Tasty Ways to Ditch The Sugar

I may not cut sugar out entirely but I have cut down a lot and intend to stay on this healthier eating plan. I've noticed that my energy levels don't swing as much, and this is the only strategy that will cut my long term risk of diabetes.

I am trying to cut sugar because of dental problems and because my grandmother had type 2 diabetes and I saw the effects of this illness first hand.

At the moment I am cooking deserts using sugar free cookbooks that flavor with some of the following:

For snacks I have nuts and dried fruit. I am presently allowing myself 2-3 sugar days a week.
For anyone trying to cut sugar, remember coffee is bad because it interferes with your blood sugar levels. If you must have coffee, have it with a meal that has dairy and/or slow releasing carbs. To find a list of slow releasing carbs look up the glycemic index diet.


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Excellent Idea to Lower Sugar
by: Anonymous

I love what you say about coffee. a lot of people don't know that coffee can have an affect like this.

If I eat just one piece of cake, then i will want it over and over again. Its like im out of control with sweets. every time my kids eat something, i have to have it too. if they don't finish it, i find myself going after them to eat it. in the name of not wasting food. i love this food and its making me crazy.

my best friends sisters leg was amputated because she was diabetic. she ate sugar until the day she died at 49. she died of diabetes complications. she would not change. RIP. she was a good lady.

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No Sugar Diet for Kids: Girl 9 and Boy 11

by Jackie Depallo
(Limerick, Pa )

I need to help my kids to eat healthy and lose weight. They are 9 and 11. They weigh 90 and 96 lbs. I'm upset and think it is because of too much sugar. After reading this page, I realize the problem is worse than I thought.

My 11-year-old son is a very picky eater. My daughter is 9. Please help me on what to buy and eat. I'm not sure how much or what to buy. Can you tell me what foods kids will like, and how to cook it?

Thank you

Jackie Depallo

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Kids and a No Sugar Diet (or low sugar diet)
by: Sheree

Hello, Jackie.

Getting our kids to eat correctly is a never-ending war. You are battling the media, other family members, and even your own children.

When my son was younger, he refused healthy foods. So I continued to buy heavily processed foods. The reason I did this is I believed he would starve. Knowing what I know now, I would have handled things differently.

Our children refuse healthy foods because they become accustomed and addicted to boxed and pre-packed foods. You can get them to stop by using a step-by-step process.

The first step is to slowly eliminate the offending foods. Little by little, you can eat nutritious meals in front of your children, and they will see the example. When you buy healthy foods, play a game and let them name the foods. When you teach them what the food is and what it does, they become very excited.

Set a time frame, say a month. Slowly eliminate every single sugary food item. You can let them know that they can have one or two items in the entire house. Something like graham crackers or their favorite cereal. This will keep them from feeling too different from other children or deprived.

Dr. Lustig gives his children sugar only on the weekends. That's another option.

My daughter was a tough case. She was completely addicted to sugary carbs. The fighting got so bad that I finally stopped bringing any sugar items into our home. She is allowed ice cream a few times a week, and we have graham crackers and cereal. That's it.

She eats leeks, beans, brown rice, eggs, fish, poultry, broiled cheese bread, organic milk, nuts and seeds, broccoli, many different types of fruits, and much more. She's used to it now. She actually loves it. And she's proud of herself. It took one year to get her to accept this way of life. But it will always be a battle.

Your kids are going to be fine. Once they reduce or eliminate the sugar, their weight will roll off very quickly. They may throw a tantrum or two, but they will thank you later.

My eight-year-old daughter made this video for your two kids. She explains to them what it's like to eat healthy.

by: Anonymous

What is the recipe for the broccoli,cheese,chicken, rice casserole? It sounded good!

Recipe for Casserole
by: Recipe

Here's the recipe for the link to the casserole. You are going to love this recipe!

Casserole Recipe

Let us know if you love it as much as we do!


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Frozen Peach Slices: Better Than Popsicles!

I lost 13 pounds and kept it off for a year now, from 148 lbs to 135 lbs and I am 5'5" tall. Look great, feel great. My secret: applesauce and frozen peach slices. I put applesauce on plain yogurt or cottage cheese, it is a great dessert. And if I am craving my favorite, popsicles, I just shake some frozen peach slices into a bowl. MMM even better than popsicles! And you can buy a bag of frozen peach slices for cheap, and it is super easy.

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by: marlon

That's a great tip for people who crave sweets. Thanks a lot! I'll see if we have them in my country.

