I'm 22 Years Old And I've Had Hair Loss Since I Was 13

I really don't look like a 22 year old boy, I look much older. My hair is really falling since I was 13 years old. My age is 22 years and I'm suffering from acne on my face, chest and on my back.

I really love to eat yogurt and drinking milk. And I have not started the hair loss healthy diet.

I'm INDIAN and I tried many ayurvedic things like herbal shampoos, oils, soaps, home remedies and ayurvedic doctors.

I have also taken homeopathy, allopathy and naturopathy treatments. And I'm also suffering from oily skin which makes me more frustrated.


But I don't think that my hair cannot regrow. I still believe in nature, that something will work for my entire body to make me feel happy and healthy. I'm waiting to hear your answer.

Thanks everybody


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Oct 28, 2012
Eliminate Yogurt & Milk!
by: Sheree


Thank you for your letter. I've learned a lot about the human system and its reaction to different types of foods. Some people cannot tolerate many different types of food. I'm getting the feeling that your system is extremely sensitive, and I'm going to need a five-day menu. What I'm going to do is look at the food and identify which foods you could be having a reaction to.

Another question I have is have you been diagnosed with any other type of conditions, like diabetes, thyroid disease, tumors or other major illnesses? There can be many causes, I'm just trying to rule them out. I'm just trying to narrow down the cause.

Although there are many causes of hair loss, what I've found is that the diseases that cause hair loss are actually caused by diet. For example, lupus is caused by a highly inflammatory diet, and then lupus leads to scarring that causes hair loss. So sometimes the cause is indirectly related to diet.

You say that you really like yogurt and milk. In your case, I would completely eliminate yogurt and milk. Cows are pumped with hormones and androgens that may cause hormone fluctuations in humans. How severe these fluctuations are is not known.

If you love yogurt, I'm almost certain that it's loaded with sugar. If you're eating the right kind of yogurt, you would not love it. It tastes bland and pretty terrible. So I'm almost certain that it's pumped full of sugar. This can cause hair loss. Some people are not affected by sugar free yogurt or milk, and it does not pose a threat to their hair or health. This is not true for everybody.

When you get time, I need the ingredients list on the yogurt to determine the sugar content.

So for now, eliminate the yogurt and the milk, and I'll wait to hear back from you.



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Young Male With Hair Loss

by Kevin

Hi Sheree. I just recently turned 23 and have been experiencing some pretty typical male pattern hair loss for about the past year and a half, consisting of thinning around the temples and the crown, and a smaller degree of thinning basically all over.

The hairline has slightly receded, but it’s not too bad. The hairs remaining are very small and fine, but they are technically still there. The hair loss is quite obvious though, and needless to say it has been a source of a ton of stress over the last year or so.

I have a few questions for you, and I would be very grateful for any answers you can give me.

1. Should I include meat/fish with every meal (not including snacks) that I eat? Looking through your menu plan, almost every meal includes some meat or fish. Is it important to do this?

2. In your opinion, what are some healthy, commonly available brands of canned salmon, tuna, or sardines? I ask mainly because they seem to be canned in many different ways. Also, do you eat the sardines right out of the can, or do you prepare them in some way?

3. I’ve seen you reference the Paleo diet a couple times, which I think discourages beans. I’m not saying they are right, but why do you disagree with that stance?

I love your site, and I have decided to fully commit to your hair loss diet guidelines. I’ve also decided to completely give up grains and dairy, because I’m pretty sure both (especially grains) have been a source of inflammation for me for a while now.

I haven’t had any grains for the past two days, and am starting to feel the withdrawal symptoms of giving up refined sugar. It kind of sucks, but it helps me stay motivated in a weird way. Also, I’m a pretty skinny guy, so I’m hoping this diet won’t make me lose weight, but if I pay close attention to how much food I’m eating I don’t think this will be an issue.

Anyway, I’m really excited to go all the way through with this. I’m hoping that since I am still pretty young, and the hair loss so far isn’t too terrible (compared to some other men), I will be able to achieve success. I don’t even plan on having any cheat meals. I know it will be tough, but I have excellent willpower when I am passionate about something.

I plan on updating you and any other readers on my progress on a regular basis, and if I have any more questions I'll be sure to ask you.

