I Fell Off the Hair Loss Diet Bandwagon

by Sabina

Hi. I have been following the diet for the past 3 months and my frontal hairline is much improved and I can see hairs sticking up on my scalp. My crown and temple loss is still present though but I'm staying hopeful.

I fell off the bandwagon in the past two weeks and ate white pasta, white bread a few times. I was eating cottage cheese and whole fat organic milk with oats but started drinking three glasses of milk a day as I'm underweight and have low vitamin D, I weigh 46 kg and I'm 5'4".

Since drinking the milk my hair shedding has
increased, so Ive now stopped it. I'm eating five tins of sardines/mackerel a week and five to seven portions of fruit and vegetables daily. I also eat almonds daily.

I just wanted to know your thoughts on whether I can keep having organic milk with oats and if I should avoid all breads even wholemeal varieties.

Thank you!

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Jun 05, 2013
for Sabrina
by: nat

Hi Sabrina,

Keep it up - it definately improves but it takes so much time - like my story, it was at least 6 months and the improvement since then is slow but steady. It absolutely is working!

I believe there are better options for milk even organic - like rice milk or almond milk (think almond being the best) but check the sugar content.

Also with your oats you must have gluten free oats. Bobs Red Mill is where I get mine - they have a website.

oh and bread, big no no in my opinion - too much wheat, gluten, yeast etc. Make your own gluten free kind if you can. Mine is just gluten free flours, eggs, almond milk, grape seed oil and i put in pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Good Luck - post some pics if you are comfortable doing so.

Jun 05, 2013
Milk, Milk and More Milk
by: Sheree

Hi, Sabrina,

I agree with Nat. Milk has interesting properties. I would keep the milk consumption down a bit, maybe two to three glasses per week. If you can do what Nat said and get almond milk, that's even better.

You can read this page and decide for yourself if milk is for you. Click the link below.

Milk Nutrition page here.

There's a lot of disagreement between experts as to whether oats have gluten or not. For people who do not have gluten sensitivities, then you can eat regular oats two to three times per week max. If you believe you're gluten sensitive, then only buy gluten-free oats.

I'm so happy for you that you've noticed very positive results. This diet is very tough to do. The best teacher is when we go off the diet and get adverse results, then it becomes a fact that we cannot dispute.

So now that you're back on the wagon, hang in there. Your hair will grow back fully. You will get used to this. It takes a while.

Good Luck!


Jun 06, 2013
thank you
by: sabina

Thank you both for your responses, I naively assumed oats contain no gluten.Yes I know duh!! I will check out the oats you suggested, does it make a difference if they are rolled or steel cut.

I used to drink soy milk so I will try switching back to that or almond milk,I went back to cows milk because the soy milk contained artificial sweeteners.
Yes the diet is very tough and I'm not a sweet tooth but I do like bread a lot.I will try to post some photos this weekend.

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Hair Growth Battle After Hysterectomy Begins!

by Wanda Frasier
(Miami-Gardens, Florida)

I was diagnosed with fibroid tumors and went in for a partial hysterectomy but came out with a full hysterectomy. This happened in 2010.

I left the doctors office and decided that I didn't want hormone treatments, and so my journey began. I wasn't taking any vitamins but my hair was continuing to fall out. Now it's 2013 and the fight has hit me smack in the face.

I have been natural for 2 years and hiding the problem from my husband and wearing weaves.

Andrea, my hair dresser and I began using Dr.Miracles and the hair began regrowing. WE both were so excited but I got too excited.

Then the economy tanked and sacrifices had to be made. This meant my daughter would get the benefit of the doubt. I just allowed my daughter to go to the salon as needed. Alexius had a healthy head of thick beautiful hair and I wasn't going to jeopardize her high school years.

Fast forwarding, I've just been putting a band aid on a bigger problem. I've been praying and the holy spirit led me to the computer. Now I'm taking an educated approach by researching and believing that a change will come. Hopefully I can market my struggle after I find a solution for this problem that's plaguing women of all color.

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Jan 14, 2017
Better now
by: Joe

All sickness stems from the gut. All diseases are either what we put in our body and the good foods that we don't . So my advice is to change your lifestyle ( eat better! ) and your problems will no longer exist.

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I Need Some Advice!

by Amy

Helllooooo everyone, I just want to say I have been suffering with androgenic alopecia for years and this by far the best website/support group I have ever found, GOOD JOB! I originally thought my hair loss was due to my extreme dieting and exercise. I lost 30lbs in about 3 months. I was running 5 miles a day and eating lost of salads. Anywho, I started to notice it falling out. 10 yrs later it's still falling out.

I don't like taking Propecia or Rogaine because I feel like they don't fix the real problem. And I'm so glad I found this website. I have been learning, and getting into the paleo diet for some time now. I do believe that insulin and gluten sensitivity are the key contributing factors to my hair loss.

I eat pretty good, 80/20 rule mostly, but I'm trying to be more diligent. I'm overweight, BMI 32, and I'm 29. I'm working on the weight loss. I have just recently purchased a Nutribullet and have been drinking at least 2 green smoothies a day!

But I have a question...How bad is raw organic honey for hair loss, and what are your thoughts on coconut sugar? I have heard good things about it since it's low glycemic, but I wanted to know your thoughts. I also I use Wen and love it! Any thoughts on Wen? I feel like its very natural.

PLUS id love to share my photos but keep getting a file too large message, any way around this? I want to use the coco/honey in my coffee, but is coffee of limits??

