My acne experience

by Gab
(Bacolod city, Philippines )

Acne is nothing but pain. I was 13 when I got my first pimple. It didn't bother me, until I had breakouts. Now I'm 16, it got worse and worst, but not that worst, but it lead me to anxiety and depression.

I was so embarrassed to show my face in public, because everyone know me as the guy with clear skin, until I decided to not eat eggs, milk, meat, pork and poultry. It was difficult at first.

I eat nothing but fruits paired with green tea during breakfast, and nothing but vegetables and rice during lunch and dinner, but as time passed, I was starting to love the diet, until my acne reduced.

I still have some, but not as worst as before. I knew about this technique before, but I did not tried it. But now I did, and I can say, it really works.

And I learned how to accept my imperfections, because that's what makes me human. I keep on Googling about how to reduce acne, how to cure acne, acne face mask and many more. I tried the diet and searched for how to remove acne scars, etc. Until it lead me to search, how to accept your flaws. It is CORNY but it's true... Just keep your surroundings clean, eat healthier, and drink plenty of water....

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