time out to read my post. I tried to reply on the same post but could not find the option to do so hence me replying via a new post.

I am ready to begin and try to remain optimistic. I have tried to start by cutting out sugar but perhaps overloading myself with dates, raisin, bananas, agave nectar, basically anything that is naturally sweet but somehow I think this is not the right path. So I need your help to point me in the right direction with this diet.

I juice in the mornings, kale, chard, spinach, carrots, apples, ginger and some aloe Vera and add cucumber, celery and sometime beetroot on different days to the juice mix. I have quinoa flakes blended with pear, banana and some nuts as porridge for breakfast. It stops there and I don't really eat properly for the rest of the day because I don't know what to eat.

I don't eat meat, chicken or eggs, occasionally fish but I am stuck. I tried to find the hair loss diet plan on here but haven't stumbled across it as yet. Can you tell me where to locate it? Your help if much appreciated.

Kind regards

Love from the Heart.

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Scalp Hair Loss Because of Lupus: Scarring and Depression

by Blessed

Hello blessed Soul! It's great to know that you exist. I have recently been diagnosed with Lupus (limited to skin) and I would like to know what the chances are to retrieve my lost scalp hair(20%). I am already on a nutritional and spiritual healing road (my facial discoloration has decreased), but sometimes it's very challenging. So, I guess the question is, is the scarring permanent? The symptoms also include (uhg) depression, fatigue, lackluster.... Any words of encouragement are welcome. Thank you.


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Jan 19, 2014
Lupus and Hair Loss
by: Sheree

Hello Blessed,

It is such a pleasure to meet you.

As you are already aware, lupus is an autoimmune disorder that results from an inflammatory reaction within your system. It is best to take an aggressive holistic, anti-inflammatory diet approach to heal lupus and push it into remission.

It has been stated in medical journals that there are more than 5,000 additives in processed foods. Our bodies mount a defensive action against these foreign substances, and this can lead to autoimmune disorders like lupus.

In addition, gluten has a very strong link to lupus and many other auto immune disorders.

Chemical additives, gluten sensitivity/intolerance, a genetic predisposition, stress and other environmental factors can aggravate lupus. Luckily, many people can go into remission with excellent natural therapy.

You mentioned that your lupus is limited to your skin. I believe this type of lupus is called discoid lupus. This type of lupus creates lesions that form a butterfly pattern in the skin. Discoid lupus can create scar tissue in the scalp as well, and this scar tissue can cause patches of hair loss.

Some may believe that scar tissue cannot be healed. It's my opinion that scar tissue can be healed. Using the aloe vera plant over a period of one year or longer, you can lessen scar tissue dramatically. This therapy should be done four times a day, taken exclusively from the plant. I've seen terrible scars nearly disappear with
aloe vera plant therapy.

I never underestimate the body's ability to regenerate and heal itself.

Your depression and lethargy may be linked to having lupus. It is extremely important for you to seek validation and support from outside sources. These emotionally supportive sources should come from people who understand this baffling disorder. You can join a support group or a support network for encouragement and to manage depressive episodes.

In addition, acupuncture, staying out of the sun, herbal remedies, and nutritional support will go a long way towards managing your symptoms.

Although hair loss is an unfortunate side effect of lupus, I am very concerned about your depression. Because depression can worsen not only lupus, but hair loss as well.

Some of my greatest gifts came from terrible suffering. Always look for the jewel. Keep your eyes up towards the sun, always looking forward, never giving up.

Love Sheree

Jan 19, 2014
Sheree Amour
by: Blessed

My Sheree Amour!!

You have helped to inspire and confirm some of the things I have already started. The aloe Vera plant therapy, I will increase to 4 times daily and continue to be VERY aware of my nutrition; both physically and spiritually.

Many blessings in ALL WAYS!!!

Feb 01, 2014
Discoid lupus of the scalp
by: Anonymous

I want to get a clear understanding because I have this on my scalp in patches. It starts out small and gets bigger. Are you saying that this might go in remission if I stick to a gluten diet and do aloe Vera therapy on my scalp four times day from a plant. This would possibly cease if I stick to it as a lifetime thing for me.

I have tried everything even Rogaine for female. I just did not know what to do for it to go into remission. I have high blood pressure and found out I have diabetes 4 years ago.

Please tell me what I could do for myself , I be so tired all the time, depressed because of the hair loss. I can still cover up bald spots with my hair but it is beginning to be a probably when the wind blows slightly.