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May 02, 2013
My hairloss
by: Angie

Hi all.

I too have realized recently that my hair loss had started a lot earlier than I had first thought. When I look at pictures of myself from five years ago I notice now that what is now bald spots on my head was already thinning back then. I think my hair loss has been ongoing for about 7 years. It's like losing my identity. From having thick hair that everyone drooled over to now have bald patches is the hardest thing for me to deal with. I am underweight, BMI of 17 which is higher than my usual for me.

I am going to work very hard at this diet and eating enough to get my weight into a normal healthy range. I really want to regain my confidence, identity and enjoy life again.

I take iron tablets and nu-hair supplements. This combination has slowed my hair loss however there is no regrowth. I also notice that my diet affects my hair a lot. Whenever I eat a lot of junk for a few days, I see a noticeable amount of hair loss.

Thanks so much everyone for sharing your stories.

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Working Progress

by Liz

Hi everyone, I've been looking around this site for a few weeks now. I have very thin hair all over my scalp, but can hide it decently by putting it up in a pony tail. I've been fighting with this for years since I was in high school.

I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year when I found a great dr who would actually do blood work to check for deficiencies. Anyway, that has stopped my hair from excessive shedding but regrowth not so much. I have also been gluten free for a few years now but have never really stuck with it too long. So I come and go which is bad cuz I do notice more symptoms when I'm eating bread. I get more tired too, along with constipation.

I totally went gluten free and more natural foods with cutting out sugars as well, last fall which I noticed even less shed and some regrowth. But then came the holidays and well u know all downhill from there. I just started back up with it 3 weeks ago, and this time cut out milk except for cheese. It's been going well I see new sprouts where there was no hair.

I'm also exercising and doing veggie smoothies with spirulina which I feel has helped a lot especially after a long workout which typically makes me shed more. But I've noticed that taking the spirulina pre workout stops it. So that's where I'm at today. I hope to keep up with it and eventually have good results to show.

Diet is a big part of this terrible hair loss we experience. Also, get your hormones checked by a good doctor!


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29 Years Old And Trying to Stick With Hair Loss Diet

by Amy

My name is Amy and to be honest I started noticing my hair fall out when I was around 21 years old, I'm 29 now. I didn't even really notice or acknowledge it really. That is how far my denial will go. If something bothers me I have built up a defense mechanism to literally just pretend it doesn't exist. I just erase it from my mind like its not really anything...

I've been bigger my whole life, and I think that's just how I learned to deal with it. When nobody asked me to prom, when my crush always liked my best friends and when friends and family started to say things about me losing my hair.

It took my mom and a family friend to basically force me to see a dermatologist before I would admit that it was happening, BUT IT WAS MORTIFYING, as if I didn't already have very low self-esteem from being bigger my whole life..lets just say I have officially hit bottom.

Ive tried everything, Rogaine, vitamins, oils, Propecia, but it wasn't until my friend introduced me Paleo eating that everything really clicked for me.

For the past year I have been learning and living primally...and I have all the info. Just like this site, but I am horrible with following through HORRIBLE. I drink to much alcohol, wine, vodka and tequila. And sometimes I'm so good, but then I'm so bad.

I'm depressed, fat and growing balder by the minute! My boyfriend is wonderful. He tells me I'm beautiful all the time, but it just hurts. I know I am to him, but I disgust myself. He has no idea what I go through on a daily basis. He tries to make me feel better and has accepted my paleo way of life, but when he sees how easy I slip up, he does too.

There's always some reason, some special occasion, some something!!! I'm so sick and tired of all this. And on top of it all I was just recently diagnosed with Lichens sclerosus, another hormonal autoimmune disease that would greatly benefit from eating this way that I can't seem to maintain full time. I'm 190lbs 5'5.

I turn 30 this year, and I don't know if I'm waiting to be struck by lightning or something, but I'm tired of not following through, and I don't want to feel like this anymore.

I am so happy I found this blog. I have literally been searching the web for years and this is the best website I have found! Very encouraging and really helpful. Confirmed everything I knew and I'm hoping this is the final push I needed to succeed:)

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Mar 04, 2013
by: Nat

All I can say if you want something back so bad you have to stick to it100%. A habit is broken or formed after 21 days, so I'm sure you can do this. In the end only you can help yourself and the answers are right there in front of you.

Mar 05, 2013
by: amy

It is all in my power. I know this, but its so easy to lose sight when you feel like success is a million miles away. I have made even more of an effort to cut out all sugar & grain & dairy. It is very difficult to know if I'm cutting out the right stuff. I went out for fish tacos and ended up eatinh tortillas chips. I also ate pork rinds tonight. I know they're both gluten free, but will they hinder my hair regrowth?

Mar 05, 2013
To Amy
by: YaYa

I am much older than you and I'm saying that only because I have had a lifetime of making drastic changes in my Diet and in my lifestyle. Sometimes I failed and sometimes I made the change. What I learned and still find it to be true is that when you want something to change in your life, more than you want the temptations that take from your life, You will make that change and all that comes with it and it will take root.

Each time you make a difficult change, it gets easier the next time. The will is a very real part of our anatomy and it needs to be exercised in order to get stronger. This is "truth" from my experience I speak of here.

