Here We Go

by Hector
(Washington DC)

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Right side

The thinning is better seen live than in this picture

My thick wonderful hair is beginning to thin... Could you imagine that. I started losing the bulk of it when I went on a vegan diet but I was noticing that I was starting to lose a little bit of the hairline, nothing to be alarmed about. But after I went on a vegan diet my hair loss accelerated at light speed.

So based on everything I read on this website and the books and the videos I watched. This is the diet I'm adopting.


Normally two to three eggs, black or pinto beans with quinoa and a mixture of red bell peppers and white onions. Sometimes I use broccoli. Also on some days I'll have one egg boiled and a can of sardines, with the same vegetables I listed above. I also include either some avocado or queso fresco


Chicken thigh baked with skin and bone. About two cups of spinach mixed with a little bit of onions are the red white or yellow and some red or orange bell peppers. I also eat it with non GMO blue corn or yellow corn tortillas... I'm Mexican what can I say lol.. the non-GMO variety can only be found at Whole Foods as far as I have been able to detect I used to Ula brand. Day in day out I substitute the tortillas with red quinoa or chickpeas and I usually eat it with the mixture of some avocado or queso fresco.

For a snack I eat about a half a cup of whole milk yogurt plain with either a banana, blueberries, or two medjool dates.


A bowl of either red black or green lentils mixed with beef gelatin. I use a brand called Great Lakes and use about 2 tablespoons. I eat this with a quarter of an onion red white or yellow, a whole avocado in about a quarter cup of cilantro.

On Tuesdays I have class so I don't have time to cook so I just eat a really large bowl of whole milk plain yogurt with 6 medjool dates and half a cup of blueberries.

I found that if I don't eat enough I still lose hair. That was based on eating like this, or better said something like this starting about two to three months ago. At that time I wasn't eating any quinoa or very little no beans for breakfast or lunch and definitely no tortillas. And I think I was under eating because I lost a a lot of weight, like I used to be 152 lb and I dropped to 128. So I don't think I could grow hair if I'm losing that much weight that fast. That's mainly why I added the carbohydrate foods especially the beans the tortillas and quinoa because I realize I just was not eating enough.

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Jan 24, 2019
You Are on Your Way!
by: Sheree

Hi Hector,

You are absolutely correct. We have linked the vegan diet to hair loss. It can accelerate hair loss very, very quickly, depending on how much grains and sugar you're taking in. Hair loss can become very aggressive in some people who are on vegan diets.

So it takes a certain type of awareness to realize that that's what's causing it, and I'm very happy that you can see with clarity what's actually going on.

The diet you listed is absolutely spectacular. The only adjustment I would make is quinoa. If you're going to eat quinoa, eat it once per week, and make sure you soak it. Quinoa has saponins that can puncture holes in your gut, and you must soak it before you eat it. Or eliminate it all together. Other than that, I do not see any errors in your diet menu.

Give the diet time to work. Please note that I had a client from six years ago who I contacted after he started to regrow his hair. After five and a half years, he's only seen 75% recovery. He did have an advanced case, however, but it just goes to show you how long it can take in some people. His name is Noah, and his story is on the website.

I know I've said this before, but it takes literally days for the hair to fall out, and it can take a very long time to grow back. But it depends on the overall condition of your body. The healthier you are, the faster your hair will grow back.

I've seen hair recovery in males as fast as three months. And like I said, with another client it took over five years just to see 75% recovery. So hang in there and don't quit!

Thank you so much for the pictures. We are desperately in need of before and after pictures. If you are willing to keep yourself updated and send us more pictures I would be deeply grateful for that.

Please let us know how you're doing in the near future, and I'm looking forward to your success!

Love Sheree

Jan 26, 2019
Thanks for the feedback!
by: Hector

Thanks for your feedback. I suspect that since you only mentioned caution around the quinoa that there's less concern regarding the non-GMO tortillas and the beans. I'll make the adjustments and kick back on the quinoa and I definitely was guilty of not soaking them so will change that! Let's hope for the best.

I also forgot to mention that I occasionally make my own vegetable juice out of celery cucumber and carrots and sometimes cabbages. I don't know if this would have a negative effect either.

Thanks for your website your videos and your little ebook... they're all helpful!

Jan 29, 2019
Vegetable Juice, Tortillas & Beans
by: Sheree

Hi Hector,

Non GMO tortillas are definitely preferred over genetically engineered. However, they're still high GI. What you could do is combine the tortillas with fat, vegetables and protein to buffer the glucose effect of the corn tortillas. That will help a lot. So in other words, always mix the tortillas with low GI foods.

Also, I would scale back on the tortillas. They probably wouldn't do a lot of harm, but you want to pack your system with as much nutrient-dense foods as possible, and tortillas don't have a whole lot of value for your hair.

You can eat the beans every day in every form. And the vegetable juice is fine every day too.

Good luck, and please let us know how you're progressing!



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