Help With My Hair

Hi I came across this website, which I am very much interested, I do have several of questions to ask, which is, do I have the correct spelling for the products to buy which is "foti" ( ha-sha-wu) I'm not sure at all if I spelled this correct, and also a certain type of oil that has 24% GLA I cannot spell that one as well*:| straight face.

Also do you know any good moisturizer because my hair gets extremely dry and I have a lot of breakage when I comb my hair.

I usually do not have time to comb my hair so I would put braids which I think is not the best alternative, due to my busy schedule as a medical student. What is the best option? And last question what is the best alternative for those that are vegetarian?

My reason is I do eat fish when I o have the time to prepare it but I do not eat any other meat.

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Apr 07, 2013
How to Eat
by: Sheree


You can go into the search page, type in Cardaro, and you'll find he has a ton of information about vegan eating. Cardaro also has extensive food lists displaying his diet in detail.

The Healthy Diet Paradise's hair loss diet ebook answers 40 frequently asked questions, and vegetarianism is one of the questions that's covered in the ebook.

Click here for the supplements page. This page lists every single supplement that I mentioned in the video, plus more extremely important supplements.

Good luck with your medical studies, and thank you so much for visiting!


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Need All the Help I Can Get

I'm a 29-year-old female and have been experiencing hair loss since I was about 18. It's the most devastating thing I've ever gone through.
It started to get worse in my early 20's, and has been steadily thinning since.

I've been reading up on your diet for the past
few weeks, and I guess I just need a little bit of a push to get started. I'm too afraid to wear my hair completely down anymore, and I wear clip-in extensions every day. I met the love of my life just over a year ago, and I'm honestly terrified that he'll leave me if I lose all of my hair.

Just under 2 years ago, I had some blood work done and everything came back normal. My thyroid is fine, and apart from this, I'm generally healthy.

I've tried all of it: Minoxidil 2% and 5%, Spironolactone, Acupuncture, special shampoos, Viviscal, Russian remedies (forced upon me by my mother), and lots of praying. I've stopped doing all of these things because they didn't work.

Do you believe that I can reverse my hair loss with this diet? At this point, I've truly stopped believing that anything can help me. My thoughts completely revolve around my hair and the depression is really setting in. Can you help me? I will do ANYTHING to be healthier and regrow what I've lost. It's all I want.

Now might be a great time to mention that I'm a sugar addict. Weight is not a problem, but I do store any fat I have in my midsection. Bread and sweets of any kind are favorite staples of mine.

I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks for giving me hope :).


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Feb 13, 2013
hi E
by: nat (australia)

hi There
Your story sounds so similar to mine - my hairloss story is on the forum way at the beginning and in the success stories there are some pics of me.

I have been on the diet since March last year and the regrowing, thickening started probably in October 2012. It is a very slow process and you just need to stick to the diet and wait it out. I too had all the tests , tried everything and it was only when I compared my June 2012 before pics to my dec 2012 pics that I realised my hair was thickening -as hair comes in so fine it is really hard to tell if the diet is working - have a look at my pics and let me know- I was 22 when slow loss started occuring and now 35. I was thin but also loved low fat, which are high sugar foods . now my only sugar is that in a glass of soy milk, fruits and a couple of pieces of 85% dark choc during the week.
it seems daunting at first, but once yu get into it, there are so many delicous foods you can eat and recipes you can make - you just have to start first and stop the sugar addiction - post some photos of your hair (if you are ok with that) so I can see if it is similar to my situatoin.

Sheree is great so Im sure she will help you when she is back on 16th February

Take care

Feb 14, 2013
Same problem as you
by: Anonymous

Hi ,I know exactly how you feel right now at 19 years of age I should be enjoying my life but instead all I can think of is my hair and if I'll go bald:( I'm so afraid I cannot wear my hair down nor can I have it open I'm always wearing a scarf as I hve a big spot at the back and my sides are extremly thin:( my hair is shedding excessively for the past 5/6years and I tried many products even rogaine but that only made it worst , I cnt even feel my hair and I'd hve a bunch in my hands, I'm about too start this diet too hoping that I can finaly put an end to my hairloss and regrow a full head of hair ,I need all the help I can get as this is an extremely emotional situation I'm facing

Feb 14, 2013
Thank you!!
by: E

Hello there!

Thank you all so much for replying to my post!! Nat, I've actually been following your progress since I discovered this website, and I am so amazed by what I've seen. My hair actually looks EXACTLY like yours. The stress I feel because of this is constant, and I can't tell you how much it helps to know that there are other women who are going through the same thing. I try to be grateful for the things I do have, but it's really hard to be a woman suffering with something that can't be hidden. People who have never been through this have no idea what it does to you. You can't cover hair loss with makeup and a great outfit. It's out there for the whole world to see, and it's crushing.

Do any of you have some suggestions on how to start this diet? Did you just quit eating sugar immediately, or did you start slowly incorporating vegetables into your meals?

I appreciate any support and advice. Thank you all so much for making me see that I'm not alone.