I stopped eating sugar about 8 weeks ago after finding this site and this time it was effortless, because I was ready! I was tired of feeling terrible and not looking so hot either and ready to do whatever it took to turn this around. I also stopped eating wheat about 6 days ago because I have Graves illness and wheat (gluten) attacks my immune system. I was in denial too. Once Sheree reminded me of the terrible things wheat was doing to my system because I have Graves and that letting it go would also help me grow thick hair again. I stopped right then. Why? Because I am ready to make this change. I am ready to do whatever I have to do to get healthy and feel like living my life to the fullest. I feel as though I am waking up from a foggy dream just a little more everyday I am on this diet. I am making changes that are like some kind of auto pilot now. Something inside is saying, no don't eat that..yes, eat that. Everyday is gets easier. I am liking myself more each day and I promise you I know what it feels like to hate myself. Step up Amy! Love yourself and do this for yourself. I promise you, in time you will learn to fall in love with yourself again, the way we all should.

Mar 08, 2013
You can do this!
by: Anonymous


I promise you are not alone. Making such a drastic change to your diet is difficult, and takes a lot of willpower. Sheree created this website to show everyone how important it is to eat the kinds of foods that fuel your body. I've been to at least 6 doctors about my hair and not ONE of them ever asked me what I eat. They didn't even mention food in general! They were, however, very quick to prescribe medication (which I took) and topical treatments (that failed).

I stumbled on this website out of sheer desperation of finding something that could help me. I truly consider Sheree and this site she built to be a miracle. So many of us suffer from hair loss and/or weight issues, and the information she provides tackles both of those issues. I've been on this diet for 2 weeks, and I've never felt better.

I also watched an amazing documentary for the first time a few weeks ago. It's called Hungry For Change. Here is a website for the trailer as well as an article that goes over the main points. I swear to you, it changed my life. Please watch it.

Not only will eating right bring back your hair, but you'll also FEEL better!

The support in this forum is amazing. We're all here for you :).


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Trying to Find The Hair Loss Trigger

by Kim

First off id like to say that i have spent an insane amount of time searching for answers and this is the best site i have came across. I'm very excited to have found you!! i am a 30 yr old female who has had overall thinning (noticeably appx 2 yrs ago)seeming to affect the crown and area behind my bangs more severely.

At first i was concerned that it was my hair care routine, i gave up my flat iron and blow drier and use "yes to carrots" all natural shampoo and conditioner as well as coconut oil (as my hair is very fine and curly) to control the frizz factor.

i have not dyed or subjected my hair to anything of that nature for about 6 months at this point. at the same time i began eliminating these factors i also went for blood work at a local clinic, my bilirubins were low as well as my protein (my doctor was not concerned at all) but sent me to a dermatologist per my request. once there they literally did nothing but tell me to get Rogaine and 'see what happens" :( UGH...

Frustrated. I disregarded her instructions and decided to continue looking. i have always had issues with my bowels and stomach so decided it could possibly be caused by this and have changed my diet to gluten free for appx 2 months now. i have noticed a very significant change in my overall health for the better.

I am now "regular" and have less fatigue and swelling in my abdomen and extremities which is great but I'm not sure was my trigger at this point. I am also treating myself for candida. I have had regrowth, very fine and not sure how noticeable but was excited. Although some were very thin and fell out easily.

I ran across a forum yesterday on the "nuva ring" birth control linking hair loss from 1000s of women, i have been on this for almost 3 yrs and had indeed looked into it in the beginning but found nothing about this side affect ( have since learned that they do not have to list this as a adverse side affect since it does not affect your health only your hair) (seriously?!)

I have had amenorreah while on this bc and the doc continues to say i am just "lucky" not to have my menses. i have always had a very great 28 day cycle to this point in my life and the absence has made me uncomfortable but i listened to my doctors anyway.

I have removed the ring as of yesterday as i am committed to finding a solution to this problem. It's just hard to know what I'm fighting and i am beginning to feel like a hypocondriac (however that's spelled :)and am now even slightly concerned that exposure to radiation could be the culprit as i am a dental tech and take many xrays daily..AAAAaaaahhhh!!! :)

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And again i am so grateful not only for myself, but the many others who have found you and this site. You are doing great things!!

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Sep 10, 2013
for kim
by: nat

hi Kim
There are alot of similarities between your story and mine and I believe the trigger with the digestive system not working properly is the malapsorption on the important nutrients we need tfor hair growth especially in my case iron, my body just couldnt absorb it.
I did an anti candida diet and have been 90% gluten, dairy, sugar, yeast free for over a year. My pictures are on the forum - Im nat from Australia.
My hair is continuing to improve and regrow however it takes serious time. I was on the diet for 6 months before i even noticed a small hcnage - at the end of this year will mark my 18months on the diet.
my digestive system is "regular" since eliminating gluten and the others - I really do believe this and high GI foods to be the culprit to my hair loss. Email some pics if your comfortable so I can see if you loss was similar to mine. My hair loss was on for 10 years so great that you are doing something about it early - 2 years is great!

Sep 10, 2013
Nuvaring and Hair Loss
by: Sheree

Hi, Kim

This is great information about the NuvaRing. We've known for quite some time that some birth
control methods are linked to hair loss.

You can go to NuvaRing.com, and they will have a lot more information on the side effects.

Stopping the Period?

I tend to think it's mother nature's wisdom to provide a period every 28 days. I do not understand stopping the period. I find this alarming.

According to Dr. Stephen Wangen, intestinal disturbances are often the result of a wheat intolerance. So if you've noticed positive changes after having removed it, then wheat was most likely the culprit.

