Its Working!!!

by Joni

Hi Sheree. First of all, not only is my hair growing back, but I've managed to lose eight pounds in the process. I think my hair has been coming back for some weeks now, but I didn't notice it until I looked at a picture I took three weeks ago and my jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe how much it’s started to fill in.

My hair has changed so much in just three short weeks. I was looking for really fine hairs to be sprouting up all over, but several hairs have come in thick, and I just assumed they were already there.

My hairline hasn’t completely filled in yet, but I’m noticing some fine hairs in the thin areas.

So far my hair is miles from where it was just weeks ago and I couldn't be happier because I know everything I'm doing is working. It’s so amazing that the body can heal itself like this through diet.

Do you remember I wrote to you about my gout condition? Well, guess what? I haven't had any problems with that either. I completely went back to eating the foods I was eliminating (Spinach, Sardines and Tuna) weeks ago and I haven't experienced any gout pain at all. Amazing (right)!

Now that my body is repairing itself and I'm ridding myself of these conditions, my confidence has come back and I feel like I want to shout out it from the rooftops! I can’t wait till my hair is thick again!

Also, I plan on staying on this diet for life. I never want to suffer from alopecia again. I'm gonna try to post some pictures of my growth so far.

I could hardly wait to write because so many great things are happening. It’s hard to compose myself these days.

Sheree, I just love you for creating this site and sharing this information with the world! You are the best!


Read DeeDee's hair regrowth story here!

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Aug 15, 2012
Joni, Your Hair is Growing Back. I'm Over The Moon!
by: Sheree

When I read your letter, I got a deep shiver down my spine. This is what I live and breathe for.

I'm so super excited for you. I'm so happy that I'm crying. I knew it would work for you, Joni. Thank you so much for this submission! I cannot express my gratitude enough for this type of feedback.

Joni, you hung in there. You fought the good fight. You stuck it out for the long haul. You deserve this.

I couldn't be happier. Now your hair is growing back. Soon, it will become very thick. Congratulations, Joni. If I had an orchestra, I would blast this message from the rooftops.

I love you, Joni. You are such a joy. Congratulations on your new hair growth.

We would love to see pictures of your beautiful new hair when you get time. Please stay in touch!

Love Sheree

Aug 16, 2012
for joni
by: Anonymous

sounds amazing Joni in such a short time - cant say mine is happening that quick!
Would love to see some pics please

Aug 16, 2012
by: Its working!!!

Hi Joni,

Are you following the diet exactly as described or are making sure you include all items in your weekly meal plan?

Hi Sheree,
Iam bad when it comes to following a plan. Can I just make sure I eat all the items on a weekly basis instead of following it as described? would it work?


Aug 16, 2012
Five Rules
by: Sheree

Hi, Mary,

Yes, absolutely. The diet will still work, even if you don't follow the exact menu guidelines.

Here are five things to look out for.

1. No processed foods

2. Go heavy on vegetables

3. Plenty of high-quality protein.

4. Go easy on grains

5. Lots of water

You can use your own judgement and tastes to modify the diet.


Aug 16, 2012
Meal plan
by: Joni

Hi Mary,

To answer your question no. I did not eat the exact meals that were outlined on the diet. From my understanding of the diet, the objective seems to be to maintain a low glycemic diet. So I used the hair loss diet as a guide and I came up with my own receipes but all my meals were low glycemic. I ate two large serving of dense leafy greens practically everyday, I had fish four times a week and I took the recommended suppliments. If there was ever anything I was unsure about, I wrote Sheree asap to make sure I stayed on the right track.

I hope this information helps:)

Best of luck,

Aug 17, 2012
Its working!!!
by: Mary

Thanks so much Sheree and Joni for your answers,

I am so glad I came across this forum...I don't feel lonely anymore since now I have friends who know what exactly Iam going through and can help me step by step...

Have a great weekend..

Aug 24, 2012
by: Ana

I know we have to take certain vitamins. So far i have biotin, and prenatal vitamins. What other vitamins do i need for my diet? and do i take these every day? and if so how many times in a day?

Thank you :)

siincerely, Ana

Aug 24, 2012
Fo-To For Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

Hi, Anna,

You're going to need Fo-ti twice a day and borage oil twice a day to supplement the biotin and pre-natal vitamins. You will do very well with these. Good luck to you!