Feb 04, 2014
Lupus & Hair Loss
by: Sheree


The information I'm giving you is for non medical purposes. You would need to check with your doctor to come to a decision.

Lupus falls under the category of autoimmune disorders. We've linked wheat gluten to autoimmune diseases. If you have not read our autoimmune page, please click this link here for a full understanding.

How Gluten Causes Autoimmune Diseases and Hair Loss

Since lupus falls under the category of autoimmune disorders, I would definitely ask your doctor about the benefits of a gluten-free, anti-inflammatory, low glycemic diet. This diet is so powerful that I've seen it cure mysterious causes of hair loss that occurred in women.

I have worked with women who had been diagnosed with pernicious anemia and Graves Disease, which are both autoimmune disorders. Using only the hair loss diet, their hair grew back perfectly and their diseases went into remission. This diet is so strict, you would need a specialist to assist you.

Doctors are not sure what causes lupus. Lupus is a genetic disorder that is believed to be triggered by external factors. I do not know enough about lupus to give you an idea about the time for remission or hair loss reversal.

One thing I can tell you is that the proper diet is absolutely critical. Lupus is an inflammatory disorder that is highly reactive to diet.

Discoid lupus can absolutely go into remission. And I believe that your hair can grow back. The scarring does not have to be permanent. And scar tissue can lessen over time.

Whatever you decide, please let us know how you are.



Feb 23, 2014
Discoid Lups
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for the response. I will discuss this with my doctor and ask her to help me understand how to do the diet. I really believe this is my problem.

My granddaughter, who lives in another state, is on the gluten-free diet, and she is doing so much better. She no longer has the headaches and she's losing weight in the process that she needed to lose.

She tells me that she feels so much better and is not depressed anymore, and she doing so much better in school.

I will definitely do the diet and aloe Vera plant juice 4 times daily. Again thank you.

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My Hair Dilemma is Getting Me Down by Love From The Heart (united kingdom)

Dear Sharee,

Love from the Heart. Thank you for even taking the time out to read my post. I tried to reply on the same post but could not find the option to do so hence me replying via a new post.

I am ready to begin and try to remain optimistic. I have tried to start by cutting out sugar but perhaps overloading myself with dates, raisins, bananas, agave nectar, basically anything that is naturally sweet. But somehow I think this is not the right path. So I need your help to point me in the right direction with this diet.

I juice in the mornings, kale, chard, spinach, carrots, apples, ginger and some aloe vera, and add cucumber, celery and sometime beetroot on different days to the juice mix.

I have quinoa flakes blended with pear, banana and some nuts as porridge for breakfast. It stops there, and I don't really eat properly for the rest of the day because I don't know what to eat. I don't eat meat, chicken or eggs, occasionally fish but I am stuck.

I tried to find the hair loss diet plan on here but haven't stumbled across it as yet. Can you tell me where to locate it? Your help is much appreciated.

Kind regards

Love from the Heart.

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Feb 20, 2014
Maintain a Healthy Diet
by: Sheree

Hi Love From The Heart,

It's going to take a while to fully understand the diet. But once you get used to it, you're going to be fine.

In order to view the hair regrowth menu, click this link below.

7-Day Hair rerowth meal planner

Just remember that your diet does not have to follow this menu exactly, just the concept. And the main idea is to remove the sugar, while maintaining a healthy diet.

It's fine to substitute healthy natural sweeteners. We don't recommend agave. Here's a page that explains the science of agave and other similar products.

HFCS and other fructose products here!

It sounds to me like you need to eat a more varied diet. Are you a vegetarian? There a guidelines for vegetarians, because they tend to eat a high grain diet, which is not good for their hair. You can go meatless, but you have to be sure to eat a complete amino acid profile each and every day.

Click the link below for more information on vegetarianism.

Healthy Vegetarian Diet Here

Good luck,



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Hi everyone!! I was wondering if it is typical to still lose hair on the diet? I'm still seeing some shedding in my comb, although I don't think it's as much as it used to be. Maybe 20 hairs per day?

Thanks in advance for any replies!!

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by David

Hello, my name is David and I'm 21 years old. Sorry for my poor English, but Italian schools are not the top in the world.

I started losing my hair at around 19 years of age. It's hard to accept. You feel and see yourself differently, a leper. Now I'm 21 and I still have my hair. My hair is not the same, but I still have it and I will fight until the end for it!

I'm sick of reading that baldness is an indestructible wall. I'm tired. In every forum, they tell you that the only way is Minoxidil and Finasteride! Bullshit! The human body is an amazing machine. It is not perfect, because perfection does not exist in the world, but remains the same, a masterpiece. If we peel one knee, the body will heal the wound.