Lastly, I just want to thank you so much for reaching out and helping so many people, and not even making them pay for it. You are clearly very knowledgeable and caring, and your success story speaks for itself. I can’t thank you enough :)


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Male Pattern Baldness Questions..

by Boston

Hello, I'm of the unfortunate bunch that has been afflicted with genetic male pattern baldness. I am extremely discouraged as to the effectiveness of any safe treatment. I'd love to change my lifestyle in order to become a more healthy individual.

My question is, has anyone with male pattern baldness had positive results in regrowth that has followed the steps provided by the diet/supplement plan. I read so many things that tell me just to give up, because nothing works...

If you tell me hope is but a shade, I'll still follow a similar diet for health purposes, but maybe it will give me some peace of mind as far as hopelessly searching for an answer goes.

If you tell me it will work, I'll go 100% in and never look back. All I want is some truth, which seems to be increasingly difficult to find.

Thank you,


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Aug 09, 2013
Weary Traveler
by: Sheree

Hello, weary traveler. You've reached the correct destination. It's hard to believe that this diet works, because you have suffered for such a long time.

So take your time and read through each link. Allow your mind to absorb the concepts. This diet works unlike anything you've ever seen. We've had countless men and women reverse their hair loss and grow a full, healthy cap of hair. You will succeed too!

So chin up. Stick this out. It's not easy. You can do it!



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Hair Loss of 24 Year Old Male (India)

by Pavan
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India)

Hi, Indian male here, 24 years of age. I have a problem of hair loss where I normally lose 8 to 10 strands per day. And on days when I wash my hairs, I lose close to 30 - 35 hairs.

I have been following ayurveda to cool my body as I am an active person. I do hit the gym five times a week, and my weight lifting is minimal. I do not overdo it. The ayurveda paste I consume every day per night has over 20 different herbs in it.

My diet is wheat flour chapatis (Indian flat breads), white rice, an apple a day, dates, almonds, raisins, bananas (twice a week) I eat two at a time, GREEN TEA everyday in a bottle. I carry it to gym as I work out.

I try to have pomegranate juice every now and then. I also eat raw carrots twice a week, cucumber as well whenever I find it. I have given up on sugar and chips and biscuits (no more un-natural foods)

The vegetables I consume are normally capsicum, lady's finger, carrots, onions, beans, peas, tomatoes and other common vegetables every day. I also drink curry leaf juice every other day and I do consume 2 glasses of pasteurized milk. I also eat lot of protein rich food like cow peas, chick peas, etc.

I do not have bald spots. My frontal hairs are in-tact, but on the edges, I can see thinning and my crown area is not as thick as other areas of my head

I started on this diet of no sugar for past three days, and I need to know if the combination of foods I intake are good enough for me?

Thank you for lending an ear to my problems,


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Asian Male Hair Thinning

by Vincent
(Singapore, Singapore, Singapore)

I used to have really thick hair but hair went thinning/loss in just 3-4 months when I started taking a lot of protein powder in pasteurized milk and lots of eggs for my workout. Got stressed and really depressed. Will this diet reverse this kind of hair loss?

My typical diet now involves home-made bread with all sorts of nuts in the morning with blended fruit juice, sometimes boiled egg. Noon will typically be rice or noodle with boiled poultry/fish.

Dinner would also be rice or noodle with fish. I do eat a lot of veggies but they are all steamed/fried not raw. Also, I tend to eat a slice of fruit before my lunch and dinner.
Typical Chinese diet.

Before I sleep, I will make the "golden milk" consists of turmeric + organic milk (soy/wheat/rice milk) + sweet almond oil - a yoga practice

Been doing the above for about 2 months but hair still sheds.

Thanks a bunch, hope to reverse my hair loss...

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Nov 24, 2012
Any Adverse Effects From Nuts/Seeds & Veggies?
by: Vincent

So, I have been following the diet very closely, eating really a lot of nuts/seeds and raw veggies. Can we actually over eat on these?

Also, I find that there is little ulcers in my mouth, could this be because I ate too much nuts/seeds?

After a week in this diet, I find I have less anxiety, hormone seems more stable as I do not really get too stressed out looking at the mirror. However, I felt slight fatigue too, are these good/bad sign?

Thank you so much for your advice, are you an angel sent from above? :) I will try to follow your advice as closely as possible (already did for 3 days!) Keeping my fingers crossed, for great results soon!