Oct 12, 2012
by: Missy (NY)

Joni, I really hope this is me one day saying I have the same luck. I am happy for you and am looking forward to the day when I am happy again too. I am tired of being depressed over this and so very badly want success of these healthy habits to pay off with visible proof. Your message made me emotional, as I can only imagine how relieved and happy you are with the results and I just want to be you in the future with similar success. =) Congrats.

Mar 12, 2015
just beginning
by: sherri

Hi Y'all. I have suffered from hair loss for 19 years. It started after the birth of my first child and has gotten worse over the years. I believe this is the answer to my prayers.

Actually Sheree you are the third layman (no docs have ever told me these things only regular folks who did their homework ) to tell me to change my diet. So I know it's time.

Ten years ago, I was told I needed to change, and 5 years ago as well. Well, I started your plan 5 days ago and its going well. I have quit sugar and carbs before and lost weight but never included vitamins, nor had the knowledge of the index.

My only question is: I see some pictures of people with minimum hair loss. Not to minimize their loss or emotions that go with this loss. But do you have pics of people with major loss? I can forward you my pics b/c its major. My only hope has been from a scope i had on my scalp and the women said I had live follicles and could grow my hair back.

I look like a man with a huge bald spot at the crown of my head. And thin around the perimeter. I wear a wig every day and have for years. My husband has not seen my actual hair in years b/c of the shame. It would really help me if I could see some pics of people who may have more severe cases than what you have posted on this page and you tube.

Mar 13, 2015
Before & After Pictures
by: Sheree

Hello Sherri,

This is a great question. Hair loss is highly personal and creates a great deal of stress. I was very lucky to get the before and after pictures from Nat. And we were extremely lucky to get the pictures from the men that posted their pictures. Most websites purchase stock before and after photos. We specifically use photos from actual people.

The women that go on the diet in coaching are very private. They specifically ask me not to post their pictures. I've been delivered dozens of pictures to my inbox from women with advanced hair loss, but I'm unable to post them. And I completely respect their wishes.

If you go back into the forum, you can submit your before pictures. I would be honored to follow your progress over the next months and years.

Depending on the type of hair loss you have, it could take anywhere between 18 months to two years to see complete hair restoration.

Good luck.



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My Hair Was Shedding Like Crazy!!!

Hi, Sheree. I see baby hair everywhere in my hairline and they are so crazy. I cherish every single of those baby strands. They have a life of their own and they are just stick straight.

It's Mary. I messaged you a few months back about my hair loss. I thought I should give you an update and ask for more advice.

Starting Oct 2012, I am seeing much less hair falling out. I used to loose 300 – 400 strands while washing/drying/brushing but now it is cut down to 50- 80. I shampoo my hair every other day so to think about it 50- 80 should be divided by 2 days and that gives me about 40 strands a day.

I think that is pretty amazing. My dermatologist mentioned that 100- 200 a day is normal so I think I am doing much better.

Please advice if I should change something from my diet:

I take the following supplements:
1 prenatal multivitamin in the morning + 1mg biotin
2. 1mg biotin at dinner time
3. 2000 IU of vitamin D at lunch
4. I spoon of omega 3 fish oil before bed + I spoon of Echium essence
5. I capsule of bio-fin (herbal hair loss pill) – have been taking this since June 2012

I eat the following on a weekly basis
1. Lentils (Dal) -
2. Red Beans
3. Salmon
4. chicken
5. chickpeas
6. I use kale instead of lettuce in my salad
7. 3 – 4 boiled eggs
8. cheerious cereal 2-3 times
9. banana, orange, carrot juice, apples

Can you suggest if I am overlooking something or if I am overdoing something.

My part at the crown is very thin…If I wear my hair down, people can notice it. Can you suggest what I should do to make my crown stronger. That is my only problem area at the moment and it is hard for me to see if I have baby hair growing there or not.

Thanks so much my Angel.


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Nov 07, 2012
Congratulations, Mary! You Deserve This!
by: Sheree

Congratulations, sweetie! If you are seeing baby hairs, that's the beginning of it. That's an excellent sign. You should progress very fast now.