Drugs are not and should not be the only way forward. They are not the holy grail! I confess to not being a believer. I have strong doubts.
How can God our Father, let their children suffer, ridiculed, derided. Are we not all his children? A person loses all hope in itself. Why me? I am a good guy. I would never hurt anyone. But God does it every day. But this is my thinking, and this is not the right forum to discuss it.

I know this is a battle that I must win alone. But there are many people like me in the world. If you read my story, do not give up. Do not throw in the towel. The advice in this forum is GREAT. Follow it. Make it yours! I will follow the same diet, to which I'll add some of my topical treatments.

I use a lot the Aloe plant, externally and internally. I use a gel product to be applied on the head and I drink the juice. It's a miracle plant. Take it into consideration! Consider, in addition, the facial gymnastics!

I have pictures of how I am now. I promise to post in the future at MINIMUM IMPROVEMENT, pictures of my success, together with pictures of how I was! Then I'll beat them in the face, those who have surrendered without a fight!

I'm not a vegan or a fanatical partisan. I'm just a person who is certain of his abilities and believes in natural remedies. Trust in nature and what she can give you!

If I have to make a radical change, then I'll do it, even if I become the laughing stock of the whole world! I'm not a revolutionary, but when someone tries to bring me down, on my knees, telling me that there is no remedy and that I have to resign, then I get angry!

Follow the advice and diet of Miss Sheree! We all want big changes in a short time. Even if you do not, you will in a short time. What changes? You will have them in six months? In one year? Our aim is to hit the target! Prove that you can break down the wall of "impossible," of "resignation", of "it's useless!" Don't let others say what you can or cannot do!

We can not change everything in our lives, but because we do not have time, not because WE CAN NOT DO IT! Give it time. Give a chance to the remedies from Miss Sheree. Use well the time you have available, and your body will thank you.

Thank you so much for the space dedicated to the people in your forum. I will follow the diet and I will let you know the minimum improvement!

Thank you, David.

NEVER GIVE UP! I am with you, from the bottom of my heart!

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I'm Only 18 and I'm Losing My Hair

by Cine

Dear Sheree, I'm so delighted that I found your website in the right moment of my life. I was having very suicidal thoughts due to my hair loss and it really feels like a paradise, finding your website. I excuse my not so good English as I'm not a native speaker, but I'll try my best.

I'm Cine and 18 years old. I've "suffered" from hair loss since I was 14. One morning I noticed that a small round patch was missing at the back of my head. I was very afraid and tried everything to hide this. I even put mascara on it because I had no one to talk to and I did not know what to do.

I was very stupid back then. I waited for 4 years to actually tell my parents about my problem. Just 6 months ago I went to a dermatologist with my mother and got my hair checked. She told me it could be alopecia but was not sure. I got my blood, and my thyroids checked and everything was pretty fine. (except the Vitamin D was a little bit low)

Since this year I've been on my own healthy diet. I cut out all processed food, I drink up to 2 1/2 liter water every day and try to eat as much fruit as possible. Since last year I've found out about the law of attraction and our mind power. Deep down in my heart I know that I deserve more better hair and that I can do it, however, I have no idea if I am on the right track or what my body really needs.

I'm so sad every time I look in the mirror because I can clearly see how my hair is shedding, and I am just 18!!

I would do ANYTHING to stop this.

My current hair state:

The top of my head is thinning out so fast and it is very hard to cover it with the hair that is left and at the top part at the back of my head there is massive hair loss too. Recently I noticed that the sides are also thinning.

Probably I should also mention that I used alopexy (contains 2% minoxidil) and I've been wearing my hair in a ponytail (kinda tight) for the last 7 years or so because they were not manageable. I had such a beautiful, full head of hair. People who would know how my hair looked would be more than surprised to see what happened to it.

Currently I am using olive oil on my hair and massaging it daily. I also take zinc and biotin. I'm facing so many challenges in life I really don't know where to start. Besides my hair problem I'm dealing with my sexuality a lot, and with really bad relationships. I really need help and you seem like someone to whom I could talk to.

Anyways, I'm sorry if I bothered you.

I would be more than grateful if you could give me any advice on if I'm on the right track and what I could actually do.

