James Hair Regrowth Success Story With Before and After Pictures

by James
(San Francisco, USA)

James' before picture

James' before picture

Hi Sheree,

I'm uploading 3 photos. The first is when my hair was in real bad shape as you can see. The strands look weak and my skin is visible.

The 1st pic was taken sometime around in mid February 2015. I started the hair loss diet in May and it's been around 3.5 months since I'm on it.

I also do scalp exercises and apply onion juice, but the main difference really came from your diet. As you can see in the next 2 photos which are taken in harsh light, no skin is visible and the color of my hair has changed a lot. I credit all of this to you Sheree; you've helped me live a new life. I just hope progress continues and I get to keep these hairs forever.


I eat 2 boiled eggs, a handful of almonds and sometimes drink organic soy milk for breakfast.

For lunch, I eat grilled chicken with any sorts of vegetables available but mostly I eat boiled spinach and broccoli along with it.

For snacks, I snack on pumpkin seeds and walnuts. Pumpkin seeds are very beneficial for hair according to many studies as it reduces DHT levels in the body.

Dinner and lunch is the same. Vegetables may change; I eat tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, cauliflower, and cucumbers too but mainly I stick with spinach and broccoli every day.

Also, it is very important to eat veggies with proteins. Along with this diet, I have left all processed foods, sweets, sugary drinks, sodas, wheat, bread, starch, fried food, and EVERY thing that comes out of a packet or box.

This is hard but the prize of a full head of hair is worth it and is what motivates me every day. I believe excluding all unnatural and unprocessed foods is much more important than eating hair healthy foods. Leaving these foods out is the BIGGEST strategy to fight hair loss and recover hair.


Skin, hair, and nails (includes all B complex vitamins along with many other vitamins)
Cod liver oil
Borage oil
Green tea extract


I do intense cardio training sessions around 3-4 times a week which last around 40 minutes.

I also do a specific scalp exercise daily for 10 minutes. It aims to use the back muscles (occipitalis muscles if I'm correct) and the front muscles of the head (frontalis muscles) to move the scalp in an orderly manner. Search it up on the internet if you don't understand because its quite hard for me to explain how to do it.


I also sometimes apply egg and yogurt mixture or aloe vera juice or coconut oil on my scalp. I recently started to use onion juice for my hair too, and it definitely made the quality of my hair better. Search its benefits too and you'll be amazed how many people have had success with it.


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Aug 20, 2015

by: Sheree

Yesssss. You did it! Thank you for this information, and the words of encouragement you've given to so many people. When you see progress, please post more pictures.



Nov 04, 2016

by: Sheree

Learn the Science of Hair Regrowth!

Nov 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

I recently lost a lot of weight (13kg/30lbs) from November 2015 to may 2016.during this period I stopped oiling my scalp and did heat treatments almost daily. My father had a heart surgery in May 15' due to which I was emotionally stressed and stopped exercising or taking care of my diet. I think all that stress sent my hair into resting stage and I lost 3/4th of my hair. Its shattering because I keep thinking about it.

This fear has reached my subconscious and I'm going crazy. When I should be thinking about my business, fitness and travel goals, I just sit there paralyzed. But I've Started taking care if my hair and having a protein and veggie rich diet. I've also started taking biotin, folic acid and zinc sulphate supplements as prescribed by my dermatologist.

I'm doing yoga, nail rubbing and breathing exercises too. And use herbal oil and shampoo.Its been 3 days since I started doing this. I'll also start doing cardio. Feeling motivated and I know I'll get my hair back and it will be healthier than before. This incident was for the good since I've started valuing health more.

Dec 01, 2016
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear that. Usually after high stress u lose hair 4 months after events. How r things going now?

Nov 25, 2018
by: Musa

Hey James! I'd like to ask you a few questions about your program. You mind emailing me?


Greetings, Musa

Dec 06, 2018
Your e-mail address was removed for your protection
by: Sheree

Musa, I removed your email address for your protection. If James is subscribed to our system, he'll get the notification for your submission and your question.



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