Feb 16, 2013
The Sugar Has Got to Go!
by: Sheree

Hello there,

The words that stick out like a beacon in the night is "Sugar Addict." In order for you to ever control your hair loss, the sugar has to go. This is the primary part of the diet.

Click here for more information on a no sugar diet. No Sugar Diet

Anyone can tell you that this diet is very difficult to do. Sugar is in 95 percent of boxed and processed foods. It took me six months to identify the sugar, and then remove it. Once you identify and remove it, then you're dealing with massive withdrawals. This is the hardest part of the diet.

Eating an American diet is the same as putting weed killer on your hair. The suffering caused by our diets here in the United States is staggering.

There's no reason on this earth to have to suffer like this. Your depression will stop. You must make some incredibly difficult changes to your diet.

I see you've spoken to Nat and Yaelle. They are super helpful and can help guide you. There are many people who are regaining their lost hair. It does not matter how long it's been going on.

So to answer your question, yes, I do believe you will get your hair back, thick, long and strong. From the inside out the way nature intended.

So buckle up. This is very hard. There are others who have succeeded before you, and you will succeed too.

Love Sheree

Feb 17, 2013
For e
by: Nat

Hi e
I just went cold turkey. Just need a lot of will power but we can do it especially if the outcome is thicker hair.

I'll post new pic end of feb, early match to see if any diff between dec and now.

Email me here if you have any other questions

Love nat

Feb 17, 2013
by: Anonymous


Thank you so much for getting back to me! I think I'm really ready to make a change in my life. Will you please clarify which supplements I should purchase tomorrow? There are so many that have been mentioned....I know you mentioned a Hair, Skin, and Nail supplement as well as something called Fo Ti? What about Vitex and a liver supplement? Should I get those as well?

Thank you for everything. You give me hope.


Feb 17, 2013
by: Anonymous


Your support means a lot to me...many thanks to you. Can I ask what kinds of supplements you take, if any? I just have no idea which ones to buy, other than the three Sheree mentioned in her YouTube video.

Thank you!!

Feb 17, 2013
for E
by: AnonymNatous

I drink Vital greens (a vegetalbe powder) once a day and i make a green smoothie and have in the eveing - this consists of
Cos lettuce
half cucumber
piece ginger
1 green apple
2 handfuls spinach leaves
2 pieces celery

then blend all in a vitamix and it makes 2-3 days worth.

i only drink water and this juice, green tea and one coffee a day.

For the first 6 months of the diet I took vit c, iron, evening primrose oil, magnesium and a multivitamin b (i was very low in iron but my stores are all high at the moment which is why I have stopped taking them - the diet is full of vitamins so I dont think I need to take them at least for now - I feel great, energied and I have turned my thinking to being "yes I will grow back my hair" as opposed to "maybe this will regrow my hair" - its just a slow process but they say time flies so just start and stick to it :) sorry to sound brutal!!

Feb 17, 2013
Keep Up The Great Work
by: Sheree

Hello, Ladies...

This is For Yaelle

You don't need Vitex. You're too young. Just take borage oil and Fo-Ti, and a hair supplement. I think Clorophyll will really work well in your situation as well. You don't have to take Maca anymore either.

You don't want to take too many supplements. Your body cannot absorb it all. Try to keep it down to two or three key supplements.

Yaelle, you came to us so broken. And in your letters, I can feel your spirits lifting. Just keep going. Keep talking to us and posting your progress. We have all the time in the world. I believe you will succeed.

Love Sheree

This is to E

E, you do not need vitex, especially if you're under 40. Regardless of whether you take the supplements or not, your hair will grow back. The supplements push your progress along a little faster. Good luck to you!


Feb 17, 2013
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful advice! I can't wait to make this change. One last question...I know that bread is strictly off limits, however, if I bake my own out of nuts and seeds, is that ok? It has no flour in it. Below is the link for the recipe:

I only ask about this because I think all of the ingredients fall within the dietary guidelines and I just want to be sure!!

Thanks Sheree and thank you all!!

Feb 17, 2013
for E
by: nat

i think this bread looks amazing - i would think it be ok but just limit to slice or 2 a day. Sheree will confirm this and once she does Im going to add it to my list.

thanks for sharing

Feb 18, 2013
Started eating veggies today!
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm officially on the hair loss diet as of today! It felt really good to go to the grocery store and stay on the outside of it, rather to head straight toward the Oreos and white breads. I'm already feeling the effects of not eating any sugar today, which tells me a lot about how addicted I've become to putting garbage into my body. The support in this forum is amazing...thank you Nat, Yaelle, Yaya, Sheree, and anyone/everyone else for your help. This week is going to be rough, but I'm genuinely looking forward to eating clean, healthy foods from now on. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions about my diet, so thank you all in advance for your wonderful advice. It really helps to know that I'm not doing this alone.


