Embarking on a brave journey after 5 years of hair loss.

by Adam

Hi Sheree

As of 16.10.2019 i will begin my hair loss diet journey. I am 24 years old with NW 3 on the balding scale. i started noticing hairloss at age 20. My dietary background is riddled with pro inflammatory foods, like white rice, pasta, potato chips, bread, little to no vegetable intake and also bouts of emotional eating of junk food pizza, burgers etc and undereating.

Below is my attempt at constructing a balanced diet.

Breakfast: 3-4 scrambled eggs cooked with teaspoon of olive oil, eatin with a side of spinach and water.

Lunch: portion of brown rice, chick breast and kale & water.

Dinner: Salmon, carrots, red onions, cucumbers & water

Bedtime (optional at times): lamb/beef cubes or steak, with broccoli & bell peppers, & water.

I have stacked up on all the ingredients, and bought spices to make the food tasty.

I know in the diet proposed on this site you say people should stay away from read meat and limit brown rice intake, but I am planning on weight lifting & figured I need the extra carb energy to burn through for my workout and I need protein/fat for muscle growth, so I was wondering is this going to be a problem? or interfere with my hair regrowth based on your experience?

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