Sharing My Findings:- Fenugreek Seeds and Ginseng tea

by Kate

Recently I have found great products that can enhance hair regrowth from inside and I've already use them for a week.

1: Fenugreek seeds - full of phytoestrogens and fiber, helps to balance hormonal levels as well as reduce insulin levels! However, be careful not to gain weight as due to its lowering of glucose levels your body is craving for something sweet!

What I do is soak Fenugreek seeds in hot water overnight, I eat the seeds for breakfast mixed with oats or just yogurt. The liquid from the seeds I place in a spray bottle and spray my hair with it after shampooing and conditioning.

It works as a hair spray for shine. If your hair is curly, it gives beautiful curls. For me it also controls my oily hair. My hair does not get oily on the second day as usual.

Caution! Seeds are very bitter and the spray may make you smell like maple syrup! Can make your hips more round and your breasts bigger and more feminine as it contains feminine hormone.

2) ginseng (I use Korean ginseng) - the root that acts as inflammatory as well as it activates all the processes of your body, gives energy. I drink 2-3 cups of ginseng tea per day.

I have been following the low GI diet for already a month, I also take every morning a capsule of salmon oil and a table spoon of sesame seed oil during a day!

I already can see that my hair fall is a lot a lot less and the quality of hair has significantly improved.

Also, before every shampoo, I put Indian oils or coconut oil on my scalp for at least couple of hours. That gives a lot of shine and moisturizes it!

I hope it helps you! Good luck with this fight! If you have any questions you can Google those products or ask me here!


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Feb 18, 2013
You mean anti-inflammatory
by: YaYa

Hi Kate,
Thanks so much for this good info. I'm going to try it out. Sounds simple enough. Just want to make sure you mean anti-inflammatory instead of inflammatory because I have enough inflammation going on already (smiles).
Thanks so much,

Feb 18, 2013
Sorry my mistake )))
by: Kate

Yes, sure, I mean anti-inflammatory! ))

Also, I would like to add that with fenugreek consumption I have less acne on my forehead, and when I use the liquid from it as a spray on my hair it gives me lots lots lots of shine and volume which is good for my thinning ((( hair

Feb 18, 2013
by: Anonymous

Yes to anti-inflammatory! Thanks Kate, I figured that's what you meant but I don't like to take things for granted.

You know, I cheated today with a chocolate brownie and yesterday I had a small piece of my son's Birthday cake and I feel terrible! Haven't had sugar for a month. Depressed and emotional! I'm glad it took it's toll on me as a reminder of how horrible sugar can be. It didn't even taste as good as it used to. Just thought I'd share the ills of sugar. It wasn't worth it! Thanks again for your article Karen. Much appreciated.

Feb 19, 2013
by: Marlon

Ditto with the sugar. I too crave for sweets sometimes. Fruits like mandarin orange satisfy my sweet tooth just fine. I also eat a little dark chocolate once in a while.

By the way, does anyone know if lack of sleep worsen hair loss? How many hours of sleep do you guys get? And how early do you go to sleep?


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Sharing my picture after using fenugreek seeds spray

by Kate

Hi! It is the addition to my previous post on fenugreek seeds and the spray for hair that I made out of them. After shampooing my hair I sprayed the fenugreek liquid on my wet hair for shine and volume. And here is the picture! This makes me love my hair and physiologically it sends positive vibes to them!

Good luck everybody!

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Feb 20, 2013
fengusee spray
by: nat

looks amazing - lovely
where can i purchase this spray?

Feb 20, 2013
Check our my previous post in forum
by: Kate

Hi Nat!

Thank you for comment! The spray I did myself. I bought Indian fenugreek seeds. Soaked them overnight in hot water and next day after shampooing used the water out of seeds on my hair as a styling spray. It has a lot of protein as well as phytoestrogens. The remaining seeds I eat for breakfast (I add two tea spoons of them to my morning oats)

Also you can find the information in my previous post in this forum -> Sharing my findings: fenugreek and ginseng tea.

If you have more questions, let me know!

Dec 30, 2018
by: Anonymous

hi sheree , is millet ok to eat? can i have it everyday if so?
and what do you think about eating funegreek seeds?

Dec 30, 2018

by: Sheree

You can eat millet, but I would not eat it every single day. You have to watch
your grains on this diet, even gluten-free grains. Fenugreek seeds can be eaten on this diet without any problems!

Good luck to you!


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