Its Working!!!

by Joni

Hi Sheree. First of all, not only is my hair growing back, but I've managed to lose eight pounds in the process. I think my hair has been coming back for some weeks now, but I didn't notice it until I looked at a picture I took three weeks ago and my jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe how much it’s started to fill in.

My hair has changed so much in just three short weeks. I was looking for really fine hairs to be sprouting up all over, but several hairs have come in thick, and I just assumed they were already there.

My hairline hasn’t completely filled in yet, but I’m noticing some fine hairs in the thin areas.

So far my hair is miles from where it was just weeks ago and I couldn't be happier because I know everything I'm doing is working. It’s so amazing that the body can heal itself like this through diet.

Do you remember I wrote to you about my gout condition? Well, guess what? I haven't had any problems with that either. I completely went back to eating the foods I was eliminating (Spinach, Sardines and Tuna) weeks ago and I haven't experienced any gout pain at all. Amazing (right)!

Now that my body is repairing itself and I'm ridding myself of these conditions, my confidence has come back and I feel like I want to shout out it from the rooftops! I can’t wait till my hair is thick again!

Also, I plan on staying on this diet for life. I never want to suffer from alopecia again. I'm gonna try to post some pictures of my growth so far.

I could hardly wait to write because so many great things are happening. It’s hard to compose myself these days.

Sheree, I just love you for creating this site and sharing this information with the world! You are the best!


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My Hair Was Shedding Like Crazy!!!

Hi, Sheree. I see baby hair everywhere in my hairline and they are so crazy. I cherish every single of those baby strands. They have a life of their own and they are just stick straight.

It's Mary. I messaged you a few months back about my hair loss. I thought I should give you an update and ask for more advice.

Starting Oct 2012, I am seeing much less hair falling out. I used to loose 300 – 400 strands while washing/drying/brushing but now it is cut down to 50- 80. I shampoo my hair every other day so to think about it 50- 80 should be divided by 2 days and that gives me about 40 strands a day.

I think that is pretty amazing. My dermatologist mentioned that 100- 200 a day is normal so I think I am doing much better.

Please advice if I should change something from my diet:

I take the following supplements:
1 prenatal multivitamin in the morning + 1mg biotin
2. 1mg biotin at dinner time
3. 2000 IU of vitamin D at lunch
4. I spoon of omega 3 fish oil before bed + I spoon of Echium essence
5. I capsule of bio-fin (herbal hair loss pill) – have been taking this since June 2012

I eat the following on a weekly basis
1. Lentils (Dal) -
2. Red Beans
3. Salmon
4. chicken
5. chickpeas
6. I use kale instead of lettuce in my salad
7. 3 – 4 boiled eggs
8. cheerious cereal 2-3 times
9. banana, orange, carrot juice, apples

Can you suggest if I am overlooking something or if I am overdoing something.

My part at the crown is very thin…If I wear my hair down, people can notice it. Can you suggest what I should do to make my crown stronger. That is my only problem area at the moment and it is hard for me to see if I have baby hair growing there or not.

Thanks so much my Angel.


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Excessive Hair Shedding Stopped in Week And a Half

by Cammie
(New Zealand )

Dear Sheree, I am noticing lots of unruly baby baby hairs all around my part and at my temples. It was almost if they were just waiting for me to "wake-up!" I am very VERY excited to tell you that in only a week and a half I have noticed that my excessive hair shedding has almost completely stopped!!

I have always been very "health conscious," trying to eat a balanced diet, organic, and lots of veggies, exercising, etc.., but I noticed something wasn't right a couple of years ago when my hair started shedding WAY more than it normally did.

I tried different shampoos, a chlorine filter, apple cider vinegar hair rinse, doing health detoxes, reducing my stress, but my hair continued to shed. In fact, after two years it had shed to the point where I was experiencing hair loss at the sides of my temples and near my part.

Before I read your website I had the feeling that I was right on the edge of knowing what was causing my hair loss - like it was staring me in the face, but I was too distracted to notice. What I hadn't been looking at was my sugar intake.

Honey in my coffee (and I loved to drink coffee!), honey in my porridge, honey in my tea, honey in my unsweetened yogurt (ironic right?) the occasional ice cream, and cookies, and chocolate! I love(d) chocolate and would have some almost every night. Also I was occasionally eating junk food and almost always eating processed food in the form of cereal bars, "healthy" corn chips, french fries - unconcerned because most of the time I ate "alright."

Thank You for shedding light on the most blaringly obvious truth: our diets are reflected in our bodies.

By the second day of following a low glycemic diet my hair shedding started to decline. I'm into my second week now and I'm losing a 1/3 of the hair I was losing 2 weeks ago.