Mary, you deserve this. Apparently, your hair loss has stopped. Now we are at the waiting stage for the genes to turn themselves back on full blast. Congratulations!

Your diet is coming along beautifully.

I'm going to suggest a few alterations. I know this is going to sound strict, but let's make every bite of food count.

I would remove the cheerios and replace it with either steel cut oats or some other types of whole grains. Although Cheerios lists their food as whole grains, it isn't. I'm not saying the Cheerios in and of itself will cause hair loss, but it's just another processed food. Opt for whole grain old fashioned oats. (Not Quick Oats)

Bananas are a high sugar food. Even though bananas are considered high glycemic, they have tremendous nutritional properties. Try to keep bananas to one or two a week, and be sure to combine them with cheese, or some other kind of fat, or even sugar free peanut butter.

In order to speed your hair growth, you're going to need a lot more green, leafy vegetables.
Kale, mustard greens, spinach, arugula and broccoli. Eat them every day, and mix them with heavy, dark colored vegetables like purple cabbage and purple onions. You have to eat vegetables gung-ho, like a solder going off to war. Please keep in mind that iceberg lettuce has no nutrients that will help with hair loss. Go for rich, gorgeous dark leaves. Heavy greens like collards are what you should be eating daily.

Mix it up.

You are going to be fabulous!

I'm so excited for you.

Please keep me updated. I love good news!


Nov 07, 2012
I can't THANK YOU enough!!!!
by: Mary

Hi Sheree,

I can't thank you enough for all these suggestions. I am going to switch to quick oat right away and cut down on banana as well (I eat at least one a day now but no more).

Also, I need to go grocery shopping and buy all leafy vegetables you have suggested. I will keep you in the know...

Thanks so so much,

Nov 07, 2012
No Quick Oats!
by: Sheree

Hi, Mary! I didn't know if you saying quick oats was a typo or not. Be careful with the oats.

If they say Quick oats, avoid those. Those are very high on the glycemic index.

Make sure to buy the ones that say old fashioned oats.

Good luck!


Nov 07, 2012
by: Mary

Thanks so much Sheree...Will keep an eye on that when I do my switch. You are amazing.


Feb 14, 2013
congrats on growth
by: saabirah

Hi Mary Congrats on your growth! That's fantastic news , I will be starting the diet soon and I would like to ask you a few questions? ,like how long you been experiencing hairloss? And has your hair thinned out with noticeble patches? How long did you take to see results? How is your growth right now? Looking forward to hear from you

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Excessive Hair Shedding Stopped in Week And a Half

by Cammie
(New Zealand )

Dear Sheree, I am noticing lots of unruly baby baby hairs all around my part and at my temples. It was almost if they were just waiting for me to "wake-up!" I am very VERY excited to tell you that in only a week and a half I have noticed that my excessive hair shedding has almost completely stopped!!

I have always been very "health conscious," trying to eat a balanced diet, organic, and lots of veggies, exercising, etc.., but I noticed something wasn't right a couple of years ago when my hair started shedding WAY more than it normally did.

I tried different shampoos, a chlorine filter, apple cider vinegar hair rinse, doing health detoxes, reducing my stress, but my hair continued to shed. In fact, after two years it had shed to the point where I was experiencing hair loss at the sides of my temples and near my part.

Before I read your website I had the feeling that I was right on the edge of knowing what was causing my hair loss - like it was staring me in the face, but I was too distracted to notice. What I hadn't been looking at was my sugar intake.

Honey in my coffee (and I loved to drink coffee!), honey in my porridge, honey in my tea, honey in my unsweetened yogurt (ironic right?) the occasional ice cream, and cookies, and chocolate! I love(d) chocolate and would have some almost every night. Also I was occasionally eating junk food and almost always eating processed food in the form of cereal bars, "healthy" corn chips, french fries - unconcerned because most of the time I ate "alright."

Thank You for shedding light on the most blaringly obvious truth: our diets are reflected in our bodies.

By the second day of following a low glycemic diet my hair shedding started to decline. I'm into my second week now and I'm losing a 1/3 of the hair I was losing 2 weeks ago.

Additionally I have way more energy and I don't rely on coffee anymore to help me feel awake. I never realized how much sugar was poisoning my body. Thank you so much for bringing your experience and knowledge to everyone who needs it! I will definitely be posting some before and after pictures in a few months time.