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May 09, 2014
Delicate Soul
by: Sheree

Hello Cine,

I understand that you are despondent over your hair loss. Severe depression accompanies hair loss approximately 80 percent of the time. Many of our guests are suicidal when they come to us. Please do not hurt yourself over your hair loss. It would break my heart if you did something like that, especially since this problem is so easy to solve. You are like my daughter. If you were nearby, I would hold you in my arms and never let you go. You have so much value. I hope you can see that.

In life, we play our roles, and we lose sight of what is real and what is illusion. Step back for a moment and find the jewel in this lesson. It may take you a while, but you will find it. Everyone does. So the next time you look in the mirror, find that part of yourself that won't quit. That's how you found us, and that's how you will recover. You're going to need a lot of emotional strength and resolve to get through this diet. It will test every aspect of your psyche.

You're one of the youngest women we've come across so far. There's a really good side to the fact that you're so young. You have an extremely high chance of hair recovery. We have women in their 40s and 50s recovering their hair. We have young men regrowing their hair, one after the other. So if they can do it, you can do it too. I believe you can beat this, but you have to have resolve of steel.

Some Resources

Have you looked at our nutrition page? It lists a seven-day menu and food that will restore your hair.

You'll need to implement a full gluten-free diet. Click here for information on how gluten causes hair loss.

You'll have to completely banish sugar from your diet for the rest of your life. You're very young. You have a long way to go. But a thick, healthy head of hair is well worth it.

If you feel you need a push, you can sign up for coaching.

Cine, if you ever feel like hurting yourself, please write me through the contact us form and we can talk. Never, ever quit.



May 10, 2014
You are not alone
by: Anonymous

Hi Cine,

My name is Nasya and I too am am just starting this diet. What gave me hope was seeing people older than me grow their hair back. Please do not feel alone. There are many people in a similar situation as you. You are so young and have a future ahead of you. Sheree and other people are here for you, and even though this diet is very difficult it is worth it. My hair has stopped shedding since I started it and I think it is starting to grow back in. Please do not lose hope. You can do this!

May 18, 2014
I appreciate your help! @Sheree
by: Cine

Dear Sheree,

I would not be able to do so I believe. I thank you so much for replying to me. There are people lacking in my family and around me who would actually understand what I'm going through :(

There is this part which does not want to give up and keep moving forward; however, every time I look at my hair, I don't notice any difference, and it even feels like it is even worse. And that's when I start questioning my diet and feeling sad.

Wow, that's impressive! I hope it will work in my case too. Did those women just follow this diet Sheree, or did they have to take any supplements too? It's a very strict diet that I am willing to go after, but as you said, I believe it is worth it.

Thanks for taking your time to read my story Sheree. Thanks for replying. Thanks for being here for me and all of us.

God may always bless you!

Love, Cine

May 18, 2014
by: Cine

Hi Nasya,

Thank you very much for your uplifting words. I appreciate that you took the time to comment on here!

Wow, you seem very motivated. I am too, but from time to time (especially when I look in the mirror and am confronted with the "truth") I feel very sad and like giving up.

Now I know where I can come to when I feel like that ever again.

Oh it has? I'm so happy for you! May I ask you how your diet looks like? And do you take any supplements at all?

I wish you all the best with your hair growth.

We can do it. Hopefully! :)


May 19, 2014
Hang in There!
by: Sheree

Hi Cine,

The women who successfully reversed their hair loss all took supplements. They took fo-ti, chlorophyll, multi vitamins, and others. You can pick and choose which ones are best for you.

Click here for our vitamin page.

For your hair regrowth, it's way too soon to notice a difference. It's only been a couple of weeks. Even under the best the circumstances, it can take a while.

If you feel down or depressed, please contact me here and we can chat.



May 20, 2014
Question about gluten-diet
by: Cine

Thank you Sheree. I will check that page out!
Currently I'm taking Biotin, Zinc and a multivitamin.

And Sheree one more thing. I wanted to ask you about the gluten diet. I'm finding it very hard to avoid every kind of gluten at the current moment. I'm having my finals, and other important exams.

First of all, I actually don't have an autoimmune disease, because I have alopecia diffusa, and that is actually very different from all of the other alopecias. And besides that, from my personal opinion, I believe I don't have any problems linked with gluten.

I wanted to ask you if it is very bad when I start with the gluten diet after a month (I know!) or so because of my current situation. By saying that, I mean that I will definitely eat less gluten and will take care of that, but there will still be some gluten in my diet.

Otherwise, I am eating clean since January and there should not be a problem with that. What do you think about that Sheree?



