Help for Love

by Naima

Hi Sheree. I'm a 22-year-old female. I've been suffering from hair loss for quite a while, but last year was the worst. I've always had thin hair since my birth, with few wide part, but lately it's the worst it has ever been, especially my hairline.

I can't even put my hair up. It's like I don't have any hair on the front. My vertex is as bad as it can be. I'm always wearing a turban or a hat.

I can't even look at myself in the mirror. I even removed my mirror from my room so I won't see myself. I don't know what to do, sometimes I just wanna give up, but I can't do that. I'm still hoping that I'll regrow my hair. Your forum seems very interesting. You're like a light in the dark.

Please Sheree help me. It's so hard to go through this at a young age, especially for a female...I'm begging you Sheree

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Sep 08, 2018
Hello Naima
by: Sheree

Hello Naima,

Your letter is very compelling. Emotional stress is 80% of the hair loss struggle. You can definitely turn this around.

Let's do this. Send me a five-day sample of exactly what you're eating. I need to know exactly what it is. If it's processed food, I need to know the brand and the name. And if it's anything natural, I need the name and the quantity.

Also, please take pictures, because regrowth is very gradual, and it's not always obvious.

Chin up. You've already shown us that you're a fighter. Giving up is not an option. Put one foot in front of the other and keep pushing ahead. You are way stronger than you realize.

Once I get your information, we can begin.



Sep 09, 2018
help for love
by: Anonymous

Hi Sheree,

Yeah, that's true, I get very stressed sometimes. I'm working on it , but sometimes i just can't help it. When I see my hair in the mirror, I just freeze and get horrible anxiety that stays with me for days.

You know, Sheree, I don't discuss this subject with anyone, not my family nor my friends. I keep it all inside. I became paranoid, so it's all suppressed in me. And the fact that you are here willing to help me and saying that we can do this means the world to me.

Knowing that there's someone to go through this with me brings tears to my eyes. God bless you Sheree!

I've been gluten free since January, so no worries about gluten. I've been buying some gluten-free flour made from potato starch, corn, rice and indeed there's some sugar in it.

I don't use it daily, just when I crave bread I use it to make my own. But I guess I'll remove it all.

Um, I don't eat any processed food really. Only a few times, I bought some gluten free cookies, or peanut butter...

I almost only eat natural food. I do eat a lot of fruits as snack, and use honey as sweetener since I cut out sugar too. Lately I've been eating a banana a day in a smoothie or with quinoa in the mornings...

I do eat fish and chicken but I almost don't eat red meat anymore. That's pretty much my diet since January...

Now since I read your website, 2 days ago this is what i eat:

Breakfast: a cucumber, 2 celery, carrot and 1 boiled egg and spirulina powder. Can I have a fruit btw?

Lunch: green beans, chard, sardines, cucumber, lettuce, drizzle of tahini, tomatoes carrots

Dinner: quinoa with chard, lentils soup.
I really don't know how to portion my meals. How many veggies should I eat?

It's complicated for me since I live in Algeria. We don't have kale nor broccoli nor avocados. I might find some avocados and broccoli but they are very pricey.

I don't know if the vegetables here are organic or not, it's just a farmer market but you never know ... i definitely need you help planning my meals, which vegetables to avoid, which grains, which fruit, especially fruits coz they are my snacks.

Anyway I'm impatient to start...

Thanks Sheree


Sep 09, 2018
Keep it Private
by: Anonymous

Sheree, I'm shocked. I just brushed my hair, and half of it fall out. I'm traumatized. I just took pictures for you and it's the first time I see it really clearly. I think it's way worst than I thought. I don't have any hair anymore. Sheree please, what to do? Is there any hope?

Sep 09, 2018
Your Diet Summary
by: Sheree

Hello Naima,

I read through some of the items in your list, and I've outlined the corrections here.

The food from Algeria is wonderful for your hair. The hair loss diet can be wrapped around any diet from around the world. It's just a set of guidelines.

Here are some recommendations:

Honey is a sweetener that has a higher GI than sugar depending on what type. Please use date sugar or coconut sugar instead of honey. If you have another type of sugar in your region, list it here and I'll check it for you.

Potato starch is incredibly high GI. For your safety, remove that one too.

I would cut the quinoa down to twice per week or less. Quinoa is a terrible gut irritant. If you're soaking and fermenting your quinoa, twice per week is fine.

I read in your letter that you're eating gluten-free cookies and bread with potato starch, corn flour, rice flour and sugar. It's extremely important to avoid these products because they can raise your blood sugar, and high blood sugar causes hair loss.

Although we remove gluten, we still are very careful with the types of flours that we eat. Heavily processed gluten-free flours are still high GI, and will still cause hair loss even though there's no gluten.

The trick is to eat food in its natural condition, exactly the way it comes out of the ground. And then we hand select safe gluten-free grains and eat them in moderation.

For example, white potatoes, corn and white rice are eliminated on the hair loss diet, even though they're considered natural. You can have moderate amounts of red, brown or black rice because they have a much lower GI.