Feb 18, 2013
by: FOR e

GOOD ON YOU! - IT WILL BE TOUGH BUT YOU CAN DO IT.Dont give up, it takes a while to kick in. keep us posted - how bout some before pics so we can keep track of your progress? of course if your no comfortable doing that, thats totally fine.

be in touch soon


Feb 19, 2013
by: Anonymous


I'm still a little uncomfortable about posting pictures of my hair, but I'll try to work up the nerve :). Thanks Nat!!

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Need Some Hope And Support

My name is Ruby and I am a 47 year old female and I am balding. (see picture) Although my hair has thinned drastically it is the balding on my left side that leaves me feeling concerned and hopeless. I have been dealing with this for several years but it has been progressing quite a bit in the last year or so.

I have decided to give your diet a try. I hope that it will work for me as well as it did for you.

I am (was) a major sugar addict. It's been almost a month that I have only had sweets on 3 occasions. I have pretty much eliminated all processed foods as well. Although I still crave both, I seem to be getting through it. The only thing is, I am eating quite a bit of fruit and I am constantly hungry. Is this still part of the sugar detox phase?

I have a few questions and although you may have provided this information in previous posts, I am still a bit confused.

I cannot seem to go without bread, especially since giving up sweets and crackers. I have been eating Brownberry 12 Grain bread. Is this acceptable? For example, I will have scrambled egg whites for breakfast with veggies and a slice of toast. I can't eat eggs without some sort of bread.

As far as yogurt goes, can you specify a brand? I keep reading labels and everything seems to have sugar in it.

I purchased my first tin of sardines today. I am hoping to try them in the next few days. I love anchovies and am hoping they will be similar. Are anchovies acceptable on this diet?

Sheree, thank you for creating this website. The information you provide is invaluable. I have been lurking on your site for a while now and have finally found the courage to post. Thank you for your guidance, support, and patience.


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Jan 26, 2013
You Will Survive This!
by: Sheree

Hi, Ruby,

Any time you need to ask a question, please do so. Never, ever feel shy about that. That's what I'm here for. And thank you for your sweet compliments. That really made my day.

I took a very close look at your hair loss picture. You can easily reverse this.

Let's Talk About Bread

Whenever I hear about a bread, I'm suspicious. I just bought my first loaf of bread in about six months. It's so heavy, it sounds like a brick if you drop it on the table. And it tastes nothing like traditional breads on store shelves. It's made with flax flour and sunflower seeds.

Most breads are high carbohydrate and high glycemic. The reason you feel you can't eat your eggs without bread is habit and addiction. In my heart, I feel this bread has to go. I'm also observing your reaction of feeling you can't give it up. This is always a clue.

I looked up this bread on line. It's a very high glycemic food. 99 percent of breads are a high sugar product. Finding the right kind of bread takes a lot of time. You will get used to eliminating bread. I know this is very hard at first. You will get used to this.

Hunger is a No-No

You should never be hungry on a low glycemic diet. You're either not eating enough, or you're getting a lot more sugar than you realize.

Another reason for the hunger is lack of fat in your diet. Fat signals satiety (satisfaction) in the brain. Fat literally turns off hunger. Americans run from fat, but fat is an extremely important part of a healthy diet. Americans are taught to avoid fat at all costs, and this is a mistake.

The fruit you're eating could be the culprit causing hunger. Try to limit fruit intake to two pieces per day. Then amp up your fat intake a bit. This will stall hunger pangs for hours. If you can find organic cheese, this will do nicely. Nuts and seeds and avocados shut down hunger signals beautifully.

You can try Chobani Greek Yogurt. Aim for the one that does have dietary fat in it.
Then you can add cherries, blackberries, nuts and seeds to it.

I don't know of any particular recipe for sardines. I eat them at work when I can't find a low glycemic restaurant. Then I add avocado and other items.

Reversing hair loss is a complete change in lifestyle. You're going to feel like you're going a little bit crazy at first. This will subside as you get used to the routine.

You are not alone anymore. I will work closely with you for as long as you need. Please let me know if I left anything off. Any time you need a listening ear, I'm here. There are also a lot of other visitors that visit every day, and they can answer a lot of your questions, too.

You will succeed!



Jan 26, 2013
Need hope and support
by: Ruby

Thank you for replying so quickly! I will stop eating bread and reduce the amount of fruit I eat. I know it will probably take me a while to find my groove with this but I'm determined to stick with this. I will post my daily food intake in a couple of days and perhaps you could see if I'm on the right track. Thank you again. Your words are very encouraging.

Jan 26, 2013
Progress Report
by: Sheree

I'll be looking forward to your progress report.


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Please Help Me With Hair Loss

by Yaron
( Israel)

Hi Sheree. My name is Yaron. I write to you since I'm so very desperate. Four and a half years ago (at the age of 28)I felt a strange feeling like something is changing in my body. And I started to lose my hair and my body hair, and I started having scalp pain and very oily skin.

Then my endless quest began when I've been to many, many doctors and alternative therapists. I've done dozens of tests that all came back normal. The doctors said I was healthy, and that all of that was because I was anxious.

