Struggling but won't give up!

I lost my hair when I was around 16 years old, and it is still thinning at age 23. Genetics plays a role for sure as female pattern baldness runs in my family. However, I grew up on processed foods and never knew this is what caused my hair loss. Once I started noticing I was gaining weight, I thought my hair loss was directly correlated. I wanted to be as "healthy" as possible so I switched all of my foods to "non-fat" or "low-fat" and unfortunately that made matters worse.

I met with a dermatologist who told me it was genetic and put me on Rogaine and spirolactone. A few years later, I saved up to have a prp treatment done and bought a laser cap. I also started have ozone injections into my scalp until I had a horrible reaction to those. NOTHING helped.

The one thing that did help when I did it habitually was the laser cap. I am pretty good at hiding the thinning, but every single day I get up I have to hide this from the world. Sometimes I have horrible breakdowns about it because I feel like I will never have pretty hair, or how I want it to look.

However, I have a lot of hope after doing research and reading everything the hair loss diet has to offer. I am sick of being depressed and having low self-esteem because of my hair! I can't wait to say in a year or so my hair grew back, so here's hoping.

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