How's This Regimen?

by Tommy
(Herndon, VA USA)

Hello. If you have a minute, I slowly evolved into a regimen. I was eating Lucky Charms and downing two large Slurpees per day. Additionally, fast food hamburgers and Chipotle burritos. Through this site, I learned about GI and dumped all that about two months ago.

My daily intake is a bag of broccoli, two cans of black beans and two chicken quesadillas from Chipotle. I eliminated the white rice. My scalp no longer itches, no longer reddish, but hair still seems thinning.

I need quesadillas to keep weight on and they are my only pleasure. No carbonated drinks, no alcohol. Should I remain optimistic? Thank you for everything.

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Nov 17, 2019
Give Yourself Time to Learn the Diet
by: Sheree


I can see that you've made extraordinary changes, but you need to dial it back a little bit more. Quesadillas are a wheat product. We even avoid organic wheat. Rice and beans have a ton of carbohydrates that will help keep your weight up.

You need to be eating natural, organic sources of food that you're making at home. You need a huge variety of meats, fish, beans and vegetables. There's nothing wrong with eating at Chipotle once a week or so, just make sure you're very strict with the wheat products.

Every person on the hair loss diet needs to avoid wheat products.

And of course you need to remain optimistic. When this diet is applied correctly, most men respond very quickly. Just observing the fact that your scalp cleared up and you've noticed positive changes means you're going in the right direction.

This diet takes quite a while to learn. You've only been at it for a couple of months. Make sure you have a heartfelt understanding and please don't skip the important details, like food combining, wheat, sugar, soy products, et cetera.



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