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Back in the old days when the website was new, I easily answered questions through our contact form. We had about ten viewers a day, and we were a very small family.  I could easily handle the small volume of traffic for free.  Now, with greatly increased traffic, it's no longer possible. 

Our method is very successful, so it attracts a lot of attention.  After a few months, there were hundreds of people coming through the contact links asking for assistance.  This was a good thing because it helped our website grow by leaps and bounds.

Now,  thousands of people come through the links every month, and I'm no longer able to answer questions through the contact page.  So this question and answer method was designed to screen out questions that may not be urgent.

Time is Essential

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As anyone who's ever been through my program will tell you, I am very thorough.  I dive deeply into the hair loss diet science.  Sometimes it takes me up to an hour to answer just one single question.

A lot of people already have an understanding of the hair loss diet, and just have one question, so this module is for you!

I am strict about this single-question module.   If you need to go beyond a single question, please sign up for another question or download The Hair Loss Diet Interactive Video Coach.

Sample Single Hair Loss Diet Questions

How often can I eat brown rice flour bread?

How do I eat at restaurants?

What types of foods are allowed for my cheat meal?

What types of carbohydrates can I eat?

Tip:  Try not to ask yes or no questions.  No matter what, I'll always give you the science supporting the answer.

Please note:  Diet reviews cannot be handled here. If you need a full diet review, that is considered full-blown coaching. 

Download our hair loss diet training video coach.

Or you can order our hair loss diet ebook  to answer over 40 of your questions.

Learn the Hair Loss Diet for Free!

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If you're sure that you have a full grip on the diet, but you just have a question that's bugging you, sign up and get it answered here. 

The fee for a single question is $5.00.  When I get your transaction ID from PayPal, I will contact you by email.  Then you may proceed with your question.

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