Like Nat said, bowel disturbances, as a result of gluten intolerance, is often associated with malabsorption. So now that your digestive health is back on track, this should trigger thick hair regrowth shortly.

Everyone has a different response to hair regrowth. Your pattern may be different from Nat's. But just from what you told me, it looks very promising.

So there were several triggers. I believe you've removed them all. So now, all we do is wait. Take a picture of your hair and wait three months. The new hair will be soft, supple, and much thicker.

Congratulations to you!

Warm regards,


Sep 11, 2013
For Nat
by: Kim

Nat, thank you for responding! i have seen your pictures and my hairloss is much like your own but not to that extent, you are truly an inspiration to me as well as many others, so thank you for your story!! i am so glad to hear that you are healing and your pictures were miraculous to me to say the least.

That being said, there is some information i would like to share with you in the off chance that you have not found these things for yourself because i do believe that malabsorbtion was my main culprit and i have found several things that i think could benefit you as well:

Healing the intestinal tract is key bc if you cannot absorb, it doesnt matter how well you eat.
i have done alot of research and now ingest aloe vera on a daily basis, it has had rave reviews from many folks i know as well as many sites i found for healing the stomach, esophogus and intestinal tract. i have also started using a high quality probiotic, and not only cook with but ingest coconut oil (unrefined and cold pressed) coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and anti fungal properties and is a great source of healthy fats (not to mention a wonderful lotion as well!) also you should look up "oil pulling" which detoxes the body, and as you probably know your body can becomes septic when dealing with these intestinal issues. last but not least apple cider vinegar, this stuff is the holy grail for health lol look it up, there are a million uses but many of them are for treating hair regrowth and loss.

i really hope that this information can further help you in some way, and i am very excited to see how far you have came!!! i hope to see results for myself soon as well of course and the things i have listed are all natural and fairly cheap so i feel there's no harm in trying them...ALL haha!

i fear i may have became slightly obsessed ;) but i also feel very optimistic for the first time in months...

Sheree, again i cannot thank you enough! its so amazing to see someone extend there time and efforts without monetary gain in this day and age and especially in the "hair loss circle". You my friend are a gift to humanity!

Nat, if you have any questions about the info i gave you, feel free to ask... Thanks again and i will keep you updated!

Sep 15, 2013
For NAT!!!!
by: S.R.

I have been losing my hair for 8 yrs and am devastated by it. I am inspired by the stories I've read on here and was wondering if I could get in touch with Nat through the website? Sheree has my email address which I dont want to disclose for privacy purposes but Nat if you are reading this could you please email me?!?! my initials are S.R. I feel like our stories are very similar but I have lost about 90% of my hair and think about it every waking moment. PLEAASE help!! I would love your advice.

Sep 23, 2013
For sr
by: Nat

Hi sheeree, you can give SR my email address please so she can contact me, thank you nat

Dec 22, 2018
Hey nat
by: Rebecca

Hey nat, our stories are similar, can I email you a few questions about your journey?

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Hi Everyone: My Name is Henrik and I Suffer From Hair Loss

by Henrik

Hair loss has made a devastating impact on my life to the extend that i don't go to social stuff anymore like parties, gatherings, and out on the weekends, cos it hurts when people make remarks on my hair loss.

It was amazing for me to read the introduction on this page it seamed like somebody was describing a part of my life. I suffered from hair loss for the last 10 years.

Family and friends of friends have been very harsh in the way they told me how THEY felt about my baldness. So I just stay indoors in front of the computer and have pretty much accepted that I'm not going to find a gf and I'm going to live and die lonely.

I have only shared my pain with my closest friend- cos I'm afraid that people will think I'm vain and not very masculine if I came out and talked about it. But to me it feels like I lost a part of myself.

I tried Propecia for a year but it didn't help much - and a lot of other stuff.


Male 37y rs old,

I have small white hairs all over my scalp I hope I can make it thick and dark brown like the rest of my hair.

It seems like people in here are having great results and I can't wait to get started myself.

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Jan 28, 2013
hey bro
by: Cardaro

Hey man, I can't say I know exactly how you feel because we have different lives. However, the pain and feeling is closely related. My hair started calling off at 17 so imagine the feeling then. Luckily, we have the choice to accept who we are and work diligently to reverse this problem we have at the moment. It's actually our ally because if it didn't happen then we wouldn't know that something inside us isn't right. So now it's time to fix. You hold more power than you're hair and the way to prove that is doing what people think is not possible. Let's prove to the world we can regrow what's been lost!

Jan 30, 2013
Cardaro's right
by: Marlon

Cardaro's right. Hair loss is actually a blessing in disguise because it is a wake up call to eat right and change our habits.

I've been eating a lot of sardines and vegetables since August 2012. If there's any improvement at all, it's still minimal. I haven't exactly given up on white rice so my results may be a little slower.

I'm not about to give up though, because diet seems to be the method that makes most sense to me. I'm a firm believer that beauty (or charm or whatever you want to call it) has to start from the inside. That simply means eat healthy and all else will follow.

Good luck!

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Disappearing Hair!

by Donna

Where do I begin? It's hard to start at the beginning as I was living my life in blissful ignorance. I had a lovely thick mane of curly dark brown hair. My hair regime was shampoo, condition and hang my head upside down with a dryer for ten minutes and voila….. My perfect, taken for granted, locks.