Cammie B.

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Apr 08, 2013
by: Sheree

Hi, Cammie,

I am thrilled beyond belief for you. That kind of excitement has me floating on air. You've responded very quickly to the diet. That is the best news ever. Congratulations to you. You've obviously completely mastered the diet.

You really and truly have made my day. I consider you a hair loss diet academy graduate, so I've moved your post to the hair re-growth success forum. And I can't wait to see your before and after pictures.

Awesome job. Give Cammie Some Props People!!!



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Three months review:The New Baby Hair Started Sprouting as Early as 10 Days Into the Diet

by SH

Hi Sheree, so it has been three months and I thought this is long due. Is there a difference? Most definitely yes :))))) It's nothing drastic, but I remember before I read ur blog thinking about thinning hair every sec of the day. I do the same now, too, but only to search for new hair sprouting :)

The new baby hair started sprouting as early as 10 days into the diet, but it has been slow progress after that. But progress is there. Yipeee .. cheers to you!

I even got baby hair on the forehead near the temples ... I was so excited ... I didn't even realize I had lost the baby hair as well.

I still have long way to go but wanted to share with you that thanks to u I sleep at peace now :)

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Jan 30, 2013
by: Sheree

Congratulations on your success. I have moved your submission into the hair re-growth success forum.

I got such a thrill reading your message. Thank you for your beautiful submission. I am so, so happy for you. When you wrote that you're now sleeping at night, that's the best news ever.

Now you can wake up excited every single day knowing you will have thick healthy hair growing in every single day.

I feel this is the most important work I've ever done. And the fact that you're here and part of this is such a gift to me.

Please update us soon.



Oct 15, 2013
I Have a Ton of Energy
by: Austin

Ive been on the the diet written up by Sheree for about two weeks now, and I must say, it's awesome! I haven't seen my hairs grow back in to the thickness i used to have... yet, BUT i feel fantastic. Lots and lots of energy.

I have been experiencing hair loss, high stress, lack of energy for a couple of years. I tried doing a vegetarian diet, which worked for about a month, but I neglected the role of sugar and ended up eating lots of lots of bread and sweets. No good!

I used to get up at 6:00 p.m. every day, now I get up at 6:00 AM every day. It's crazy. It is still SUPER early, but I have tried and failed changing my diet and now I know after reading this website what I ought to be combating.

Also, I've made the banana bread a few times and have found it to be delicious. Perhaps too delicious as I can eat a whole loaf sometimes in 2-3 days. This is probably a problem I should address.

BTW you wouldn't believe it, but I went to the organic supermarket and bell peppers were $5.99 a pound. WOAH

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Hair Growth Results Quickly

by Jenny

I've been doing this diet for 3 days and I already see a difference in my hair. It feels and looks thicker. I'm very happy. I've been reading this web site for about a week. My hair started falling out about 3 years ago.

I've been to doctors, tried supplements, tried everything really, and nothing has worked. I don't want to try Rogaine because I've read bad things about it, although that was the drs best recommendation for me.

My name is Jenny. Good luck to every one.

Will keep you posted

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Apr 14, 2013
by: Sheree


That is the best news. We'd love to see before and after pictures after your hair has fully grown back in. And congratulations to you!


Apr 17, 2013
thank you Sheree
by: Jenny

Thank you I will!!! Jenny

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Yaya's New Growth!

Yaya has been on the hair loss diet for several months now. Her hair has responded to the diet, and we're all super excited for her. Congratulations Yaya. You deserve this for all of the support you've given other, and your hair work.



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May 26, 2013
by: denise

I am new to this diet. I just started a week ago. I have a lot of issues with food allergies. I am not able to process foods that are high in Histamine levels and I am also allergic to shellfish. That makes things tricky for me.

Sheree has been wonderful with her quick responses to my emails and I am looking forward to moving forward and repairing my body back to the best health possible.

I wanted to know if chicken skin is allowed?

I eat a lot of chicken.

May 30, 2013
Hair filling in!
by: yaya

I'm not finished fine tuning my diet and perhaps I never will be. I am looking forward to new recipes and ideas for getting healthy.

