Losing Faith 😢

by Tina

Where to begin...I'm 49 now, my story begins 4 years ago. Fighting the medical profession over issues that in the end resulted in chronic stress for 2 years and a loss of an ovary to a large cyst. I lost faith in the medical profession and felt every twinge I felt I had to self preserve and diagnose myself.

Six months after my surgery I noticed some hair loss. Normal so I'm told. My hairline was fine but my left side was getting thinner. I of course panicked went to the doctor and had blood work done. He said everything was normal. It was age. Mind you, I was only 45. No hair loss runs in my family mom, sisters cousins grandmother aunts. No one.

I started getting copies of my blood work and researching. My DHEAs were high but that was all I saw. My ferritin was low at that time but I since brought that up.

Fast forwarding a bit. Tons of blood work, doctors, dermatologists, natropaths, endos later no one can explain why my hairline is now receding.

My sides are showing scalp and my over hair is thinner. It's dry, and breaks and looks horrible. My front is the worst. I've tried supplements, and recently changed my diet a bit. I cut sugar, lowered carbs a bit (I was doing Atkins before the surgery and slowly lost weight even being strict on it) anyway cutting sugar, drinking spearmint tea for 3 months brought my DHEAs within range. Something since the start of my stressful journey they have never been.

That test was this past December. I was thrilled and thought things should get better now... not so. My temple on the left it almost bare. My hairline is going back and top sides all thinner and thinner with breakage until it falls out.

My husband is tired of hearing me and says I'm fine. I look great. I know better. I do have my stress under control but depression is horrible seeing my hair. Really hating life and feeling I just should somehow accept this horrible fate. Anyway that's some of my story in short form. I don't know if anyone even still comes to this page but wanted to share.

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Mar 05, 2018
Chin Up
by: Sheree

Hi Tina,

What we've discovered is it's not that age causes hair loss. However, the standard American diet combined with age will drastically accelerate hair loss. So age in and of itself does not cause hair loss. Hair loss has multi-faceted causes, with diet being
at its core. So one by one, we remove the obstacles to reverse this problem.

Age is not an indicator of hair loss. Here's a video from The Healthy Diet Paradise
that discusses how 14- and 15-year-olds can have hair loss, and 70-year-old women can reverse hair loss.

In our experience at The Healthy Diet Paradise, we've come to learn that our systems have to be completely clear of any chemical substances. My daughter had an experiment at school where they had three plants. One plant was given water, another plant was given soda, and
another plant was given thick fruit juice. The only plant that survived and thrived was the plant that was given water.

Like these plants, everything you ingest has to have a natural origin. This literally has to be done for the rest of your life. Your life will
change dramatically, but we have lots of support in the way of teaching videos, recipes, and many submissions of successful visitors.

The Atkins diet can cause hair loss if it's not done correctly. It's very important to do the induction phase for only two weeks, and then proceed through the secondary phases as instructed. Then you balance out the meals with a large volume of protein and vegetables
to maintain systemic equillibrium.

Atkins removes most carbohydrates. Some people on Atkins don't like vegetables, so they'll only eat cheese and meat. This causes hair loss, and can also plug up your system to cause constipation. I would have to know more about your diet in order to see if Atkins could
have had anything to do with the hair loss.

The ovary removal may have upset your hormones for a while and contributed to the hair loss. Please note that we've had women who've had this procedure done, and their hair still grew back.

Here's an example of the resilience of the human body. There was a young girl who had half of her brain cut out. Doctors believed she would never walk again because that half of the brain controlled movement. Six months
later, she's walking and doctors are stunned.

So if we can regrow our brains, we can most certainly regrow our hair. We just have to know how to manipulate food to make it happen.

I state in our "About Us" page that doctors are only given 23 hours of nutrition in their medical studies. They do not seem to understand the intimate connection between diet and hair loss. That's where The Healthy Diet Paradise steps in. We take diet science all the way down the line and teach you how to eat to restore your hair.

There are things that can interfere with the hair loss diet and block it. Things like
prescription drugs, and herbs like St. John's Wort can cause interference in hair regrowth.

If your doctor has prescribed drugs, these drugs can cause shedding. We've learned that any and all types of drugs can cause hair loss, in particular statins. Ironally, some of the drugs that are used to regrow your hair can even cause hair loss.

The hair loss diet is free, but you will pay in emotional trauma from giving up your favorite foods. You will see people eating things that you can't have. You will go out into the world and see billboards, restaurants,
advertisements, and people who say, "Oh, come on, just one bite." So although the
diet is free, you pay with your emotions. It's traumatic for sure, but it works. It's unique, it's powerful, and it's permanent.

Please come back to this page, and update your story. I'm going to leave your story as a stand-alone page so that you and others can easily find it.

In the meantime, Tina, hold your head up. You're in the right place. You can and will succeed!

And remember, chin up!



Mar 06, 2018
To Sheree
by: Tina

Thank you for your response. I just can do this alone anymore. I’ve tried and tired and I’m getting no where I went to the last naturopath I saw and said I just need someone to figure out why, what’s causing it. I was consuming my every breath in trying to research own my own. She was of no help :( just more wasted time. I truly wouldn’t mind paying if I were getting help and results. Someone to dig for me.