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My No Sugar Diet

by Graham Campbell

I excluded sugar from my diet 8 months ago and I have lost 70 pounds. At no point did I suffer any cravings, tiredness or loss of will-power.
From my experience it is not enough just to give up sugar. You must also give up dieting!

I eat everything I want to eat provided it didn't contain sugar. I eat bread, potatoes, pasta, animal fats and everything else that we are told not to eat - just so long as it does not contain sugar.

Humans have been always eaten fats and carbohydrate. We need them and if we try to do without them we suffer cravings. Will-power is not strong enough to withstand these cravings indefinitely. So if you try to give up carbohydrate and fat you will fail.

But you do not need sugar. It is a recent addition to our diet. Cut it out and you will lose weight. But if you try to cut out carbs and fat at the same time, you will fail.

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You need fat and carbs. You do not need sugar.
by: Anonymous

Getting rid of sugar is the only way to lose weight. The biggest problem is getting people to understand that sugar causes many diseases. Sugar seems so harmless, but it causes massive weight gain. Congratulations on your weight loss.

Well done
by: anon

I agree, i have cut out sugar entirely and still eat carbs and fat and have noticed a considerable difference, in just a week! I suffer from anxiety and depression and i already feel better and more in control of my emotions, as well as feeling lighter and more energised. And i still get to eat pasta! Yay :)

If only people knew what poison sugar was!
by: Anonymous

I discovered just how poisonous sugar was a few years ago when I got diagnosed with an auto-immune skin disease, lichen palus (hope the spelling is right). I was told by my specialist that it would take at least 18 months to heal & I could expect the scars from the rash to stay possibly forever.

I was prescribed a string steroid cream, which I really dreaded using. I used the minutest amount of cream for maybe 2 weeks until I discovered a site where people with the disease noticed a huge improvement when they eliminated sugar & highly processed foods from their diets. Well I did the same & stopped using the steroid cream & in 3 months not only was the rash gone but I was left with no marks or scars at all. I also lost 10 kilos.

I didn't measure food or count calories I just purely eliminated sugar & things like white breads & pasta & rice. I ate whole grains & whole meal pasta instead. My skin never looked better in that time.

Out if interest, I read the book 'sweet poison' & it's no coincidence that the author found in his research that on a graph, the line that shows the increase in cancers over the last 100+ years is almost identical to the amount sugar that's being consumed. I know what's it has done for me & I don't need to be convinced that fat isn't the enemy but sugar definitely is!

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Important Things to Keep in Mind When Embarking On A No Sugar Diet

by Carol
(Valdez, AK)

I'm into day 5 of eliminating sugar and processed foods. And never forget that alcohol is a no-no. I'm very grateful for this article and research I have done prior to starting this journey. What many articles fail to mention is the side effects you may have when doing this. Not knowing this information, could destroy all efforts.

I will be honest when I say that the side effects were debilitating the first 4 days. I'm glad I'm off work for the holidays right now, or I may have had to call in sick for a week. I felt dizzy, fatigue, no energy, couldn't sleep, still can't, but it might also relate to quitting some medication).

The first three days the cravings and feeling like I was starving or wanting to eat horrible foods was very difficult. Finally on the evening of the third day, I did not feel hungry after a good, healthy dinner.

On the fourth day I started to feel better. I knew that eventually I would, based on my research. So I powered through my symptoms. I am so glad I did, as now I'm feeling better, as promised. Not 100%, because sleep still eludes me.

I'm sure there are plenty of challenges ahead. In the beginning I felt very alone and afraid that I was becoming deathly ill. I just wanted to share this. I may be the exception to the rule, but I hope this gives anyone just beginning this process, that it does get better.

So far in 4 days I dropped 5 pounds. I imagine this is water weight, but believe eliminating sugar and processed foods, this weight loss will continue.

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Nice Work Mom!

by Jacob Wiley
(Spokane, Wa)

Hi mom! On the website checking it out, its beautiful! so proud of all you have done and how many people you help thru this website! your life has taken on new meaning because of it! I'm on day 4 and the cravings are bad but I'm staying strong!

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LOL! I Just Love It
by: Sheree

Hi Baby!

It took me a minute to realize who it was, because I didn't read the name right away.

Hang in there. It will take about two to three weeks for the cravings to disappear. You can use our recipes as a baseline for your diet. We have a lot of ideas.

I'm so proud of you sweetie! I know how hard it is. Write me here if you need help with the withdrawals!



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