I wanted you to know that I think I figured out what is going on with my liver issues. I looked up all the new meds that I've been taking over the past couple of years. there are no indications for any of them except ferrous sulfate for anemia that I've been taking now everyday, twice a day 325mg. No one told me that over time it might impair my liver. I read several articles that say just that. Interestingly enough, I stopped taking them about 2 weeks ago simple because my Dr. said something that made me suspicious of them. I am feeling better and better everyday now and I think it's because now that I stopped taking the iron supplements this new diet can really do it's thing.

Anyway, I wanted to share that with you and one more thing. My hair is definitely filling in. I was actually surprised tonight when I took it down and how full it looked. I can't remember the last time I actually felt somewhat good about my hair. I know it can only get better. I don't miss sugar, I don't miss wheat either. I don't even miss my Chai Tea Lattes which I thought I couldn't live without.

I am so glad and so blessed to have found you and I thank you once again for your support and guidance in growing my hair back. I should be able to post some photos next week when I get my new smart phone but I'm just sorry you didn't see my hair before I started this diet. I still have quite a bit of space in between my parts but nothing like it was before and the edges and nape of my hair are growing in too.


May 30, 2013
new hair
by: Denise

Hi YaYa,

I am so happy for you with your new hair growth. That is wonderful!!

I know from experience that medications can have a very negative affect on hair growth. I now try to eat my medicine.

It is a process learning to fine tune this new way of eating and living but at the end of the day
it feels really good knowing you are doing good things for your health and your hair.

I have to admit, I do have sugar cravings and at times feel sorry for myself. Why can everyone around me eat donuts? I am just starting so I know it is the withdrawal talking.

I wish you the best of luck.

May 30, 2013
by: Sheree

Hello Yaya,

I got shivers down my back when I read your post. This is why I keep going. You gave me a major rush. This is why I wake up every single day, because I love this so much.

Your hair has responded beautifully. The work that you've put in is now paying off. Congratulations to you. Your hair is going to get even thicker and healthier. You don't miss the sweets, because while they bring short-term joy, they bring long-term misery.

I'm doing research on the liver and its role in our health. And what I've learned is that the liver has to filter toxins so the body can stay healthy. In some cases, medications can be toxic. Now that you are flooding your system with plant chemicals, your liver cannot help but respond. Your liver is breathing a sigh of relief.

Yaya, it's okay that you didn't get very early pictures. Your hair is going to grow in a lot more. So if you take a picture now and compare it in two or three months, it's the same thing.

So once again, congratulations to you. I can't wait to see your photographs!



Jun 03, 2013
for Yaya
by: nat

hi Yaya
Well done - sounds amazing
I too cant wait to see your pictures
How long have you been on the diet for now?

Dec 06, 2013
Juicing the Veggies
by: Emily

Good evening!

I am about to take the plunge into the diet. But I would like to know if I can get the same results if I juice the required amount of veggies. I have read research that suggests you can actually absorb more of the nutrients from veggies by juicing them as opposed to eating them. Please let me know.

Also, can you please give me a list of the required supplements?

Thanks so much! I'm very excited!


Dec 10, 2013
Juicing Vegetables
by: Sheree

Hi Emily,

You can juice your vegetables without harming your hair. But try to eat them whole as well. So as a general rule, eat one set, then juice the other. I tend to believe that vegetables should be eaten whole.

The list of supplements is Fo-ti, hair, skin and nails vitamins (swansons), vitex and borage oil.

I would love to get feedback from you about how well your hair is responding. If you're interested, when your hair grows back, I will feature you in a video.

Good luck sweetie!


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It's Growing Back!

by Female Pharoah
(San Francisco,California)

At 18 I was diagnosed with three types of female cancer and had a hysterectomy. At 30 I was diagnosed with severe depression, and at 40 I noticed that my hair was thinning BADLY! & I was livid.

Now I'm over 55 years old and my hair is really growing back and I love it. A friend of mine who's been going through chemotherapy numerous times had suggested that I need to keep my hair clean outside and inside.

What I'm using is Minoxidil in the areas where the hair was GONE! This was really bad! And I'm also using the golden flaxseed. I'm taking two tablespoons in the morning in 2 tablespoons at night. Mix in a smoothie or yogurt. Trust me it works !!! my hair is growing back and I'm going to continue to use it!