Looking back I suppose I've been losing my hair for around 10yrs but I had so much I didn't really notice. It's only been over the last four years Ive realized that I'm losing it at a drastic rate. I'm at the point now were I can't wear my hair down. My scalp is clearly visible and my hair has taken on a kind of a candy floss texture. When I wear it up I have to use a colored hair thickening spray to cover the scalp.

When I first started to notice my hair loss, I made an appointment to see my doctor so she could give me some pill or something and my hair would grow back. right?… WRONG! After pretty much telling me I was wasting her time and this was not an illness, she suggested I get a wig.

I then sought the help of a private dermatologist. He told me that I had androgenic alopecia, In laymen's terms female pattern baldness. He also said that he felt a lot of the loss was due to the fact that I had suffered Graves Disease (overactive thyroid) the year before and that now this was in remission my hair would grow back. That gave me hope until I got home and Googled androgenic alopecia and realized it was never coming back.

I then went to back to my G.P's surgery and this time saw my regular doctor. He was much more sympathetic and suggested I try Minoxidil. So I began using this with a new and refreshed hope. Over the months I did see an improvement, but I was at he stage were I wanted my luscious locks back and this was a far cry from that. Then I noticed that my heart had begun to race. I went back to the docs fearing that my graves had returned, but bloods came back negative. After much thought and trying of different things I realized that it may be the Minoxidil that was making my heart race. So I stopped taking it. The heart palpitations stopped. So that was the end of that.

Where to next? After much searching on the internet I came across 'Lucinda Ellery' a hairdressers that helped people like me. I went for a consultation and decided to go for hair extensions. I was really happy with these and it seemed like this would be a solution, but my hair became too thin on the scalp to disguise the extensions so my next step was a 'Minima' which is a system that you wear on the top of your head. It doesn't come off, it blends into your hair undetectable. And I fell in love with it but at around £700 every 6 months and £90 every 5 weeks, it doesn't come cheap.

It wasn't just the price that put me off, though, it's the fact that over a period of time it's going to cause traction alopecia, which when you have hardly have any hair anyway is a terrifying thought. The system has to be straight, also, so it would be goodbye to my curls and my identity forever.

This brings me up to present day. I had my 'Minima' taken off last week, and to be honest I've cried every day since. I look in the mirror and no longer see the bubbly attractive 41yr old mother of 2. I see a balding mess. I've bought an amazing lace front wig that looks so realistic (and its curly) but its a wig nevertheless. I'm having trouble coming to terms with this being my life now and I have no idea what the future holds for me.

I'm really hoping this diet can work for me

Donna :)

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Apr 19, 2013
For Donna
by: Nat

Hi Donna, your story sounds so similar to mine although it sounds like you may have less hair than I currently do.

I too had a clip on top piece which was was 700 but I only wore it every now and again. They also sew it on to your own hair here which I did for 6 weeks but I didn't like the feeling of it and as you hair grows it moves back off the hairline and the cost to sew it was 90 every 6 weeks.

Anyway my pics are on the main page if you want to see. My hair has improved a lot,still ways to go but it is getting better each day. It is a slow process! took at least 6 months until I saw improvement but I only noticed when I compared by before diet and 6months after diet photos.

Make sure you post these if your comfortable as these will help with seeing your progress. If you have any questions post here and I will try and help you. You need willpower but it gets so much easier after 4weeks and I would never go back to eating the old way again.
Let me know how you go

Love Nat

Apr 19, 2013
For Nat
by: Donna

Hello Nat,
Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and help. I am so pleased you are seeing good results I and hope I can follow suit. I have already started cutting out sugar, so hopefully my nightmare is coming to a close. Just finding this site and realizing I am not alone in my struggle fills me with hope

Apr 20, 2013
We Get It
by: Amy

You are definitely not alone in this. It is hard and it really sucks but I, like others here, have had to find the silver lining. No, I can't eat sugar or gluten but that's a good thing!

My body is in distress and I'm not nourishing it properly so it's letting me know. The chemicals and preservatives are wreaking havoc on our bodies so we have to heal from within!

Yes, I look in the mirror and am disappointed at what I see, but I have hope that one day I'm going to be happy and very proud of myself because there was no magic pill or potion, just me!

Apr 21, 2013
For Amy
by: Donna

Thank you Amy, I will stick to the diet, I gave up sugar for 3 months over Christmas and to be honest I didn't find it too difficult, I'm a reasonably healthy person anyway. My fear is the diet being a false hope :(
Sorry if I sound a little bit of a downer, I'm just having a frightened day. Earlier today I read the book that's recommended on here by Spencer David Kobren and he says that follicles that are already dead will not be reversed. This is petrifying to me.
I wish you all the luck on the diet. How long have you been doing it?

Apr 22, 2013
Thank you Sheree!
by: Donna

Thank you so much for your reply Sheree. The advice you are offering makes so much sense to me. I know I have high blood sugar as one of the younger doctors in my practice told me. He said that if I lived in America I would be classed as 'pre diabetic' but as this was England, it was not recognized.

He told me that I should eat a low GI diet and make sure I never get over weight. The rest of the research I had to do myself online via American sites.

Also, when I did have 'Graves' neither my doctor OR my Endo told me to give up gluten, which after reading different accounts on your site appalls me. I am so excited to be on this diet.

Ive taken pics of before as advised by Nat and when (crosses fingers) I see an improvement I will definitely post.

Just one more question, what is the green drink you said you drink twice a day? I really need to purchase this.

Thank you so much for your time. Today is a new day :)


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Today is a Bad Day

Hello all, was hoping for a pep talk or two from any women who have seen results on this diet. My hair is really getting me down today and any kind words would be appreciated :).


