Only making the heart decision is hard. After that it is easy.

Having been overweight since a teenager, I found your site and something just clicked when I realised about sugar. I think That was about 4 years ago. I was around 55. As soon as I got that 'click', it became fairly easy to stop the sugar.

I don't remember having withdrawal symptoms. On the occasions when I baked with a bit of sugar, or ate a couple of chocolates, I felt so nauseous that it was easy to stop. I never have chocolate in the house. The family knows not to buy me any.

Personally, I never wanted to use the natural alternatives with names I can't remember right now. I get a lot of sweetness from eating a piece of fresh fruit once a day.

Sometimes we make a lot about withdrawals and it appears frightening because people expect to battle. I don't think that has to be true at all. Take responsibility for yourself, relax and enjoy giving up that nasty stuff!

Over about a year, along with doing Leslie Sansone walking videos, or a few press-ups each day for toning, I went from 10 stone 8 pounds down to 9 stone. (I use UK terms).

I eat butter and fats by the way. I look younger just because I lost the weight and that makes me very happy. Another thing I noticed after many months with no sugar, is that my wrists and fingers that had always been very podgy, began to look a lot better. I was amazed at that.

Recently My 20 years of chronic anxiety and stress seemed to ebb away all on its own. This now means I can concentrate on regrowing my hair. It was impossible before because of the toll my stress took on my body!

So my advice based on my experience, is that actually making the decision to clear that nasty sugar out of your life takes a while, but when that decision is made in your heart, the rest is pretty easy.

I would suggest you don't bother with sugar alternatives, trying to recreate sugary flavours, and if you don't get frightened about withdrawal symptoms, you might very well not experience them at all😊

I do hope that this might be of some help.
Mrs. L

Sorry about the photo being sideways. I couldn't seem to change it. Also, the dress makes me look a bit fatter than I am because it is loose fitting. I am a size 10 dress which I think is size 8 in the U.S.

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You Will Go Far!
by: Sheree

Ms. L.

Thank you so much for your submission. You have a very keen insight on one of the biggest obstacles to hair regrowth and weight loss. Mastering sugar is of paramount importance.

So thank you for this beautiful letter, and thank you for the pictures. You look fantastic!



Thank you
by: Mrs. L

Thank you Sheree for your kind comments and for all that you do here.

I realised that my statistics might be confusing to some people, so I looked up conversion tables for the US terms. I hope I have got this right.

Bear in mind that I am very petite so my weight was classed as obese at the beginning. I looked it too. Unfortunately, I destroyed the old pictures when I lost weight

Height 4' 11" which is 150cm
Weight began at 151.2 pounds
Current weight is 113 pounds.
I lost another couple of pounds last week.

The wonderful thing is that giving up sugar is that I lost weight without having to enter a battle zone with my body. I think the problem with 'battling' with weight is that it makes you stressed, and that does not help your hair.

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