Need support

by Ramon

Hello everyone I suffered Androgenetic Alopicia ever since I was 23 years old and have been fighting it since then. When I first experienced this problem I was depressed and felt hopeless. I went to a dermatologist and he told me it was just genetics and that it could not be changed. it really had a negative effect on me, But even back then I knew on some level I had to change my eating habits.I have bought the eBooks ,and they are very motivating and educational I have practiced the diet for two weeks and felt good about it.I lost motivation over it after the two weeks,but i’ve been making changes ever-since then slowly but surely. I’ve started off replacing coffee with herbal tea,when I had stopped drinking coffee my gastritis had gone away in a matter of less than a week I was able to have a good long uninterrupted sleep since then, and now I’m looking for a support group to help me.

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Jun 15, 2018
You're Headed in the Right Direction
by: Sheree


The information you've written shows me that you've made a wonderful start. It's extremely easy to lose motivation, especially if you're feeling depressed. It will get better and easier. Your depression will lift.

I know I've said this many times before, but it bears repeating. I've had reports of the diet working as quickly as three days, and taking as long as a year. There's no way to predict how long it will take. So if you've noticed other issues clearing up, like gastritis, then you're headed in the right direction.

We need self-disciplined people like you to apply the diet and get results. We need your feedback so that we can document your success.

Stick with this diet for life. Mother nature will not only thicken your hair, but she will give you many other unexpected gifts. There's nothing more magical, elegant or splendid than the hair loss diet.

Good luck to you!



Aug 06, 2019
Feeling like im in control again.
by: Ramon

Hi I know its been awhile since I last wrote anything on my progress. I have been starting over again with a more positive outlook rather than being begrudging about it. Nonetheless I will send pictures of my progress. I found easier ways to substitute breads with lentil bread that only has a few ingredients which I think is a plus. Coffee is still off of my menu,animal product I only eat sparingly. I may not see my the hair on my temples springing back yet,but I'm going to wait patiently for its return.


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