I knew that stress and anxiety had something to do with it, so I started taking antidepressants which made me have a good mood, yet I was still in pain and shedding hair all over.

I've been addicted to sweets my whole life. I can feel the immediate effect of sugar intake right on my scalp and forehead when it becomes very greasy and sore. I can keep going on and on, but I think that's enough.

By the way I started taking Borage oil twice a day.

I'm a 32-year-old male and I'm from Israel.

Hope you can help

P.S. your hair looks great!


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Sep 16, 2012
Yaron, Do Not Despair! Your Body Will Heal
by: Sheree


If you've read through our pages, the first thing you understand is how critical it is to go on a no sugar diet. The withdrawals from sugar can take anywhere from three to six weeks.

I had nightmares for six months when I gave up sugar. It is astonishing how much of a hold sugar has on so many people. Sugar is a national addiction in America. Since everyone is doing it, it's perceived as normal.

For me, avoiding sugar is a full-time job. I'm constantly being offered sugar by well meaning people. When I refuse, they look at me and question my sanity.

From what you've described, I believe it is your addiction to sugar that's causing most, if not all of your problems. Once you come off of man-made sugar, you can smell it everywhere. The scent is overpowering. Once you completely come off of the sugar, you will no longer be able to tolerate it.

Sugar creates a sensational rush when you ingest it. Like a powerful cocaine addiction, you can experience tremendous stress from the withdrawal pangs. This is why I advise everybody on our hair loss diet to avoid it completely. I'm very passionate about this.

You are still very young. Once you gain control over your sugar addiction, not only will your health be restored, but your hair will grow back.

In the meantime, chin up. Do not despair. This can be fixed.



Sep 18, 2012
Menu example
by: Yaron

Hi Sheree

Here is the menu that I usually have every day

For Breakfast:

Coockies/cakes/pretzels/chocolate snack/cereals/sometimes I eat nothing for breakfast

For Lunch (at work):

Hamburger with french fries with alot of ketchup/turkey Shawarma with pita bread or taboon bread/pasta/noodles with beef and vegetable stir-fry/sushi/grilled chicken breast with rice and fires and ketchup
-I mostly drink Coke or Sprite
and sometimes I like to have icecream bar after lunch

For Dinner:

Omelette with pita bread or with bread/white cheese with bread/pizza/pasta/hummus with pita bread/avocado with bread/hamburger

after that I usually have icecream/chocolate/cookies/any sweets and candy

In the evening is when I have the most craving for sugar

In the past I tried to avoid sugar but I couldn't cope with that more than 2 weeks

Is it ok to have couple of fruits a day?
and what is your opinion about consuming artificial sweeteners?

Thanks and best regards


Sep 18, 2012
Extremely High Sugar Diet 8.9 on Earthquake Richter Scale
by: Sheree

Yaron, I read your daily menu. It is an emergency for you to re-structure your diet. Your diet menu is an 8.9 on the earthquake richter scale. This is very serious.

From this point forward, you have to be very selective about your food choices. Everything in your diet, from the white rice, all the way down to ketchup, which is loaded with sugar, has to be removed.

Immediately, your body will begin to re-build. But your hair will not respond in the beginning.
It will take months just to heal the damage done to the inside of your body. Once your organ damage is repaired, your hair will respond.

Once you remove the sugar, you will really be able to taste the flavors of really delicious foods that promote health. Also, your mood will lift, because a high sugar diet has a very strong connection to depression.

I will wait to hear from you regarding your new menu.



Oct 07, 2012
by: Yaron

Hi Sheree. Since september 22nd I have completely eliminated White sugar, white flour and white rice from my diet. I also cut down dairy products, and oily foods. It aint easy and I don't know if it will work in my case but I must try.

I do eat rye bread though, and sometimes Whole wheat bread.I dont know if it's okay, but it is really hard for me to give up bread.

As for fruits: I eat 2 carobs and 1 apple a day

Instead of white rice I eat red rice which I never had before, I just like it better than brown rice

I eat pistachios, almonds, cashew nuts and sunflower seeds as a snack, and sometimes sugarfree gum

Just for the record I'm 5'6, 126lbs

Thanks for your time

God bless you


Oct 07, 2012
You're On The Right Track!
by: Sheree

Hi, Yaron,

Wow, what a switch! Much, much better. Take it a day at a time. This new menu is 100 percent better than the menu you gave me before. You don't have to be perfect right now. Within a few weeks, you're going to feel amazing. The payoff is tremendous!

Please let me know how you are doing in the coming days and weeks. I'm really happy for you, Yaron!



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I am confused

by Sh

I have been doing the diet and got results as well so I was trying to get the diet right. I am confused. Whole wheat Indian bread is around 68 on GI. I have cut intake of it by two thirds of what I used to

But it is better than brown rice or same as both have around 68 GI. But why is bread made of same whole wheat not good. Or why is pasta better and only 48 GI when the core ingredient it the same?

I need more ideas for substituting bread.
Soy is good. .. but isn't soy mainly GMO product?