May 20, 2014
Remove Wheat Gluten as a Precaution
by: Sheree

Hello Cine,

If you look on the left nav bar, it has a link to the newsletter. If you sign up, it should give you a link to all of the hair loss diet updates. It will give you a lot more information on the reasons for going gluten free.

Also, another excellent resource is the gluten/autoimmune diseases page, that talks about gluten removal. I believe I posted the link earlier.

Dr. Ferudini (hair clinic) states that alopecia diffusa is linked to thyroid disorders, and
Dr. Steven Wangen has thyroid disorders listed under gluten intolerance. The two diseases are connected to wheat gluten. So we remove wheat gluten as a precaution.

The number of diseases that gluten causes is vast, and I could do an entire website of the many disorders that it causes. We remove gluten as a precaution, in particular with people as young as you. It would be a huge mistake to ignore this.

If you don't feel ready for the hair loss diet, you can delay it for a time. But the hair loss diet restricts the use of wheat products. With the hair loss that you've described, if you're continuing to eat wheat products, even in smaller amounts, I'm unsure of the outcome.

This is a process that can take time. Emotionally letting go of the bread, cereal, snacks and goodies creates a lot of stress. It's a process. It takes some people six to nine months to fully understand this diet.

So take your time to learn the concepts. This cannot be done overnight.

I'm here for you.



May 29, 2014
by: Cine

Hi Sheree, I'm kinda feeling bad again. I will start the diet as soon as possible; however, I've got another question.

I used to take Minoxidil, but it made my scalp so dry and it didn't really feel good so I stopped it for 2 months now. Do you think I should still continue taking it because I heard/believe it makes my hair grow, doesn't it?

You know today I'm feeling bad because I really had a close look in the mirror and it was horrible. There is sooo much scalp visible on my crown and so much less hair to cover it :(

I notice that my hair structure is much better and my hair feels moist, but I have no clue if I am on the right track or not.

I'm taking the necessary supplements except Fo-Ti. I don't have it in my country. And otherwise, I'm really eating healthy, avoiding any kind of processed food and eating a lot of vegetables and fruits.

I've completely changed my diet. However, how will I notice if I am on the right track or not? :(

I feel like I don't see any hair regrowth. At least it really feels to me like that when I look in the mirror. I am even afraid that I just tell myself that my hair is growing, and besides that, the hair is actually falling out.

What can I do Sheree? It's especially tough for me going through this as an 18 year old. I should be wearing my hair open all day and show the world my beautiful crown. Instead I hide it in a loose bun all day every day.

Ugh .. should I take minoxidil again? Or should I just stop being negative and move on with my current regimen?


May 29, 2014
How to Proceed
by: Sheree

Hello Cine,

You asked about Minoxidil. If your doctor prescribed this, I'm unable to advise you on how to proceed. I can tell you that some of our visitors have actually experienced accelerated shedding while using Minoxidil. Most of the people I talked to have had problems with it. You have to use your best judgement on whether to take it or not.

Emotional Pain

The fear and the panic you are feeling will propel you forward. Use these negative emotions as a tool. When you get to the point where you cannot tolerate the emotional pain any more, you'll do whatever it takes. That's where most people are before they use every measure to stop their hair loss.

It takes a certain type of emotional maturity to do this diet. It could take you several months to wrap your mind around not only the concepts, but the strictness of it. So it's 50 percent mind, and 50 percent diet.

It takes the courage of a lion to execute this diet. When you get deep into it, you'll see why. You'll be so different from everybody else.

And Cine, never forget how powerful you really are.



Jun 30, 2014
@ Cine. A guy's perspective.
by: Jeff

Hi cine.

I hope this post finds you because it looks like its been over a month since your last. I've read your posts on this forum and it really sounds like you're going through hell. All your little sad faces :( break my heart.

So i want to tell about this girl i saw a while ago. I was at this little take out place i stop by after work sometimes,and at a table in the corner i noticed this girl sitting there talking to about three or four guys. I forgot to mention on this day I was feeling in particularly miserable about the fact that my hair is starting thin on me :( Anyway right away I noticed two things about this girl who was about early to mid 20's and had I think it was four guys hanging off her every word and trying to make her smile.

The first thing i noticed of course was how incredibly pretty she was,really beautiful. And the second and most unmistakeable thing was that she had almost no hair. she had a very thin fringe of auburn hair in the front with the rest cut short around the sides and back. She had lost about as much hair as woman experiencing hair loss ever will and it didn't take away from her one little bit. I would have considered myself lucky to have her look my way hair or no hair. And in this case really, almost no hair.