Comments for Today is a Bad Day

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Aug 16, 2013
For e
by: Nat

Hi e
So I've been on diet for 15 months no yes my hair has improved 100%. It's nt perfect though but I hd lost 2/3 rd of it and I think I have regrowth of maybe a quarter or bit under. I still strongly believe in this and I will improve more so. I just have a lot to improve but this diet is my way of living now, I look better and feel better and find eating like this normal now. I'm sure I will see gradual regrowth each month. Don't give up, can you post some. Pictures of your hair for me.

Also yaelle if your still on the forum how are you going, I worry from not hearing from you

Love nat aust

Aug 16, 2013
Picture shyness
by: Anonymous

Hi Nat!

I would love to be comfortable enough to post pictures of my hair, but I'm just too self conscious to do it. Maybe we can email each other privately somehow? I've spoken with Sheree several times via email, so maybe she would pass along my email address to you? I would love that :). I could really use more support and I know you've had great results.


Aug 16, 2013
For e
by: Nat

Yes get sheerest to send me your details or I'm happy for her to send you mine x

Aug 17, 2013
email address
by: Sheree

Hello, E,

Nat is definitely the one to talk to. She knows exactly how to do the diet, and she's been an enormous emotional support for so many people here in the forum.

For Nat:

Nat, can you use the contact form to send me your e-mail address. I thought I had it, but I think the system may have deleted it. I'll wait to hear from you and then I'll send it to E!



Aug 20, 2013
Hang in there
by: Sylvia

Hi E

I understand how you feel, I come to this website a lot for support and seeking hope that the changes I have made will yield the results I am looking for! Well, I have been on the diet a while, not as strict as I should be but I am definitely doing well, and I have seen major improvements in the texture of my hair as well as significantly decreased hair fall. I took iron supplements for a few months and that has contributed but I can definitely credit my currently glowing skin and flat tummy to this diet! If the effects are showing in my skin, I hope that it will eventually show in my hair as regrowth as well. You have everything to gain by following a good diet, even if the results are not visible on your head as yet. Good health and being well are also benefits of this diet. Just imagine how good this diet is for your overall health! Keep at it, you owe it to yourself to take care of your body.

Aug 20, 2013
for Nat and all
by: Yaelle

Dear Nat and Sheree,
I had some trouble and stopped the diet. I lost 80 % of my hairs and had to shaved my had. I have little hypothyroid and trying to solve this with hormonal yoga. Stress and seborhoic dermatitis stopped after oils I used from Scott Kramer - thank you for adviced from somebody from this forum.

My hair does not fall down anymore, but because I was not strict with diet later, no regrowth. Also I lost so much hairs. Now I am again one month on strict diet and decided to be strict at the least one year, but would like all my life.Hope some miraculous will happend.

One great news I had. I met great man who said me, shave your head and do diet and dont be stressed. He loves me with my short hairs that are little and quaility like baby 2 years old. This weekend he asked me in Paris to marry him:-)))

Probably this is first step in miraculous in my life.

Kiss to all , special to Nat and Sheree.

I will let you know every month how my hair is going.


Aug 21, 2013
For yaelle
by: Nat

Hello yaelle, it's wonderful to hear you exciting news of your engagement, congratulations.
That will be so exciting to plan a wedding, you sound like you have met a very nice man.
You shaved your head, that's very brave and now at least you can start growing fresh hair over time, please stick to the diet, you need to do for life. Keep us posted on your progress and wedding plans. I'm very happy for you

Aug 22, 2013
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Many thanks to all of you for your amazing support. Going through this is so stressful, and I feel very alone, even though I know I'm not. I'm pretty strict with the diet, with a 4 day exception of being on vacation a few weeks ago. After I came home, my hair felt even thinner than before and I was just so crushed. I want to believe in this diet so badly, but I don't see any difference yet. I know that 6 weeks is SO early, but I was crossing my fingers that I'd at least have some baby hairs now....

Thanks to all of you for being there.

Sep 12, 2013
overcoming allergies
by: Denise

Hello, I really understand how frustrating it is to be one the diet and not get results as fast as we would all like,

I have terrible food allergies and can not eat any fish, I don't tolerate gluten or dairy and now seem to be having a lot of problems with nuts and for some reason I am not able to take any supplements of any kind without getting sick. All of these restrictions makes it difficult for me with food choices. I often worry that because I am not eating sardines and salmon I won't get the results,
Sheree has been so wonderful I am convinced I am on my way to optimal health.

I have lost a lot of hair over the last few years because of food intolerances and a constant inflamed and tender, itchy scalp.

I started the diet 3.5 months ago and my body is in great shape, my nails are long and strong, my eyelashes are longer, My hair however has had some ups and downs and that is because I am still
getting to the bottom of the food sensitivities.

I am definitely on the right track.

I thank God for Sheree and this site.

Nat's story is amazing and I know she is on her way to a full recovery just like the rest of us with a lot of persistence and faith.

With the daily symptoms I have suffered I am grateful I still have hair left. I often wondered how my scalp was holding it in place when it hurt so much. I am getting better. It is a slow process. Keep the faith, effort equals results

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My Hair Regrowth Battle Begins

by Tina
(Louisville, KY )

I have started my hair regrowth today. I have lost about 3/4 of my hair due to diabetes type 2 (Uncontrolled sugar) and being 11.2 hemoglobin so I'm slightly anemic. This began last year 2012, but I have found out this month of July 2013. When should I expect to see hair regrowth? I am going to follow this strict diet. Please advise.