3. Barley ragi all seem to be high GI ? Then for vegetarians u need some good dish or bread for the sides as I have been on veggies throughout three months ? Do you have any idea ?

I need help in creating the diet according to Iindian meals . As we don't get things like quinoa here.


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Feb 05, 2013
Question about Low Glycemic Wheat & Bread
by: YaYa

I'm just getting started so I had the same question. I think this site might help you understand which grains and wheat breads are low glycemic and why. Check it out and let me know if it helps any. It really cleared that issue up for me.

Feb 06, 2013
by: Sh

@ Yaya

It will definitely work. Hang in there for three months - you are already doing so good it you have been on no gluten dairy diet .
( btw does it help going gluten and dailry free - do let me know as you progress)

My partner also started the diet after he looked at change in my hair and he has Male pattern baldness. His hairline has receded quire a bit and crown area has thinned out too I saw quite a difference in his hair and he has had it for 8 + years up till a time when he cheated had alcohol foor a week I saw major digress on his progress after that . So hang in there . Try to cheat only once a week like shree suggests - shes a huge motivator .

I still have a lot of thinning and can see my scalp but our hair just feel healthy now. I think even the existing hair become stronger and healthier.

Hope it helps. :)

Take Care

Feb 07, 2013
Low Glycemic crackers & soy creamer
by: YaYa

Hello folks,
I am 3 weeks into following the paradise diet. Bit by bit. I started a journal to show the changes that I have made so far and the changes I still l need to make which I'm sure will all be ongoing. I have a question for anyone who would like to answer until Sheree gets back.

I am looking for a low glycemic cracker and a low glycemic soy creamer for my tea. These are 2 pleasures that I really don't want to give up and if anyone has any ideas I would surely appreciate it. Currently, I've been using Silk Soy creamer but I know it raises my blood sugars because I check them with a glucometer and they're low before and high after I drink my tea with soy creamer in it.

I do love having a few crackers in the evening with peanut butter. It also helps stabilize my blood sugars through the night so I don't have an insulin reaction. But if my understanding is correct. Crackers, even wheat crackers are high glycemic. I wonder if there is any such thing as a sprouted whole wheat cracker which I understand would be better and low glycemic. By the way, I would like it to taste good please.

Any suggestions?

Feb 19, 2013
Creamer & Toast
by: Joni

Hi Yaya,

I love creamer in my coffee but because its not a part of the diet, I substitute it with unsweetned almond milk. I'm sure you can find unsweetned soy milk as well. This took some getting use to initally, but now I love it. As far as the crackers, maybe you could try toasting a half of a slice of Ezekial bread. I've toasted a few slices of this for my breakfast before and it gets very crunchy. You might enjoy that in place of your crackers.

Best of Luck,

Feb 19, 2013
Crakers and soy milki?
by: YaYa

Thanks so much for answering my question about low glycemic cracker snacks and soy creamer.
Actually, I've been using unsweetened Almond and soy milk for many years but not in my tea. I am non dairy and those are good alternatives. I have tried the unsweetened soy and almond milk in my tea and it's kinda bland but you're right, I should just try and get used to it in my tea. It's amazing how soy creamer hikes up my blood sugars. From 115 before and then as high as 260 after. What's with that?! That's with no sugar, only pure stevia. So I do need to make a change. I just so love creamy tea. I guess I better get over it because those high blood sugars are not good.

As for your suggestion for toasting the Ezekial bread. That is a great suggestion! I already eat Ezekial and Alverado St. sprouted bread. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to do that. I remember in high school we learned how to make crouton strips from bread. Butter it lightly on both sides and toast it on both sides so it's extra crunchy. Mmmmm mmmmm good! Thanks so much Kate. Now I don't have to panic when I run out of crackers.




Mar 04, 2013
please do share your diet regime
by: pranavi

Hi SH, you say are from India and could see results. Do you mind sharing your diet plan? I tried following diet for one week and started having brownies and deep fried stuff!

Mar 04, 2013
No Sugar! No Wheat!
by: yaya

Okay. I'm starting to intermittently feel as though I am waking up! As though I've been walking through a fog and gradually I am waking up to my life. It has to be because I stopped eating sugar.

Anyway folks who are on this journey. I finally got all the ingredients together to make those Low Glycemic Gourmet gluten free Oatmeal cookies. Once I got all of the ingredients, they were super easy to make. They only took 15 minutes to cook. I thought they were good right after I cooked them but today they taste like a whole new cookie.

I guess all of the ingredients mingled and came alive. They are sooooooooooo good! And to think you could make something this yummy that doesn't have any sugar or wheat and is all healthy good for you stuff is amazing. I hope you all try it. Once you get all of the ingredients together, it's a piece of cake. I mean cookie (smiles).

Be patient everyone and take one day at a time. Now I'm going to go and look for another recipe for my Paradise Repertoire Diet. My hair is saying to me. I know you are trying to help me and here I come!