So I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that all is not as dark as it seems. And most people in the world have nothing but compassion for a young girl who happens to be having this trouble with her hair. And if you think its easier for guys loosing hair think again. We aren't allowed to talk about it we aren't allowed to feel bad about it (even if of course we do,talk about an impossible situation to be in.) and we sure aren't allowed to try to cover it up. All of which nobody would dare (except for a few assholes) think less of you for.

So hair loss or no im sure your still a very pretty girl who has every right in the world to feel good about herself ok :)

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I'm Losing Hope Slowly

by Matteo

I am 20 years old, I lose my hair since I was 18. I do not know what to think. I started the diet 20 days ago, but I see no improvement, indeed. I am meticulous, I do not concede nothing, I do not eat anything that is not green or rich in biotin, protein etc.

There are days when I'm so full, no one can bring me down. I get home, I look in the mirror, I look at my temples, my hair is getting weaker. My friends tell me "why do this life? Why?" My brother is not far behind.

Sometimes I cry, I wonder why, why tell me! I thought I'd open the window and jump. No more problems, no more sadness.

This disease devastated you, especially at a young age as mine. I have problems to relate with others, because I feel different. Should I continue? Do I believe it? The famous stories on the site, only Brian shared his menu and tried to imitate him. They are emotionally apart. I do not speak English well. Sorry, I hope you understand me.

Thank you

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Jul 17, 2014
Don't Despair
by: Sheree

Hello Matteo,

Your feelings of hopelessness are normal. Please don't despair. 20 days into the diet is way too early to see regrowth for most people. I have people in coaching at this very moment who are into their seventh month and they only have 50 to 80 percent recovery. It's different for each person.

There are lots of outlines of the diet on the website from people who've been successful with the diet. You can follow the male or female guidelines. They both work. Also, if you sign up for coaching, I can create a guideline for you.

You have to be patient. Give yourself a lot more time. Please keep in mind that when your soul is hurting like this, it always makes it seem as though your hair loss is worse than it actually is.

Hang tough. Remember that Cardaro and Austin had setbacks. And they're now past all the hurdles and they made it.

Everybody goes through emotional shock from hair loss. You will grow emotionally by leaps and bounds. You'll see.

Stay grounded and never quit.



Jul 18, 2014
Thank you very much.
by: Matteo

I decided to try 3 or 5 months. I do not obtain the results in these months? I don't break down, I can do it I can feel it. I just hope it is not one of my many moments with expected fall. I'm considering some supplements: Borage Oil, Biotin and Zinc, to help more diet.

Thank you very much, Sheree. Your work is important for people like me, for people who need a chance to be happy. i will post pictures soon, so we will see results!

With love!

Nov 06, 2015
Fighting Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

I am a 43 year old woman who has been fighting hair loss for approximately seven years now.

My mother has extremely thin hair all over and I may just be to the point of resolving myself to believe that this is my fate. Everything you read is doom and gloom, and if it's genetic, then just get used to the idea. I would however, be full in, all on board and willing to try anything at this point.

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I Am Not My Hair

by Cheryl
(Ontario, Canada)

Hello Sheree, I am a Black Canadian 48-year-old woman who is experiencing hair loss in my crown, and also a receding hair line. I've always had a generous forehead ( LOL) so I didn't really notice until a few years ago.

My shock came when I realized the hair on the crown of my head was disappearing at an alarming rate. One day I had hair - the next day there were bald areas -- or so it seemed.

I panicked and went to my doctor who referred me to a dermatologist. After waiting months to see the specialist, I was advised that I was suffering from Alopecia -- to be exact Central Centrifugal Alopecia) - and prescribed Rogaine along with another topical solution. I felt desperate!!! and so I filled my prescription ($150 for a 3 month supply, as it is not covered by my health plan)

I was anxious to use it - but on checking YouTube and reading the label I had second thoughts and abruptly stopped after 2 days. I really wanted to take a more natural approach to this problem.

I was introduced to a topical hair cream filled with many of the agents I read about AND I went to the Health Store to purchase items such as Biotin. I massaged my scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Coconut oil!!! and after a month I started to see some hair sprouting where there had been none. I saw HOPE. But then, after a few months of nightly massages, I got complacent once again. And although I haven't seen any additional hair loss, NOW I'm ready for radical action.

I have to see a change as I refuse to give up and purchase a wig as a last resort. So here I am looking for assistance with this new journey. I'm READY to take on the challenge and see what results I can gain in the process.