The thing with minoxidil is you have to keep using it, otherwise, you lose your hair. But my hair grew back so beautifully!!

Oh, I also take a flaxseed oil supplement three in the morning, three at night. Now, I'm adding the other things I've learned!

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Within a Month I Could See New Tiny Hair

by Lara

Thanks so much for this website, Sheree. It is amazing how much work you have put into it and then offered it completely free to everyone. Thanks to you and your big heart, there are so many people with newfound hope.

I've had diffuse hair loss for about 25 years now, from the age of 15. During this time the texture of my hair also underwent a radical change. So from very thick wavy hair, I went to really thinning, coarse, frizzy hair.

I have been on the diet for almost two months now. Within a month I could see new tiny hair where there was nothing growing before!! I know this for a fact because I parted my hair in the middle and checked before I started the diet.

There is still hair fall, but it has definitely reduced. It has still made no difference in the volume of my hair, but I guess it's only a matter of time.

The great part is that every time I check, like once in 3 - 4 days, it looks like there's more hair! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

To Nat

Nat, you are fabulous! Such a courageous, beautiful, inspirational woman! I don't know how you stuck to the diet for so long even without seeing results. I check your photographs every so often to keep me going.

My question to you is this: I read that you went on an anti-candida diet. Did you also do anything else along with it like an anti-fungal or something? I read that the candida die-off symptoms can be pretty bad and so the anti-sugar diet has to be supplemented with medicines to help with the die-off symptoms. Please let me know.

Also, did you cut out all sugars including fruits and brown rice for the anti-candida diet? I am super strict with my diet, but I do have a cup of brown rice and fruit as recommended by Sheree.
Any comments for the questions above Sheree?

Thanks so much to both of you wonderful women!

Much love,


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Jun 19, 2014
Dreams Do Come True
by: Sheree

Hello, Lara,

I am honored to read about your success. Thank you for this incredible feedback. I am simply delighted to hear about your hair regrowth. You are well on your way to recovery.

Everyday people like yourself are lending truth to how powerful this diet actually is. Step by step, brick by brick, layer by layer, our readers are proving the truth. Your story is another brick to this building process.

This website is growing very quickly, thanks to submissions like yours with positive results, and positive feedback. When you see more hair growth, you can add your information here, or start a new submission.

Information About Nat

Nat has been inactive for about a year. You can still get ahold of Nat. What you can do is go to one of her older submissions and write on the comment form. If she's linked to that post, then she'll respond. If she does not respond within a few days, try leaving a comment on a different post until she contacts you.

All the best to you, Lara,



Jun 19, 2014
Hi Lara and Sheree
by: Anonymousnat

I'm still on website. I'll reply tonight and send updated pics in few days x


Jun 20, 2014
For Lara
by: Nat

Hi Lara

Wow your success is so quick is amazing, well done. I didn't do a specific elimination of candida. I followed the guidelines for eliminating candida which was no sugar low GI, etc. I did fall off the wagon once a week though.

My hair growth to date is still about half way. Much improved since I started, but I still have more to go. The eating plan is the best way to go. I basically eat whole foods, no sugar except 80 per cent dark chocolate, no packaged foods. When I go out for dinner I don't stick to the diet, but I'm trying hard to do this more so.

I also have my green smoothie daily which I believe has really dosed me up on vitamins. I eat brown rice often and quinoa, buckwheat. I have just cut out eating gluten free bread as I was eating a loaf in 5 days. That's what I find hard to give up, the toast and beautiful bread and butter.

I will post some pics over the weekend too. I would love to see yours too if you are comfortable. My personal email is if you want to email me.

Sheree I have not left the site. I am always checking the forums and re-reading your fabulous information. I will post some pics over weekend. I hope your family are well x

Check out Nat's hair regrowth video

Jun 20, 2014
Thanks for replying
by: Lara


Nice of you to reply so quickly. Yes, even I was shocked to see the new hairgrowth so quickly. Since I am 40 I thought it might take longer. However I've been almost regimental with the diet as I was desperate for results. This strict regimen would have helped as I don't even allow myself cheat meals!