We still eat potatoes, but we do so sparingly. Potatoes have a GI index of 100, and they either should be avoided, or combined with other foods to lower the GI.

I read in your letter that you eat all natural foods. This concept goes beyond anything that comes out of the ground. We already know that wheat causes auto-immune disease, which can lead to hair loss. Although wheat grows out of the ground, it is not a natural food. It is altered and hybridized by scientists until your body cannot understand or process it.

The baseline of the hair loss diet is zero wheat, but the substitutions that you're using have to pass our guidelines. Remember this: just because it grows out of the ground doesn't mean it's safe. Three prime examples are corn, soy and wheat.

Corn is high glycemic, and it has no nutritional value. I'm generally talking about modern yellow hybridized corn, not the ancient
maize that grew long before hybridization took place.

I'm reading a book right now called "The Plant Paradox," by Dr. Steven R. Gundry, M.D., and he goes into how and why humans need to avoid corn. We've always known this, but it just confirms it.

Your portions sound very good. I see an excellent amount of protein to vegetable ratio. I don't see any errors, except for the potato starch, rice flour, quinoa and sugar.

Just remember that the hair loss diet is a slow and steady learning process. It takes time to internalize the concepts. Take your time and read the links. If you're confused, order and download our training video. It walks you through each of these concepts step by step.

It's incredibly important to allow yourself to slowly absorb the ideas presented here. I believe you can turn your situation around. I have seen advanced cases in women completely reverse after decades of hair loss.

I just got an email from a young man that I coached five years ago. He had an advanced case of hair loss. After five years, his hair is still growing back, but it's only come back in 75 percent. So just depending on your situation, it can take a while.

The way you've described your hair loss sounds like it will take anywhere from two and a half to three years. It could be shorter, but it just depends on what's going on on the inside.

The Healthy Diet Paradise is a calling. I have no idea why or how I ended up here. I just feel so compelled to study food and its
link to disease and hair loss. And after many years, we're still here. Doing this job makes me so happy, and I'm so happy to work with you.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions. You're doing great!



Sep 10, 2018
are fruits ok?
by: Anonymous

hi Sheree,
so what about fruits you didn't say anything about them? how many fruits can i have per day ? what fruits should i avoid ? and what fruit can i have daily?
you said i can have moderate amounts of brown rice , is it daily?or how many time per week? i guess basmati rice is white rice right?
so i should avoid all flours right? not even chickpeas flour?
can you give me ideas of snacks? apart from nuts
how can i get the coaching video, we don't
have online payment system in Algeria, is there any other way? or is not available for me?
i really want to be coached by you Sheree!

Sep 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

also are peanuts ok? and what about white beans?

Sep 10, 2018
by: Anonymous

are peanuts ok to eat ? and grilled nuts? and if i wanna eat something consistent pasta wise or bread is there any sutitutes?

Sep 11, 2018
White Beans, Bread & Fruit
by: Sheree

Hi Naima,

We generally lean away from the daily use of bread. This one of the hardest aspects of the hair loss diet that we've had to deal with. Many countries, the U.S. in particular, have an obsession with bread. Even though we are allowed gluten-free grains, bread consumption must be limited. It is not for daily use, even if it's gluten free.

White beans are fine every day, because they're low GI.

You can have brown rice flour pasta, or pasta
made with black bean flour. I know that you can make flour out of anything. So if you have any products you like, list them here and I'll do an index check for you.

Peanuts are great for hair growth. The only issue with peanuts is that 90% of people are allergic to them in varying degrees. However, if you notice that you can eat peanuts without a reaction, then you're fine to eat them every day

We control the excessive use of fruit. 25% fruit to 75% vegetables. Fruit is nature's candy, and it's still a sugar. It needs to be moderated just like any other natural sugar.

Apples, pears, pomegranates and nectarines are
examples of acceptable moderate glycemic fruits.

Bananas, grapes and pinesapples are examples
of high glycemic fruits, and should be eaten
in moderation.

You can have a serving of brown rice daily with your meals. Brown rice has a moderate glycemic index, and can be eaten with meals to keep you full.

Just to be safe, I would either avoid basmati rice, or I would look for a type that has a lower GI.

You don't have to avoid all flour. There are lots of flours that pass. Chickpea flour in its pure form is amazing. Also, buckwheat flour is gluten free. Coconut flour can make lots of meals like pancakes, breads, muffins and many other snacks.

For snacks, you can eat nuts like cashews, peanuts, hummus with cheese, gluten free wraps made with flax flour with chicken and vegetables. Just remember that the foods have to be low glycemic, gluten free, and unprocessed.

There's no way to get the coaching video other than through ejunkie. What you can do is just go through all of the links on the website, and you can learn the diet that way.

The Healthy Diet Paradise is filled with information that you can learn from. Also, our Pinterest board has hundreds of recipes that you can get ideas from. And they all pass our test.

Just take it slow and steady. The Healthy Diet Paradise is a school. You will learn the concepts, and you will be successful.



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