Noah's Spellbinding Hair Regrowth and Recovery Story

Noah has been through coaching.   He has stuck to The Healthy Diet Paradise's hair loss diet for several months.  Within one month, his hair began to grow back, and has been growing back ever since.  Read his soul stirring account of his experience with the hair loss diet and hair regrowth.

Hi Sheree,

After I read your email, I went to the bathroom and checked my hairline again just to make sure I wasn't fooling myself and I was pleasantly surprised. I pulled back the hair near my temples and I could see all of these short small little hairs poking out. It looked much better than I expected or remembered. 

I would try to pull my hair back at angles or in ways that would make it look less flattering and it was more difficult to do. In the past, sometimes when I would wake up in the morning, my hair  would be messed up in a way that would highlight areas of my hair loss and  it would make me cringe.

That Doesn't Happen Anymore


Whereas last month I was filled with doubt about my hair regrowth after my experience at the barber, I am now filled with certainty that my hair is growing back. It's a wonderful feeling.  I don't even care if I go to the barber again later this month and see areas where my hair looks thin, because right now I feel so good about the way my hair looks and I know it's only going to get better.

I also feel more relaxed than ever since I've been on this diet. This diet is so ingrained into my lifestyle that it feels like I'm on cruise control towards recovery.

After examining my hair in the mirror again, I felt more excited than ever about this diet, and I sat in bed for an hour just thinking about it. I mean, my whole experience so far with this diet has been surreal. The fact that I found your website, the fact I'm among the first to be trying the diet out, the fact I'm actually succeeding, and the fact that this diet is the real deal, it's all so surreal to me. I feel like someone is going to pinch me and I'm going to wake up.

What's makes it so surreal to me however, is the fact that the information on your website isn't common knowledge by now because it absolutely should be.  It's astonishing to me how long scientists and doctors have been able  to push their bogus pills for so long.

Ultimately, I think that's going to end because the truth will rise to the top and your site along with it. Who  knows, I could be wrong, but I've had this feeling with your site since I  first discovered it, that it would eventually snowball into something big if it was legit, and it is.

I really think your site is going to continue to  gain momentum as more and more people try the diet and can vouch for it.  You talk about how you're excited for me, but I feel like I might be more excited for you, and I really hope I end up being right. You've created  something wonderful in this diet and I hope you reap all of the rewards.

You've touched my life in such a profound way that words
can't possibly express how much gratitude I feel towards you.



Thank you so much for giving me permission to use your beautiful letter. I can't possibly tell you how much that means to me. Your letters are soulful, spine tingling.  Sometimes I read your letters three or four times. I'm not kidding. I'm so grateful to you for that. I get choked up when I hear about your hair  growing back. It's just so incredible.   I live for this. It's my oxygen. So thank you for that. 

The way you're describing your new growth, you're looking at about two more months. You are a miracle, Noah. I have to pinch myself, because it's so surreal. Congratulations. Wow! 

Warm regards, 


Update:  Noah's hair has continued to flourish.  It has thickened and grown back to its original state.  Noah also had a two-inch increase in height, which was a delightful and unexpected side effect of the diet.   It took over two years for Noah's full hair recovery.

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