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Trying To Maintain Hairline? How Hard?

by Donny
(Los Angeles)

Hi, I want to maintain my hairline. I am a 29 year old male and my hair is still thick but receding. I am just getting to the point of where it is becoming a problem.

If I could just maintain my hair and not even grow any back I would be very happy.

My diet is 97% processed foods. I only eat vegetables maybe once every 60 days. I mainly eat pizza, chicken, bread, chips and sometimes sweets, frozen dinners, bananas, some fruits and berries. I drink only bottled water too because the Los Angeles city water sucks. I also eat yogurt from time to time.

I have very thick hair but my hair loss is at perhaps a Norwood 2.5 on the scale. How can I save my hair line? I am willing to follow a strict diet if it will really help with MPB. Many people claim diet does not effect MPB though? Thanks

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Actually Sticking to This Diet

Hi, I just have a question about whether it's really possible to 'stick' to this diet. Around last year I started following the guidelines on here. I didn't follow them exactly but cut out sugar and ate a lot more of the vegetables and all that, and it did seem to help actually after a few months.

Now this year I noticed some thinning recently, and I guess I haven't been sticking to it a whole lot for a little while. So I'm thinking of doing it again, but I have a couple questions. First, a lot of the foods you suggest may be expensive to get, but also I'm just wondering how you stick to it.

Like when going out in public, to restaurants, eating with friends, family etc do you always stick to it? To me it seems pretty difficult. And I'm thinking it doesn't help much with receding since I still am. (I'm a 30 year old male) Just wondering.

Thanks a lot for the resource. It's pretty impressive that this could work, even if it's just for some thinning. It's just probably incredibly hard to stick to.


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Oct 24, 2013
The Diet
by: Sheree

Hi, Brian,

It's not enough to just add certain foods. You have to be very aggressive. The hair loss diet must be adhered to at all times.

When I'm coaching young men your age, they are extremely successful with the diet. They experience hair regrowth within several weeks. Not full regrowth, but fine regrowth that thickens over time.

This diet is much more than just adding in certain foods. It's a completely different way of life. Not everybody is ready for it. It sometimes feels like you're on another planet.

Sometimes my coaching clients try to get me to approve sugar and other types of food. I cannot do this. There is simply no compromise. Our hair reacts almost instantly to dietary shifts.

Since I do this every day, I see this pattern over and over again. People are successful with the diet, then they slip away from it and experience hair loss again.

No matter where you go, no matter where you are, you have to watch your footing. Navigating away from the typical American diet is hazardous terrain, and you much watch your step.

I cannot emphasize enough that the baseline of the diet has to be adhered to in a strict manner. Your hair did respond to the diet, and it will respond again. In order for it to grow back the way you want it to, you will have to make permanent sacrifices.

So let's begin again.



Nov 01, 2013
store-bought products
by: Brian

Hi, thanks a lot for the response. I realize that you have to be strict. However, do you really NEVER eat anything with sugar, most store-bought products have sugar, if not all. Even soy and almond milk that you recommend. So are you recommending to pretty much only cook your food and buy organic food? Is it ok to sometimes eat storebought cereals for example or anything store bought that contains SOME added sugar? What about when you are out with friends, or in a hurry and you have to eat something, I mean in that case you pretty much have to eat something store-bought, which will contain sugar or bread. Is it ok to sometimes do that? I have definitely stuck to the diet before, I'm just wondering about that since it seems that you recommended this as a life long thing.

Nov 02, 2013
No Sugar
by: Sheree

Hi there,

Yes, I eat a completely sugar free diet. Some people misunderstand this to mean no fruits or natural sugar. I do not eat man-made sugar, except in the form of 70-80 percent dark organic chocolate.

About five years ago I tried a diet that allowed going to fast food once a month. I went once, and I was sick for two days.

I can no longer tolerate processed food, not even for a cheat meal. That was the end of it. So I never feel like I'm missing anything.

I've always been different from other people, kind of nerdy and weird. So I'm used to being teased and standing up for what I believe. However, it doesn't make it easy.

The first year is the hardest, but everyone evolves and gets used to it. You will too.

I don't miss sugar at all. I lost my taste for sugar a long time ago. When I'm in public, I can smell sugar everywhere. Your body will adjust to this.

It's very possible to live this way, but it's almost like hunter-gatherer. You're always at the store looking for food. You're constantly in the kitchen, and looking for what to eat for the next meal.