( I am not my hair)

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Jun 29, 2014
You're Going to Pull Through This!
by: Sheree

Hello Cheryl,

Thank you for your wonderful submission and your hair adventure! Other visitors reading this will relate very closely to your story.

It sounds like you've been through a lot as far as remedies. Most people will try different procedures and methods, but the one thing they discover very quickly is how powerful this diet actually is. You're going to fall in love with your hair, your skin, and your life. Just wait and see.

If you need assistance, you can sign up for coaching. Coaching prevents early mistakes that often occur with the hair loss diet. I will personally help you dissect every aspect of this diet to make sure you understand it. Also, our ebook answers your most basic questions, and will help to prevent early mistakes that could delay your results.

If you would like to proceed on your own, please refer to our site map on the left navigation bar. There are many links to help you along in your journey. The most important page is the
7-day menu. This page is your road map to recovering your hair.

Good luck to you, Cheryl!

Warm regards,


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Sheree Please Help Me!!

by cee

Hi Sheree, I am a 28 yr old female with female pattern balding. For me i think it's hereditary. I've gone to countless doctors and herbalists and nothing has helped. I've spent every pay cheque to the last dime desperately trying to find something to help. I'm afraid to go out because I feel like everyone can see my problem. I've had people make rude remarks and doctors tell me it's hereditary, and to look into hair restoration.

When I first discovered my crown thinning I was 24 years old and my life had ended. I was suicidal. I would ask God to kill me every night. I lost my friends, I stopped talking to people and my obsession consumed me. It tore me up inside and I battled these emotions for 4 years. It has completely shattered my already low self esteem. I find myself always looking at people's hairlines to see how mine compares.

I spend hours trying to style my hair in ways to cover the thinning. I just got married and I refuse to let my husband play with my hair. I go into the washroom about 10 times a day with a hand-held mirror just to check to see how much worse its gotten. Most nights I secretly cry myself to sleep.I feel disgusting and I hate myself.

Your website is my last hope Sheree. Please help me. There aren't many people like you left in this world. You seem to genuinely want to help people and that fills me with hope.

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Sep 21, 2014
Hair Loss is a Blessing in Disguise
by: Sheree

Hello Cee,

I'm so pleased to make your acquaintance.

I don't want you to despair any more. You have far more control than you know. We will begin with the science of your own thinking, and understanding that this is your platform. Where a doctor will prescribe Rogaine and anti-androgens, we will prescribe hope, love, compassion, self-discipline, and a kick-ass diet that will move you to your core.

Nothing is more powerful than this diet, because the creator who made you creates the food. This diet understands your body's needs in a way that no scientist, nutritionist, doctor, or pseudo expert can even begin to comprehend. You will understand this on an innate level as you proceed through the diet.

We can't even begin to understand how or why this diet works, but its effects have been documented over and over again.

It's no accident that you're here. This is where you're going to begin to heal. And in order to heal, you're going to have to pull yourself up by your boot straps and get to work. Everybody feels horrible about their hair loss. It's not worth you losing your life. Use this experience as a catalyst to propel you into a higher level of consciousness and learning.

You will learn so much about yourself through this process. In hindsight, when you watch the process of your hair recovery, you will begin to understand why I believe hair loss is a blessing in disguise. So look for the gem and keep your eyes forward.

Don't lose your footing. Life is filled with experiences that require courage, and the ability to get up over and over and over, no matter how many times we're kicked down. Look around you at the success stories. The people you admire are the people who didn't quit.

I can closely identify with the emotional pressure you're feeling from your hair loss. I know that you asked God to kill you, but I believe you were led here to begin your recovery. Your hair loss can be reversed. It's going to take time and serious commitment on your part.

The diet works like no other, but there are some trade-offs. Anybody who's been on this diet will tell you that it's not easy. You won't blend in with other people, you will feel isolated, and it's not always fun. These feelings will disappear when you notice your hair regrowth.

As for the people who are making comments about your hair, they have no clue as to how earth shattering this is. And since 80 percent of people will encounter this problem, they don't have the foresight to see how this could affect them!

I am deeply concerned with your emotional state. Please contact me again if you feel stressed out.



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I Am Fed Up With My Life

by sumaiya

I am 26 years old and I am going through serious hair baldness. I cannot do anything. I feel awkward going anywhere. I use hair fiber, but still my baldness is very serious, and hair fiber doesn't work properly.

I am afraid to get married. I am extremely fed up. Please tell me how I can get rid of it. I went to the best dermatologist for many years. He said I don't have a hormonal problem, and a hair transplant is not possible because of very thin hair.