Additionally I have way more energy and I don't rely on coffee anymore to help me feel awake. I never realized how much sugar was poisoning my body. Thank you so much for bringing your experience and knowledge to everyone who needs it! I will definitely be posting some before and after pictures in a few months time.


Cammie B.

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Three months review:The New Baby Hair Started Sprouting as Early as 10 Days Into the Diet

by SH

Hi Sheree, so it has been three months and I thought this is long due. Is there a difference? Most definitely yes :))))) It's nothing drastic, but I remember before I read ur blog thinking about thinning hair every sec of the day. I do the same now, too, but only to search for new hair sprouting :)

The new baby hair started sprouting as early as 10 days into the diet, but it has been slow progress after that. But progress is there. Yipeee .. cheers to you!

I even got baby hair on the forehead near the temples ... I was so excited ... I didn't even realize I had lost the baby hair as well.

I still have long way to go but wanted to share with you that thanks to u I sleep at peace now :)

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Hair Growth Results Quickly

by Jenny

I've been doing this diet for 3 days and I already see a difference in my hair. It feels and looks thicker. I'm very happy. I've been reading this web site for about a week. My hair started falling out about 3 years ago.

I've been to doctors, tried supplements, tried everything really, and nothing has worked. I don't want to try Rogaine because I've read bad things about it, although that was the drs best recommendation for me.

My name is Jenny. Good luck to every one.

Will keep you posted

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Yaya's New Growth!

Yaya has been on the hair loss diet for several months now. Her hair has responded to the diet, and we're all super excited for her. Congratulations Yaya. You deserve this for all of the support you've given other, and your hair work.



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It's Growing Back!

by Female Pharoah
(San Francisco,California)

At 18 I was diagnosed with three types of female cancer and had a hysterectomy. At 30 I was diagnosed with severe depression, and at 40 I noticed that my hair was thinning BADLY! & I was livid.

Now I'm over 55 years old and my hair is really growing back and I love it. A friend of mine who's been going through chemotherapy numerous times had suggested that I need to keep my hair clean outside and inside.

What I'm using is Minoxidil in the areas where the hair was GONE! This was really bad! And I'm also using the golden flaxseed. I'm taking two tablespoons in the morning in 2 tablespoons at night. Mix in a smoothie or yogurt. Trust me it works !!! my hair is growing back and I'm going to continue to use it!

The thing with minoxidil is you have to keep using it, otherwise, you lose your hair. But my hair grew back so beautifully!!

Oh, I also take a flaxseed oil supplement three in the morning, three at night. Now, I'm adding the other things I've learned!

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Within a Month I Could See New Tiny Hair

by Lara

Thanks so much for this website, Sheree. It is amazing how much work you have put into it and then offered it completely free to everyone. Thanks to you and your big heart, there are so many people with newfound hope.

I've had diffuse hair loss for about 25 years now, from the age of 15. During this time the texture of my hair also underwent a radical change. So from very thick wavy hair, I went to really thinning, coarse, frizzy hair.

I have been on the diet for almost two months now. Within a month I could see new tiny hair where there was nothing growing before!! I know this for a fact because I parted my hair in the middle and checked before I started the diet.

There is still hair fall, but it has definitely reduced. It has still made no difference in the volume of my hair, but I guess it's only a matter of time.

The great part is that every time I check, like once in 3 - 4 days, it looks like there's more hair! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

To Nat

Nat, you are fabulous! Such a courageous, beautiful, inspirational woman! I don't know how you stuck to the diet for so long even without seeing results. I check your photographs every so often to keep me going.

My question to you is this: I read that you went on an anti-candida diet. Did you also do anything else along with it like an anti-fungal or something? I read that the candida die-off symptoms can be pretty bad and so the anti-sugar diet has to be supplemented with medicines to help with the die-off symptoms. Please let me know.

Also, did you cut out all sugars including fruits and brown rice for the anti-candida diet? I am super strict with my diet, but I do have a cup of brown rice and fruit as recommended by Sheree.
Any comments for the questions above Sheree?

Thanks so much to both of you wonderful women!

Much love,


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Hair Growing Back After 10 Years

by Andrea

I am a 50 year old woman who's hair started thinning over 10 years ago to the point where the hair on the top of my head was bald. For the last 5 years I have been using all sorts of things to disguise my bald spot including hats, hair bands and hairstyles to cover it. I had accepted that this was permanent, especially as my mother also had thin hair and other than a hair transplant, there wasn't anything I could do. I was at the point of thinking about getting a wig, but after researching healthier eating for health reasons I also began to look into diets for hair growth and came across your wonderful site and found it hard to believe that all this wealth of information is free.

For the last 3 months I have been using the hair loss diet, eating a low glycemic, gluten free diet and am seeing amazing results already. I am seeing hair growth on the top of my head where I have not had hair for many years. I am excited and also a little impatient and wondering if it will grow back fully and how long it might take.

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