How to Make Quesadillas  for Breakfast, Snack or
Any Time

You can easily learn how to make quesadillas.  This delicious meal is super quick and easy to make.  Your kids can eat these a few times a week in place of traditional processed cereals, and they take less time than it takes to toast Pop Tarts.  This snack is so unbelievably delicious, you won't have any problems getting your kids to indulge. 

As a teenager, I worked at Del Taco, and I learned the fundamentals of cooking quesadillas there.  They are an extremely popular food. Of course we've modified their recipe to fit into our guidelines.  And I truly believe these taste better than Del Taco's version. 

Even if I wasn't on a gluten-free diet, I'd still eat these quesadillas.  These brown rice flour quesadillas are far better than standard wheat.  They are crunchy with just the right touch of flavor. 

Note:  The glycemic index of brown rice flour is moderate/high, but the cheese will significantly lower the GI because of the fat content contained within the cheese. 

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For individuals following our hair loss diet, enjoy these once a week.  Combine these quesadillas with a pear, an apple or milk to lower the GI even more. 

Trader Joe's has the best brown rice flour tortillas.  They cost about $2.99 a pack.

 How to Make Quesadillas Recipe With Brown Rice Flour Tortillas

Trader Joe's Brown Rice Flour Tortillas

Best tip for how to make quesadillas:

You will first cut three chunks of block cheese and place them on either the upper or lower portion of the tortilla.

quesadillas recipe before folded

Fold the quesadilla so it looks like the picture below.  Please note, since we're using gluten free brown rice flour, the edges will break.  You do not need to fix this or do anything to reattach it because the cheese will hold it together when it's cooking.

Making quesadillas folded over with cheese

Put flame on medium heat.  Generously cover a large pan with butter, and place the quesadillas into the pan side by side.  Gently flatten the quesadillas with a spatula to encourage the sides to stick together.  Flip them over when they turn golden brown. The entire cooking process takes anywhere from two to three minutes.

How to make quesadillas  in a pan

Here's how the quesadilla looks before it's cut.

Cooked quesadilla before cutting

Take a large knife and cut the quesadilla at a right angle. 

How to cut quesadillas at a right angle

Then at a left angle to form three triangles

How to cut quesadillas at a left angle

You can add green chile sauce for extra flavor or
eat them plain.

Quesadillas recipe completely done on a plate

The texture of these gluten free quesadillas is crunchy and chewy at the same time.  The taste will blow your mind, because you don't expect gluten free quesadillas to taste this incredibly delicious!

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