Blessings to all,


Apr 08, 2013
by: SH

Hi Pranavi

I am struggling a little because of changes in the diet I am currently doing . Otherwise what I did was reduced 1 chapati in every meal and increased the intake of subzis and dals. Make it unlimited as long as you are hungry. And between meal have salad or fruit.

Fruit helped me a lot with sugar cravings. You need to be strict for one month and you will suddenly lose cravings for brownies and chocolate. You really do!!

Another thing that helped me with sugar is freeze banana or mango or strawberry and then churn in a mixer. It tastes like ice cream .

Hope it helps.

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I Need Major Help

by Ash

Hey Sheree it's Ash again. Because of stress and lack of time, I'm unable to cope with the diet, which has caused some hair loss. It's been a long time. I'm returning to your web site because all these weeks I was busy with my studies and examination ...but no matter what, I am still following the diet.

My current daily diet is as follows:

Breakfast: Bowl of oats,a glass of milk and a boiled egg and yes I wake up early and I have to be ready for the school so i gotta wake up early finish my diet and I eat it somewhere around 6:45am and the next time I eat is around 9 am which include fruits mostly pomegranate or bananas

lunch(12pm):my lunch includes brown rice, lentils, beans, cabbage and carrot. And after I leave the school, I reach home around 3pm and have some sort of lunch again. Lunch includes the stuff which I have mentioned above and a lot of water.

I also take a dietary supplement which is salmon omega-3

Snack: mainly includes almonds, cashews,walnut, pistachios, peanuts and a glass of green tea and yeah a salad too which includes lettuce, bell pepper and kidney beans.

Dinner: My dinner includes fish, brown rice, beans, chicken, lentils and eggs. I also take a capsule of B complex fortified with Vitamin C after every dinner.

I would be really obliged to you if you can help with this diet and what all food should I include in my diet so that I can stop my hair loss.

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Sep 13, 2012
Ash, You Need Way More Leafy Greens
by: Sheree

You need a lot more green, leafy vegetables. Work spinach, bok choy, dark purple cabbage, bell peppers, and two servings of wild caught fish per day.

If you feel you are losing too much weight, you can double your portions of brown rice, fruit or whole grains. That will immediately stop any weight loss.

In the morning, work in more eggs, yogurt, cheese, nuts and seeds, and even some turkey bacon once in a while. You have to feed yourself well. It doesn't sound like you're eating enough food.

You mentioned in your post that you are eating an entire meal consisting of primarily fruit. Fruit tends to be higher on the glycemic index, and this is not recommended. If you do consume fruit, make sure you're eating protein or fat with it to compensate for the sugar.

Also, try to cut back a little bit on the oats in the morning. Work it out to two or three days a week. Another solution is to add cheese or other breakfast items, in addition to your oats, to fill yourself completely up.

So there's three extremely important things you need to eat. This is going to stop your hair loss immediately. This should be done daily in addition to your regular routine.

You're going to need to work in the salads that I describe on the hair loss nutrition page. It should contain deep purple, dark green, red, orange and yellow vegetables. You should have at least eight items in a salad. Eat this as a snack as well.

Let me know how you are. Please try not to worry too much. I believe this hair loss will stop.

Good luck, Ash!


Sep 14, 2012
an alternative for leeks
by: ash

hey sheree its ash,, today I looked for leeks in the supermarket but I couldn't get it as they were out of stock it would be really helpful if u can suggest me an alternative for it :)

Sep 14, 2012
Vegetables For Hair Loss
by: Sheree

Hi, Ash,

Here's some more really good ones.

Look for red swiss chard. This vegetables tastes awful, but it's listed as a super food. The green swiss chard works the same. Swiss chard takes less than two minutes to prepare.

Look for collard or mustard greens. And try not to over cook these so they retain most of their nutritional value. Any greens you eat should have a heavy leaf. So when you press the leaf between your fingers, the leaves feel thick.

Look for purple cabbage. Eat one cup of raw purple cabbage every day with spinach, tomatoes and carrots.

Make sure you're eating at least one cup of fresh black or pinto beans every day. Add plenty of protein.

And Ash, you're going to be just fine. It may take a while for the shedding to stop. Give it a week or so. Your hair will grow back!



Sep 17, 2012
Leafy Greens
by: Nat Australia

How are you?
I just wanted to check with you for my intake of greens
I have a green smoothie every morning and have for about 2 months now it consists of
cos lettuce
spinach leaves
green applie

is this substantial as I dont eat leafy greens every day but i do take this every day
or can you suggest somting that my hair will love to add to my smoothie -

thank you
Nat (ps hair still growing in slowely but surely, still fine hairs though, not very thick as yet - has been bout 6 months)

Sep 17, 2012
Eat Vegetables in Their Raw Form
by: Sheree

Hi, Nat!

The ingredients of your smoothie are great. But digestion begins in the blender.

I believe that the food needs to be eaten raw and whole. In my experience, any time a food is mechanically altered, it changes the characteristic of the food.

There's something about eating whole, raw vegetables straight from the ground. Your hair will respond much faster.