Your family and friends will get used to your new ways. When you get used to eating this way, you will discover that you are the normal one, and that society has gone mad.

Warm regards,


Nov 05, 2013
sugar response
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot. I've actually been like that too a little bit. I'm pretty picky with food and stuff, have been for atleast a few years. One reason was because I started to have odd problems with dairy stuff cause I ate it all the time so I had to like go off it for awhile. But now I have GERD so I have to try to get rid of that somehow if possible. It seems like this diet might actually help with that too though. I agree about sugar. When I started following this diet last year and went off sugar, it was amazing the difference when I did have anything with sugar. I could taste it instantly. It is crazy how everything's loaded with sugar, and also everything has acid in it too which I noticed on this gerd diet. And everything has bread or that flour you mention to avoid. Thanks for the help. I'm in a small apartment now so not sure about cooking a lot but I might give it a try.

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21 And My Hair is Thinning

I'm just shy of turning 22 and my hair is thinning pretty bad. I didn't realize how bad my bald spot was until recently of when I saw myself in a video. It was a real blow. It made me realize how much hair I have been losing, and its beginning to reduce my self-confidence. I want this to change, I want my hair to be thick and lively as it once was.

I need help, if there are any secrets to natural hair restoration, I would love to find out. I cannot afford medications like Rogaine, especially if they're not going to be a solution in the long run.

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Hope For Me?

I'm a male, 29, started thinning when I was 24. It thinned pretty bad for a year or two, then mostly stalled, leaving me with a Norwood 2ish hairline. (there's more still there but it's very tiny) and an intact "outline" but thin and diffused.

I actually don't have any slick bald spots. There's hair there, just not very much in some places. It's still made me pretty miserable though, and stalled my attempt at a Stand Up Comedy career, because I just feel so self-conscious in the stage lights, and don't want to have to be resigned to I'm ugly and balding jokes.

It seems to be MPB as my father has a similar pattern (and after thinning a little worse that me has been mostly unchanged for the last 20 years) but it started at the middle of my head and moved down almost like female pattern.

And I'd like to give this a try (I've been meaning to eat healthier anyway and I just gave up drinking anything but water for New Years) but I dunno. Some of my hair has been "Down" for nearly 6 years now. It might be too late to save it.

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Jan 15, 2016
It's Never Too Late
by: Sheree

Hello there,

I'm sorry about the delay. Thank you so much for being patient.

The way you described your hair loss, it's reversible. From what you've described, it sounds very close to the type of hair loss that Brian had. And Brian's hair loss was pretty extensive.

I understand how hair loss can hinder a career. I've had young men who've declined jobs based on hair loss. We understand how you feel. Hair loss can derail your self-esteem like nothing else in this world.

I don't believe it's too late at all. Blood is pumping through your veins, so that means there's hope for you. Some of our female visitors have experienced hair loss for decades, and are experiencing recovery. I would think that six years is very short.

And N2 is very doable. Go ahead and start the diet. It's been shown over and over to work. And then get back to your calling, which is getting up on the stage and making people laugh. And when you make your successful comedy career, we want to see you in action.

You're going to make it!



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The Hair Regrowth Journey Starts!

by Karlo

Front Left

Front Left

Hello all,

I stumbled upon this site about a month and a half a go or so and now have the knowledge and hope to reverse the onset of balding. I look back and noticed the front of my crown thinning around 2013 and it has continued since then. Yes, I am scared but have already started the diet and will work on perfecting it as soon as possible.

I do feel the fear and anguish related to the lack of hair growth. I noticed a significant loss in the past year and the fear lead me to wholeheartedly address this issue. I am grateful for finding this site! I want to get a consultation soon to get the extra support to make sure I do this diet as effectively as possible. I will keep this post short and sweet. Here are some pictures. The lighting is poor but I tried to get the best shot.

Thank you,


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Mar 10, 2017
A New Beginning
by: Sheree

Hi Karlo,

Thank you for your pictures and your story. Your pictures will document your hair recovery process step by step. This is an excellent starting point.

The hair loss diet is a journey of endurance, tenacity, and self-reflection. This diet is tough, but the payoff is just incredible.

The best advice I can give you is to stick this out, because it can take a while. Keep us updated on your progress. Your success is our success.

Congratulations on a new beginning.



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