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Jul 11, 2013
My Hair Regrowth
by: Tina


Thank you for writing back. I have taken a dozen pictures before I started yesterday. I will post them soon. I am still in a shock phase of how bad this condition has done to my hair, but I definitely want the pictures to be available for someone who may go thru the same condition like me.

A little information about my hair loss. Diffuse Hair loss is the type of hair loss that is widespread throughout my head. I have started a strict diet close to your diet where I am consuming only vegetables, no fruits, beans and legumes, and green smoothies which contain spinach and lettuce which I heard is really good for hair. I am not consuming no dairy, eggs nor meat (being vegetarian).
Please let me know if I need to add anything else in my diet or have any other suggestions.

Thank You

Jul 20, 2013
by: Tina

I had a question about diabetic hair loss. I asked my doctor,but he had no clue. I have lost about 3/4 of my hair. My hair was long and thick. Now, it is still long but soft and easily gets tangled but enough to cover my scalp. Does diabetic cause that much hair loss?

P.S. I have taken alot of pics. I will update these with my new hair growth in January 2014(6th months). I am going to update every 6 months to show the difference.

Thank You,

Sep 04, 2013
by: Tina

I have been this diet for about 2 months, but I am officially restarting this diet on Sept. 5, 2013. I thought going to this diet with full extent, but having one cheat meal in a week was horrible. The sugar made me go crazy more. I have decided that I am going to just fully to the plant based diet which is like the healthy hair diet. I am still losing hair by a bunch and thinner as well. I know when I was on this diet for 1 week. I had my sugar level within non-diabetic level. I do believe that diabetes is the reason for my sugar and I can't wait for my hair to be back in full thickness form.

Do you know anyone that has went through what I am going thru and has been successful?

I have done a ton of research and found that having sugar levels no matter what the number is can cause hair loss. I guess I need reassurance...lol

Sep 04, 2013
Yes Indeed
by: Sheree

Hi, Tina,

It's highly advisable to remove sugar, because it has a severe kick-back effect if you try to eat it again. It can take months to stop the withdrawal symptoms and the problems associated with sugar addiction.

And yes, I've seen people with blood sugar issues who were successful with hair regrowth. They regrew their hair within a very reasonable time. I always have an extremely positive attitude about hair regrowth. So many people have succeeded already. You will too!

Warm regards,


Sep 06, 2013
Begins again....
by: Tina

Thank you... I needed the reassurance. I have completely stopped sugar. I am doing to stick to this. My hair is the one that is being damaged. Enough is enough for what I have done. I am hoping that my hair starts growing hopefully in 6 months and I grow all my hair back within 18 months. I will let you know.

Thank You

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Trouble Sticking With This Hair Loss Diet!

by Sylvia

Hi, I have been on and off this website for nearly a year now and while I have made several changes to my diet, I tend to fall off the bandwagon a lot. I cheat way too often, especially at social gatherings! I have also been eating a lot of quick cooking oats for breakfast thinking that it was alright.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice with sticking to the diet? Breakfast ideas would also be great!

Sheree what are your views about the proportions of veggies we consume that ought to be cooked versus raw? I am scared that roasting and stir frying too often will result in raising the glycemic index as well as a loss of nutrients.

I do eat a medium to large sized salad daily though. Also is it okay to eat two blocks of Lindt dark chocolate a day? If not, how often should it be allowed?

Thank you for all your support and kindness Sheree. You're an absolute star.

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May 24, 2013
Food, Food and More Food
by: Sheree

Hi, Sylvia,

Thank you so much for that! I remember our conversations from a year ago.

You can eat Lindt dark chocolate every day. Dark chocolate is an anti-inflammatory, so that's great for your hair.

When you're eating vegetables, try your best to eat at least one large serving of your vegetables raw. Then lightly cook the rest. In studies of prepared broccoli, delicate sulforaphane is diminished in cooked foods. So cook vegetables very lightly, and also eat a whole lot of them raw.

Cooking your vegetables may raise the glycemic index by a tiny fraction, but not enough to worry about it at all. So you will do great either way.

Warm Regards,


May 26, 2013
Getting back on track
by: Sylvia

Thank you for the info. Well, I am back on the diet and feeling super motivated! I know that I can win this fight and gain back my confidence. I will keep you posted about any positive results. Much love till then! Stay blessed!

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23 Year Old Female Noticing Hair Loss After Miscarriage

by Nina Marie
(Northern California)

Me on a Good Day Hiding Hair Loss

Me on a Good Day Hiding Hair Loss

I kept taking prenatals & am using scalp therapy products & herbal root stimulating oils but my hair keeps thinning & receding. I have been through a lot this year & this just adds to the stress. I have also noticed aging under my eyes & I want to sleep all them time the doctor just tells me I am depressed because I stopped smoking MJ & had a miscarriage & my husband offers no mental or emotional support.

I know it has to be more than that, I have been wanting & trying to eat healthier & now I know I have no option. I do not want to feel burnt out & look it. I should be enjoying & embracing natural beauty not crying & begging God to not take my glory from me. But I have not known what else to do except now I am going to go buy vitamins that I don't have & Nioxin or that other stuff that seems to work for people within a few days. And keep praying.

The doctors are all money hungry nowadays & want me to be on anti depressants that make me a zombie. My hair loss problem doesn't seem to concern anyone who is supposed to care about me. So here I go I am on a mission to only eat what is healthy & vitamins & get Nioxin or something close to it or better than it.