Earlier my diet was high GI carbs for a main course, very little protein, cooked vegs and no raw foods at all. Anytime I wanted a snack, I would reach for chocolates or cakes. Since I was always slim,I didn't really think of the other side effects of this lopsided diet.

When I read Sheree's website, it was like all the missing pieces for the solution to my hairloss came together. It just made complete sense. I mean everyone knows the results of a good diet but now I fully comprehended how a High GI diet can ravage your system.

Sheree has not only helped with my hair but I think she has saved me from a whole load of illnesses that I was setting myself up for in the future.

I will mail you pics on your personal id. When I can actually see some difference, I'll post them on the website too. Since the pics I saw here are what keep me going,I'll have to repay that someday!

Nat, did you do a test for the candida? If so, what was it?

Can't wait to see your updated pics.


Jun 20, 2014
For Lara
by: Nat

Hi again,

No, I didn't do a test for candida. I just knew it had to be that and leaky gut to why I wasn't absorbing all the nutrients my hair needed.
Takes a long time tho to replenish all and regrow hair. Mine has been 18 months so far.

Jun 20, 2014
What's up Nat & Lara?
by: Sheree

To Nat

Nat, it's sooo good to hear from you. I get more questions and inquiries about you than anything on the website. The women are in awe of your hair re-growth. You can't even begin to imagine how many people you have helped. I am so looking forward to your update pictures. We have very few before and after pictures, and that would be a wonderful addition.

To Lara

Lara, I'm super happy that you and Nat got together. Now you can chat together whenever you like. I'm also looking forward to your pictures as well! Have fun you guys!

Jul 15, 2014
by: Lara

Sheree, just wanted to check if raisins are ok or if they are high glycemic?

Jul 15, 2014
Eat Raisins Sparingly
by: Sheree

Hi Lara,

Yes, raisins are high glycemic. They are rated at 65, so eat raisins sparingly. And combine them with other lower GI foods like oatmeal or home made cookies. You can definitely work them into your routine, but be careful not to eat them alone in high amounts.

Warm regards,


Jul 16, 2014
Slower hair growth
by: Lara

Recently, I've been eating around 10 to 12 raisins a day, with almonds, raisins and cashews. My hair regrowth seems to have slowed down.

I was wondering if this was the reason or if it has something to do with the hair cycle?

Jul 16, 2014
My diet
by: Lara

This is my diet, which seems to be working so far:

2 eggs with onions, tomatoes, parsley and mushrooms
1 cup raw spinach run in the blender with half an apple and half an orange
2 cups green tea
flax seeds

1 cup brown rice
1 cup lentils or cottage cheese or white of egg
Cooked vegetables
greek yoghurt

Mixed nuts/apple ( leaving out raisins now)

Salad which includes lettuce, red cabbage, red and yellow peppers, chia seeds
1 cup of lentils
2 tsps of coconut oil
1 cup of greek yoghurt
Occasionally tuna
Cooked vegetables

Is there anything else I need to add/delete?

Jul 16, 2014
Will Raisins Slow Down Hair Regrowth?
by: Sheree

Hi Lara,

Your diet is absolutely flawless. The diet you've outlined here will not slow your hair regrowth. I think that what's happened is your hair is naturally cycling down, and entering a different regrowth phase. Your hair has grown back very quickly. Since hair growth occurs in cycles, this is what I suspect is going on.

The amount of raisins that you're eating will not slow or reverse your hair loss. If you feel better, you can remove the raisins, just to be on the safe side.



Jul 17, 2014
Hair shed
by: Lara

Oh thanks so much Sheree! The slowing down of regrowth and a couple of scary bouts of hair shedding (but only when I wash my hair, once in 3 days), had me quite worried.

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Hair Growing Back After 10 Years

by Andrea

I am a 50 year old woman who's hair started thinning over 10 years ago to the point where the hair on the top of my head was bald. For the last 5 years I have been using all sorts of things to disguise my bald spot including hats, hair bands and hairstyles to cover it. I had accepted that this was permanent, especially as my mother also had thin hair and other than a hair transplant, there wasn't anything I could do. I was at the point of thinking about getting a wig, but after researching healthier eating for health reasons I also began to look into diets for hair growth and came across your wonderful site and found it hard to believe that all this wealth of information is free.