How about this. You can drink your smoothie in the morning, and eat a boatload of vegetables at night. That way you are covering all your bases.

You need two large, heavy servings of vegetables per day. Once your hair has completely thickened up, you can lower your vegetable intake to once per day.

By the end of the year, your hair will be much thicker.

Nat, I'm really excited that your hair is growing back. Congratulations!


Sep 19, 2012
..My Hair Stopped Falling out!
by: Anonymous

hey sheree its ash again,,u r tip of eating sardines and spinach is really really working for me I hardly see any hairfall now a days and yess a big THANK YOU hope my hairfall stops permanently :-)

Sep 19, 2012
Ash's Hair Loss Stopped! Yay!
by: Sheree

Ash, that's great news! I'm so excited to hear this. I knew your hair loss would stop.

I know it's a real pain in the butt to eat vegetables and fish like this, but the payoff is tremendous.

Please keep us updated on your hair re-growth, because it's going to get much thicker.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.



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by Sana

Hi, Sheree. I'm almost at three months on your diet and I know it's working. This week -- two days because I was really hungry and didn't have many options available -- I had a cup of breaded shrimp from a Wal-Mart deli and one night I had maybe five pieces of fried calamari.

Now that I think about it last week I had some coconut fried shrimp and some breaded calamari, too, on one night only. Otherwise I've kept up with the diet. Please tell me that I'm still okay and on the right track. I don't even take advantage of my cheat days. I'm just trying to adhere to the diet always.

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Oct 16, 2013
Getting Back on Track
by: Sheree

Hi Sana,

Congratulations on the diet working for you. The very small amount of processed foods you've eaten will not cause a blood sugar spike.

If you go off the wagon again, reel yourself back in for five to seven days, and then you can skip a cheat day. You have to fall off the wagon really hard to see hair loss again. Please stay in touch with us. So you're doing great!



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by Tara

I went to the Dermatologist who told me that I am going through Female Pattern Hair Loss. I'm only 27. I actually believe that my hair loss is tremendous for it to be FPHL. I thought it was telogen effluvium. The dermatologist told me that I can start Rogaine, but I have heard about the side effects.

My sugar levels fluctuated a lot. Sheree, do you believe that this diet will reverse my female pattern hair loss? Please help....

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Oct 19, 2013
The Diet Has an Extremely High Success Rate
by: Sheree

Hi, Tara,

Yes, I do believe the diet will correct this. The beauty of the diet is anything that is off balance within your system becomes stabilized. So if your sugar levels are off, that's no longer going to be a problem. If you have nutritional deficits, that becomes a non issue.

So it really doesn't matter what the cause is. The diet can't help but work. The success rate of this diet is in the high 90 percent range in both men and women!

Warm regards,


Oct 20, 2013
Thank you and a major question
by: Tara

Thank you for your advise. It is absolutely pleasing that I am not going to have female pattern hair loss forever. I am starting my journey with a detox drinking only green smoothies no fruits. Please help in figuring out how much green smoothies should I drink so that I am not starving myself and getting more than enough proper nutrients.

I have read according to my research that female pattern hair loss can occur in metabolic issue which diabetes is the key because it disrupts your hormone process and increases DHEAs and testosterone causing a huge scalp hair loss. Weird!

Oct 20, 2013
You Have to Eat
by: Sheree


In order to avert disaster, please proceed with common sense eating habits. If you're only drinking green smoothies, this will aggravate your hair loss. You have to consume a healthy, nutrient rich, whole foods, balanced diet to achieve your desired results.

Warm regards,


Oct 20, 2013
Is this Diet correct?
by: Tara


Is this diet ok? I am going to follow the low glycemic diet. Huge amount in vegetables in which if I can't eat it them then I am going to make a smoothie out of it and definitely eating beans and legumes for protein. I think this is like the South Beach Diet phase 1 or the plant based diet. Right?

Either way, I want to make sure that I am eating correctly. I know it will take 6 months before I see any progress so have to take the right step at the start.

Oct 22, 2013
by: Sheree

Tara, are you vegetarian?

Oct 22, 2013
by: Tara


I am definitely vegetarian. I am staying away from milk products due to the sugar and plus, it really gives me a bad headache.

I am trying to find out how to balance my diet so that I am not under eating. Due to me being a rare case where my sugar during the morning being so high and afternoon being normal. Something is not right.

Plus with my scalp hair loss being female pattern hair loss, its clear that my hair will grow back, but the size of my ponytail, it is a size of a pig tail. I have to take action now.

I have already told my doctor and their research team about your diet and was told that it is 100% the right step, but a mistake of under eating will be a disaster. Please help me....

Oct 24, 2013
Vegetarian Protein
by: Sheree

One thing is very clear. You are under eating. Step up your food intake! And since you are vegetarian, you must be certain that you are eating the correct ratio of amino acids.

We do have information on vegetarian protein, but you need to also speak with your doctors about making sure you have the right mix for your diet.

I've had women come through coaching with unexplained hair loss. We couldn't figure out the cause. I always advised them to stay on the diet and pursue it aggressively, even if there was no response for three or four months.