Anyway I’m not on any medicines aside from a 6 month stent in 2016 of wp thyroid ( np thought it would help my t3 levels) anyway my hair thinned horribly. At 3 months it was still continuing with no signs of stopping. She said some people have that reaction with the t3 in t4/t3 meds.

By Jan 2017 I had enough and stopped ... no improvement to date

I’ve tried everything from shampoos to herbs.
I was on an herb called testoquench another np suggested biotin, flaxseed, iron, iodine for a while, b complex, evening primrose oil capsules, something called resvertol plus, bio identical progesterone cream and the list goes on and on. All at various times not all at once and all suggested by drs or nps.

The past year, I have gotten my stress levels down. I take only vitamin c 1000 mg a probiotic, occasional iron and 6 mg of insotiol. I don’t do the Atkins anymore but that diet consisted of breakfast eggs and meat, lunch some meat or salad dinner, some meat and salad, lots of water no breads. Snacks were cheese and pepperoni. Occasionally celery red peppers and a sour cream dip. I don’t drink sodas of any kind. I drink coffee with a bit of half and half

Coffee am
Maybe eggs acrambled and a sausage patty
Cup of spearmint tea plain no sugar or milk

Hit and miss
If I do it’s my always a healthy choice

Occasionally cod fish
And maybe a veg

I do have a couple glasses of dry red wine a week

Funny thing is my husband started losing hair like me at the same time. He denies it’s happening to him, but it is. His just falls though where as mine is breaking, too.

I just emailed my np again and said could it be thyroid? Her response was could be use bumble bumble for the dry hair :( I’m going bald and that’s her only response.

Please I sure do need guidance. I don’t want to give up but I need to see any sign of hope. I just can’t do it myself.

Mar 06, 2018
Adjustments in Your Diet
by: Sheree

The way you described your diet on Atkins, it sounds like you were well within the guidelines of how to eat. In other words, I cannot see anything that would disrupt your system and cause hair loss.

Your supplements sound fine. I don't see anything here that would trigger a problem.

However, your current diet needs some tweaking. When you get a chance, please use our menu planner page to compare the way you're combining your food. I see some gaps in your food combinations that need to be adjusted.

Menu planner here

You mentioned your husband is in denial about his hair loss. That's the first thing I did when my hair began to fall out. By the six-month mark, there was no getting around it.

Accepting hair loss requires the ability to comfortably look at emotional darkness. Facing hair loss takes a certain type of emotional intelligence and courage. You have that courage, and you're facing it head-on. That's step one for the hair loss diet, so you're already on track.

Denial is a way of shielding ourselves from pain. The earlier your husband looks at diet intervention, the more rapidly he can halt and reverse it. I'm not sure why, but a lot of men do not accept diet as an intervention. But as you can see from our stories, men are wildly successful. When he sees you recover your hair, you will have a profound impact on him.

The hair loss diet works through the fundamental laws of nature. That's why it cannot be sold, because it is your birthright. You can do this, Tina.

And remember, you are never alone.



Mar 06, 2018
by: Tina

I sure hope so that I can halt and maybe reverse some. It’s not even growing healthy which makes it even harder to deal with. I've long since stopped the bio progesterone cream and most of the other supplements. Basically I still do the insotiol vitamin c and occasionally b complex.

I quit milk. I drink unsweetened almond milk if I feel the need for "milk." I’ve cheated occasionally with bread and such since December, more than I care to admit, but getting back on track.

I downloaded your what to eat and not eat guide and will follow it. Problem is growing up I never had guidance as to what to eat correctly. Idk, it’s hard to keep faith. So many disappointments. Hoping and praying. I just want to cry and have in the past too many times to count.

I do think sugar plays a huge part on hair loss and many other factors. I just need to see any improvement to keep me going strong and on course. I see short hairs that never grow out they just fall out over time. Aga? Weak flyaway hair, dry and broken, makes me so sad. I hate the mirror or my picture taken.

I pray someday I can come here and talk about some success, any success That would make me so happy.

Thank you for your responses. I truly appreciate it. Sometimes I do feel no one that has had success in regrowth has the same hair loss issues as I do. The short hairs are falling and receding like a man and dry breaking mess. 4 years is enough 😢

Mar 07, 2018
Read Nat & Lara's Stories
by: Sheree


The pain of hair loss can feel overwhelming. I can see that you have a lot of inner strength. Sometimes you have to take it one day at a time just to get through the pain. And if that feels like too much, just get through one hour at a time. Put one foot in front of the other, and keep pushing forward.

Please read through the forums. There's a wealth of information there. Nat's story is filled with wonderful insights. There is no time limit for women to regrow their hair. We even witnessed a visitor who reversed her hair loss after 25 years. Her name is Lara. Her story is in the forum.

Your message stated that you've had wheat occasionally since December. That's okay. Just pick a day and start again. This is a tough diet. Just keep starting over as many times as it takes.

Wheat has to be completely removed for the diet to be successful. There are lots of substitutes for wheat, and you'll learn all of them as you
move through the diet.

Yes, sugar plays a huge role in hair loss. It's the toughest thing to remove. As you read through The Hair Loss Diet Quick-List, you'll note that it's not just sugar, it's all high glycemic carbohydrates.

Please write us here again soon. It's so wonderful to meet you, and I'm praying for your success!



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