I am using medicines as well, but it doesn't work at all. In fact, my situation is getting worse with my hairs. Please tell me please what to do :(

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Sep 05, 2014
You Know What to Do
by: Sheree

Hello Sumaiya,

I understand the emotional devastation of hair loss. It's easy to get so caught up in it that you can't see your way out.

You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do whatever you have to do to reverse the hair loss.

I'm pretty sure you've seen the before and after stories. These are real submissions by visitors just like you who were completely at a loss of what to do.

Please begin the diet immediately. Men your age have a very fast response rate to the hair loss diet. You must keep a positive frame of mind. Steel yourself, and continue on. We're all here for you.



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Shedding Getting Me Down

by K

Hi Sheree, I have been on the hair loss diet for almost 6 months. I felt pretty good about my progress because I was seeing new hair growing in. But for the past couple of months my shedding has really increased. I feel so depressed about it and I hate looking in the mirror, afraid i will see more thinning.

I have been following the diet completely eliminating gluten, eating lots of veggies no sugar, etc. I am allergic to fish, but i eat a little chicken, tofu lots of nuts. I have had all the blood tests and everything came back normal. Do you find that extra shedding is normal on the diet? (I am loosing around 50-75 hairs daily for the past 6 weeks) Normally i lose only around 5-20.

I am taking the supplements you listed as well. I feel so helpless and sad lately and I just want to feel better, but when i lose tons of hair every day, it is hard to ignore.

I am doing the meditations daily but as soon as it is over, I tense up again. I follow your website and other peoples stories and am so thankful for everything you do for us. Do you think I should sign up for coaching? I guess I just need some reassurance. Thank you so much for any help!

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Sep 28, 2014
You Can Do This
by: Sheree

Hello K,

This situation with increased hair shedding is incredibly common. It happens to everybody.
Shedding is normal, but sometimes, for whatever reason, it increases. This shedding will trigger memories of your past hair loss trauma, and it can change the way you perceive yourself.

I need to know which meditation you're using. Are you using the hypnosis? If you are, when did you start? You may have to add breathing exercises. There are lots of techniques to stop this type of stress. The best way is to talk it out.

Most of the time, the shedding is normal. Some people's hair will thicken up super fast, not shed at all, and then they will shed at the same time.

Sometimes the hair loss is imaginary, and is not nearly as bad as you think it is. Every once in a while, I'll run into a situation where the diet is improperly executed, and they are actually losing hair because of improper food combination, wrong food types, et cetera.

If you would like to sign up for coaching, I can do a full diet evaluation, and provide emotional support for the stress. You are way stronger than you know. Hang tough.



Sep 28, 2014
Thank you
by: k

Thank you Sheree for getting back so fast, I will sign up for the coaching.

Sep 28, 2014
We Will Start Coaching Today
by: Sheree

Hi, K,

I got your coaching order, and I'm going to send you a confirmation email. I'm really looking forward to working with you.



Sep 29, 2014
Don't worry
by: Lara

I was going to send a post on my personal experience on shedding a couple of days ago but for some reason it didn't go through.

I think this kind of shed happens to everyone after regrowth. I've read somewhere that the old hair has to fall out before the new hair comes in. I feel that the new hair is often so fine that when the old hair falls out the hairloss actually looks worse.

My shedding corrected itself after about 4 weeks. I've read that 4-6 weeks is the norm. My hair looks a lot better too, as Sheree said it would.But those four weeks were extremely distressing.

I could see new hair but there was just so much falling out. I'd keep looking at my hairline for reassurance because despite the massive shedding my hairline still looked better than before. Not so my part, but that's quickly gone back to how it looked before the shedding. Maybe the new hair has started thickening.

Just try and relax and don't stress. Look at all the new baby hair that are still around and ignore the hair that's fallen. The shedding will stop if you're following the diet that has already been working for you.

The ones who have been on the diet longer have said that the shedding periods get fewer and farther apart. Just hold on to the fact that diet has worked for so many people. There is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't work for you. All of us have been through this problem.

Stay strong and hang in there!

Sep 29, 2014
by: K

Thank you Lara for your encouraging words. I know in my mind that I will be ok, but emontionally, it is draining. People like you and Sheree make it easier!

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I Need My Hair Again

by Pepo

Hope it work to grow my hair again

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Apr 02, 2017
We Need Your Story
by: Sheree


Please go on the hair loss diet, and keep track of any changes you see. We need men with your type of hair loss to document how quickly it grows back, and how long it takes.

You can do this!



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