No matter what the cause of their hair loss, their hair eventually responded to the diet and grew back, usually with the hair line coming in first.

You can't help but respond. This diet will work for you! For women with unexplained hair loss, the response time can take anywhere from weeks to months. But you will respond.



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Question About Coaching

To Sheree, hey, I saw you were offering coaching to help with the diet and hair growth. I was considering this, since it is sometimes difficult to know what to eat, so i was just wondering if you could explain a little about how it works?
how much does it cost?

thanks :)

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Nov 13, 2013
by: Sheree

Hello, great question.

I remember when I first started the diet, I was extremely confused about the low glycemic concept. Then, as my diet changed and progressed over the years, I began to develop a personal concept of my own of how it was working.

Coaching works by merging these two ideas, but shortening the length of time it takes to learn the concepts. Whatever is confusing to you will be cleared up, and any lingering doubts you may have will disappear.

A while back I had unlimited coaching, but I had to change it. During coaching, people were asking many questions about different specific food products. I was only able to take two or three orders a week doing this.

So in effect, a person could ask 100 questions about food products, and still not understand the theory of how that particular food affects their hair.

In order to speed the learning curve, I changed it to 10 questions, but the questions should ideally be related to concepts and theories. That way, there's structure, and you understand the baseline for the diet, which is actually what this website teaches. So it's set up like a mini course.

So the coaching is set up into blocks. The first five questions are answered in session one. The second session starts with the next five questions.

So it goes, five questions, five answers, five questions, five answers. It's actually a lot more involved than that, because I go into great detail with the answers.

Once the questions and answers are done, if you have anything you need to clear up, we can do that. Once this is done, you're given a seven day food evaluation to make sure you understand the diet. And the results speak for themselves.

See you there!

Warm regards,


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Diet Feedback needed

by Shaq
(Finland )

Hello, I have been following the hair loss diet since last 3 months. I was thrilled after the second week since my hair loss had reduced significantly. Unfortunately, after that it has changed. I would deeply appreciate to have some advices on hair loss diet since I'm still loosing my hair in the same pattern and my hair is thinning faster and shading both side of my forehead and crown part. Also my hair and my head skin is extremely oily, little white thing (like acne) always coming out of my head skin with hair falling out.

Here is a glance of my weekly diet:

- Mahi mahi, halibut & Talapia is not available in my city (need your kind advice on what to replace it with)
- I do not make Chicken, broccoli, cheese casserole instead I cook rice separately, chicken, broccoli and cheese are cooked separately.
- Also I am i need to replace Burrito Bowl (day 4 lunch) recipe with something else.
- My other meals are pretty ok I should say except that sometimes I do not follow the day to day order instead I eat a recipe from any other (e.g I replace dinner 4 with dinner 2 or 7 with 2 or like that)
Please comment on that.
- I drink lots of water and green tea (3/4 cups) and avoid sugar completely, using stevia instead. (sometimes i eat a clot of dark chocolate)
- I wash my hair every third days since using shampoo is not helping me much and I loose lots of hair when I am washing it. (please advice on what shampoo I should focus on. I use Ketoconazole now )
- Fo ti, Borage oil, Saw Palmetto, Biotin- 1 capsule after dinner or before sleeping

Please Please Please help me, any advice from anyone is unconditionally welcome.


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Nov 18, 2013
Scalp Condition Needs to be Healed First
by: Sheree

Hi, Shaq,

I understand that the diet began to work, and then you began to have complications. The vast majority of the time, this diet is successful, but every once in a while, we run into a snare. I believe this is one of those cases.

What happens is the diet does work, but there is a complication or a scalp condition which is causing the hair to shed. Once you get to the bottom of your scalp condition, then diet will take a stronghold, and your hair will be restored.

I have seen people with different types of scalp issues regain their hair, but it could take a little longer. These scalp conditions are sometimes mysterious and require a bit of investigation.

Your diet sounds fine. If you need full-blown coaching, we can do that. I will walk you through every aspect of the diet. Don't forget that you do not have to follow the outline exactly, but use the menu as a guide.

I am optimistic that your case will resolve. You may need an expert like a dermatologist to find out what's going on in your scalp.

Hang on tight. You will survive this. I promise. You're going to be okay.



Nov 19, 2013
Too Much sebum?
by: Kigene

I've been doing extensive research on hair follicles and sebum. Sebum can often clog hair follicles making it impossible for the nutrients you've been eating to reach the hair follicles, also causing damage.

What I recommend ( which I will be starting soon) is

And if you YouTube these methods, there are people who swear by these herbs for cleansing the scalp.

Sebum may not be your issue, but if white things are sprouting up, I could not really think of anything else unless you have a unique scalp condition.

Also, make sure you're not deficient in Vitamin D.

Nov 19, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thank you Sheree and Kigene

I would appreciate having personal coaching from you Sheree, and surely I am going to stick with the diet.


Thanks for your recommendation. Please stay in touch and let me know how it goes with you



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