Could not drinking enough water daily have anything to do with hair loss please email me if you can offer any support I seem to be friendless & in this alone.

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Aug 22, 2013
Young Girl
by: Anonymous


You are not alone. There is a whole community of people who are here with you. Sometimes it takes me a while to respond, because I'm coaching. But I always try to catch up!

I'm so sorry about your loss. I'm here for you if you want to talk about it. Sometimes talking about it can ease the heartache a little bit.

Something jumped out at me when I was reading your post. You have some classic symptoms of a sluggish thyroid. Have you been checked for hypothyroidism?

Water is very important anti-inflammatory. You need lots and lots of water for your hair. Nothing more.

It takes a lot of persistence and determination to see this lifestyle through. You can do it.

You're in the right place. Stick this out and watch the magic unfold.

Warm regards,


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Hair Growing and Shedding As Well !!!!

by Janardan

Hi I'm Janardan from India. I'm 21 years old. I took a look at your site Sheree and it provided me the hope to reverse the hair loss.

I followed the no sugar diet and low glycemic diet and in 2 months, my hairline and temples got revived, and my crown as well. But i want that thick hair i used to possess in my teenage years.

But when i took a small serving of cold drinks in a party, the next day i noticed a huge hair fall. This again has fallen me into that period when i was suffering from massive shedding. Is this diet too strict?

My lot of hair has regrown but at the same time when i put oil into my hair(eclipta alba), a good amount of small very fine baby hairs fall out. What this signifies? Please Sheree help me!!!

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Nov 07, 2014
by: Janardan

I need ur reply sheree asap!!!

Nov 08, 2014
Need More Information
by: Sheree

Hi Janardan,

It's a pleasure to meet you.

You're saying you had drinks at a party and this caused shedding the next day. I would need to know exactly what types of cold drinks you had at the party. I've never heard of hair falling out this quickly.

The hair loss diet is very strict. You have to stay on it for life. You're only 21, and I know this is a lot to take in. It's tough watching other people get to eat things that you cannot have.

A possibility is that you had a normal shed. You're going to lose a certain amount of hair, and it's possible that's all this is. Look at it this way. Your hair already started growing back, so you know this is going to work.

Did you consume any other types of food that could have caused this, or have you been strict?

Warm regards,


Nov 08, 2014
Thanks for answering
by: Janardan

yeah that day i took lot are of high glycemic stuff ;ike white rice , fried potatoes , that cold drink which was some sort of energy drink red bull etc.
Now i m normal. My normal shed is 10-15 hairs a day.
Sheree, i want to ask about that small little baby fine hairs that comes out while oiling. They are very fine.This signifies that more thick hair will come after it will shed. There are tons of baby hairs regrown. Is that true sheree?

Nov 09, 2014
please reply
by: Janardan

sheree, i will be highly obliged if u can give the answer of my questions asked above asap..

Nov 09, 2014
Your Hair is Growing Back
by: Sheree

Okay. Then yes, it sounds like what you ate could have definitely contributed to the shed. That's why we only allow cheating for one meal. That way, with the next meal, your blood sugar goes right back down to normal and stays there.

Sustained high blood sugar is very dangerous in many ways. Hair loss is a visible consequence of high blood sugar. The other inflammatory responses from high blood sugar are invisible and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

I have heard of hair growing and shedding at the same time. It's pretty rare, but it has happened to other visitors.

The hair that you see growing is the beginning of regrowth. And you will notice much thicker regrowth with each shed. Because of your extremely young age, you can expect full hair regrowth.

You cannot go off the diet again, or you're going to experience shedding again.

Do you have before pictures that we can see? We'd love to watch your progress. It's completely up to you.



Nov 10, 2014
will win this battle !!
by: Janardan

Thanks sheree for the information u gave me. I will update u soon with before and after pictures.
I will win this battle.

Nov 10, 2014
I'm very happy for you
by: Sheree

I'm really excited for you! Charge after this diet like a bull. You can do it!



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I'm 24 Years Old And Struggling With Hair Loss Since Teenager

by Nikhil
(Mumbai, India)

I have been suffering from hair loss since I was in my second year of college, almost 8 years. Nothing has changed.

Apart from all the oils, serums, Minoxidil I used, I did my hair transplant last year. I thought it was the end of story; things going to back to normal in few days. But the result was not on my side. It failed.

It failed me in my career as well. I started feeling really depressed, and eventually I can't concentrate on my work properly coz it is breaking my confidence. So I'm really short with options and things to do. I hope that this diet plan may change something.

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Oct 30, 2016
Hold Your Head High
by: Sheree

Hello Nikhil,

Thank you for visiting The Healthy Diet Paradise.com. Your story is a compelling one, and I'm grateful for this type of feedback and information.

I've worked with a lot of people who've used topical treatments, transplants, lasers, and other hair regrowth treatments. Most of the treatments for thinning hair either don't work, or they have a minimal impact at a staggering cost.

Just as a reminder, the hair loss diet is free. Take all the time in the world to study the information here. Read the forums to gain emotional strength.

I know how unbelievably difficult it is to get through the emotional darkness, but just remember this: The sun will shine on you again. I promise.

Keep us posted on how you're doing. And in the meantime, hold your head up.



Feb 14, 2017
by: Anonymous

Can you drink an occadional glass of two of wine or other adult beverages on this diet??

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