For the last 3 months I have been using the hair loss diet, eating a low glycemic, gluten free diet and am seeing amazing results already. I am seeing hair growth on the top of my head where I have not had hair for many years. I am excited and also a little impatient and wondering if it will grow back fully and how long it might take.

Comments for Hair Growing Back After 10 Years

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Oct 23, 2014
Congratulations Andrea!
by: Sheree

Hi Andrea,

I got goosebumps when I read your letter. It's so incredible that simply by changing our diets, we can grow a healthy, thick luscious head of hair. You're living proof of that. Thank you so much for your submission. I just can't get enough of this type of feedback.

Have you taken before and after pictures? If so, we'd love to see them.

Your hair will grow back fully. It will become thicker than it ever was. Full regrowth can take a while. It depends on your system. It can change from person to person. If you can submit a picture, I can get a better idea of how long it will take to grow back.

99 percent of hair loss information on the web is fraudulent. It was urgent that we shed light on this critical information. Since the information is so powerful and it works, we have a larger, growing audience. This in turn raises awareness, social sharing and word of mouth.

Also, I wanted this powerful information to be available to young students who cannot afford to pay for expensive systems that either don't work or have side effects.

So thank you for this beautiful letter. You will encourage many people who will be inspired by this. I'm going to transfer your submission to the hair regrowth success forum.

Congratulations, Andrea.



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Hair is Growing Back Thicker But Not Longer: Why is This?

by Mika

Hi Sheree,

I would quickly like to thank you for your website which I stumbled across a bit over a year ago when I was having problems with severely thinning hair. Your advice saved my hair and my sanity, and I can't thank you enough.

I have followed the diet for a little over a year now (very strictly- vanity is a great motivator!) and have grown back most of the hair around the hairline and forehead, and slowly over the crown, so this is all thickening up nicely. I am 47 and in the peri-menopause stage.

I have always worn my hair long, so although the top is now looking thicker, the mid to long pieces look thinner than ever. All the new growth on top is all different lengths (but no longer than 6 inches) and it's almost like all the old hair from pre-diet days is falling out and being replaced by new hair. The whole hair cycle seems very rapid. Lots of new growth all the time, but no length anymore.

Do you think this is a just a part of getting older - how they say the hair gets shorter as you age and the whole hair falling out cycle gets faster?

Thank you,


Comments for Hair is Growing Back Thicker But Not Longer: Why is This?

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Jun 12, 2017

by: Sheree

Hi Mika,

I would like to congratulate you on your successful hair recovery. The self-discipline and stamina it takes to execute this diet is staggering. So I know the hard work you've put in, and I'm very excited for you.

It's only been a year. Your hair will continue to change, thrive and grow even thicker. The texture, color and thickness of your hair will continue to dramatically improve.

You asked if your hair will grow longer, like it did before. This is such a fascinating question, because I've never run across it before. We're always worried about thickening of the hair, and the length just sort of follows whatever pattern it had before.

When the hair loss gene turns back on, it turns on very gradually. Thickening of the hair is very gradual over many weeks and months. My belief is that at some point, the gene that controls the length of your hair will be re-activated.

I would give it another year to 18 months to allow the gene to fully turn back on.

You're probably already doing these things, but I'm just giving you an idea how gentle care can lengthen the hair shaft.

Treat your hair with extreme care. Instead of using store-bought color, choose plant-based henna. Choose air drying over blow drying. Sulfate-free shampoos are a plus. Avoid chemical treatments that will damage the hair shaft.

Use combs and brushes very gently. These gentle care methods will ensure maximum hair growth retention.

Cutting the thinner tips down to the thickest part of your hair will drastically improve its appearance. And your hair will have a much denser look and feel. It's important that you only do this when you feel entirely comfortable. In the meantime, you can wear
your hair styles that disguise the thinner ends.

I do not believe that aging affects the length or thickness of the hair. However, I do believe this is true if you're eating the standard American diet.

I've worked with women in their 60s who have successfully implemented the hair loss diet. And they're were absolutely ecstatic when the diet worked for them. This is when I learned that the single biggest factor for hair growth is a superb diet that is sustained over a lifetime.

Love Sheree

Mar 02, 2022
Hair loss
by: Hailey Maria

Diet is crucial for hair loss and any other hair problems

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